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ADOPTION: The happiest sad. Brooke woodhead - Danielle Creasey Hilda Bautista - Holly Desantis. What is Adoption?. A person assumes parenting for another Permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from birth parents to adoptive parents Reasons to place: Young teenage mother - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ADOPTION: The happiest sad

ADOPTION: The happiest sad

Brooke woodhead - Danielle CreaseyHilda Bautista - Holly DesantisADOPTION:The happiest sadWhat is Adoption?A person assumes parenting for anotherPermanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from birth parents to adoptive parents

Reasons to place:Young teenage motherUnwanted pregnancyUnable to provide for childRape or incest

History1851 Adoption of Children Act1910-1930: first specialized adoption agencies1917: law passed in Minnesota1970: statistical peakThe Child Citizenship Act of 2000

OptionsOPEN ADOPTION:Phone callsFace-to-face visitsMailing pictures and letters

CLOSED ADOPTION:No interactionUnanswered questionsContact minimal, if any

SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION:Speak to one another, some confidentialityAdoption agency plays role

Why adoption?Aware of and have experienced the processThe Happiest SadMeet Katie:

Production processThrough the point of a birth motherAdoption is sad, but it is a happy thing as wellUse of AgapeAudience: those who are able to place for adoption

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