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  • 1. Adobe Streaming Media Collection Create and manage streaming media, interactive animation, and dynamic Web sites Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Adobe LiveMotion Adobe GoLive Empowering Web designers, Web developers, and video and business professionals, the Adobe Streaming Media Collection integrates power- ful and comprehensive streaming media, interactive animation, and Web site design and management capabilities to deliver a cost- effective toolset for creating Powerful tools Creative control dynamic Web sites. The The Adobe Streaming Media Collection The Streaming Media Collection features creative products will help you learn provides all the tools you need to build and options to help you realize your vision. Whether quickly, work productively, manage a high-impact Web site featuring youre working with storyboarding in Adobe and experience the extra- interactive animation and streaming media. Premiere, masking tools in After Effects, vector ordinary depth of features The four professional products let you capture and raster graphics creation in LiveMotion, or and edit digital video, composite and animate pixel-precise Web page layout in GoLive, youll and functionality youve video and graphics, create Web graphics and experience control over every project. come to expect from award- interactive animations, and design and manage winning Adobe applications. Outstanding value dynamic Web sites. By offering four powerful and affordable applica- Extraordinary productivity tions, the Adobe Streaming Media Collection Get up to speed quickly with the Adobe- helps you produce top-quality work while standard user interface. Take advantage of keeping an eye on your budget. cross-platform interoperability for easy work- group collaboration. And experience extensive integration with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software, which enable you to create eye-catching content. W I N D OWS M ACIN TOSH bc
  • 2. Adobe Premiere 6.0 Capture, edit, and deliver professional streaming video with Adobe Premiere software. Get started quickly with built-in DV support. Visually lay out your project in the new Storyboard window. Easily integrate and edit your Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects work. Make audio adjust- ments with real-time feedback in the new Audio Mixer. Insert Web markers in the Adobe LiveMotion Timeline to automatically launch HTML- Enhance your Web site with compelling referenced Web pages at precise points animation and navigational features that during playback. And output projects to any incorporate images, sound, and interactivity of the leading Web streaming and progres- using Adobe LiveMotion software. Place sive download formats. native layered Photoshop and Illustrator les directly into LiveMotion and animate the Adobe After Effects 5.0 layers individually. Create vector and raster Create high-quality motion graphics and effects in the same application. Control visual effects with Adobe After Effects the le sizes of embedded images with software. Work in a exible 2D or 3D com- compression settings for individual objects. positing environment with multiple cameras Create complex rollovers and interactivity and lights. Precisely control the position with visual tools instead of scripting and animation of layers. Animate layered by hand. Export your work to a variety Photoshop and Illustrator les, and import of standard Web formats including SWF. Adobe Premiere projects with edits, bins, and markers preserved. Work with more Adobe GoLive 5.0 than 80 visual effects plug-ins. Generate Design and manage professional Web les that download quickly with support sites with Adobe GoLive software. Use for MP3 and QuickTime audio compres- powerful design tools to visually lay out sion codecs. And output nished projects Web pages on a grid with pixel-level as Macromedia Flash (SWF) or streaming control. Edit Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuickTime les. LiveMotion source les directly within GoLive. Take advantage of the 360Code feature to protect your code from modica- tion and corruption. Make late-stage edits to QuickTime movies and combine video with SWF interfaces in the onboard interactive editor. Easily embed SWF, RealNetworks G2, and QuickTime 4 movies in your Web site. Maintain your site with award-winning site management functionality.
  • 3. Build your Web site in Adobe GoLive With GoLive, you can build your Web site and develop its navigational features. Take advantage of Smart Links to edit Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion source les on- the-ywithin their native applications. Your edited objects are automatically opti- mized for Web use. Together, the four products in the Adobe Streaming Media Collection empower you to create and manage dynamic Web sites featuring streaming media and interactive anima- tion. The following is a possible workow scenario. The Site Design view lets you reposition pages efciently, alter links between pages, run multiple designs and concepts in parallel, and move elements between prototype sites. The 360Code feature protects your source code from modi- cation and corruption, even when you tweak your code or import foreign source code.
  • 4. The Adobe Streaming Media Collection Assemble your video in Develop motion graphics in Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Take advantage of Adobe Premiere to create In After Effects, you can produce cutting- captivating streaming video productions. edge visual effects. Animate text along any Add Web markers that include links to HTML path, and control text tracking, rotation, pages. During video playback on your Web jitter, and more. Create up to 127 masks per site, these markers automatically open the layer and animate them over time. linked Web content. Animate vector graphics, and then export a SWF le with MP3 sound. Combine SWF les exported from After Effects with interactive SWF interfaces made with LiveMotion. Deliver your nished video to GoLive with one-step Web output to any of the leading streaming-video formats, such as QuickTime, RealMedia, and Windows Media (ASF).
  • 5. Create interactivity in Post video and animation Adobe LiveMotion to your site with Adobe GoLive With its extensive content creation and With Adobe GoLive, incorporate your effects tools, LiveMotion lets you design interactive animation and streaming video spectacular graphics, button rollovers, les into your Web site to create a truly and animations. Use the Bzier Pen tool dynamic online presence. to create vector-based, interactive graphics with precision. Use the Load Movie behavior to load and play the SWF le you created in After Effects on your Web page. When a cursor rolls over the sh graphic, the Get SCUBA certied SWF le will play. For a comprehensive overview of the Adobe Streaming Media Collection, please visit
  • 6. Adobe Streaming Media Collection System Requirements Macintosh Windows Contents PowerPC processor (multiprocessor Intel Pentium II processor (Pentium III Adobe Premiere 6.0 G4 recommended) or multiprocessor system recommended) Adobe Premiere software Mac OS software version 9.0.4* Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows 2000 Adobe Photoshop LE software 64 MB of RAM to run any one application 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more Sonic Desktop SmartSound (128 MB recommended) recommended) Quicktracks CD Additional RAM required to run multiple Additional RAM required to run multiple User Guide applications simultaneously applications simultaneously Quick Reference Card Apple QuickTime 4.1.2* Apple QuickTime 4.1.2* recommended 340 MB of available hard-disk space to 365 MB of available hard-disk space to Adobe After Effects 5.0 install all applications (720-MB or larger install all applications (745-MB or larger Adobe After Effects software hard disk or disk array recommended) hard disk or disk array recommended) Adobe Acrobat Reader software 24-bit color display 24-bit color display User Guide CD-ROM drive CD-ROM drive Quick Reference Card Online Help Additional Adobe Premiere Additional Adobe Premiere requirements for DV requirements for DV Adobe LiveMotion PowerPC processor (300 MHz) Microsoft DirectX compatible Adobe LiveMotion software Apple FireWire 2.4 IEEE 1394 interface 50 royalty-free sound les from QuickTime compatible FireWire Microsoft DirectX compatible video...


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