ADOBE INDESIGN CC Introducing the Workspace

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ADOBE INDESIGN CCIntroducing the Workspace

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Lesson ObjectivesIn this lesson, you will learn how to:

■ Open documents

■ Select and use tools

■ Use the application bar and control panel

■ Manage document windows

■ Work with panels

■ Customize a workspace

■ Change the magnification of a document

■ Navigate through a document

■ Use context menus and panel menus

■ Change Interface preferences

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Getting Started: Opening a file and getting familiar with the workspace■ Start Adobe InDesign,

■ Choose to Create New or Open a file

■ To open the file, browse your computer to

find the location of where the file is saved.

■ Once open, you may have to save a copy

to your computer to work on.

■ To display the document with a higher

resolution, choose

View > Display Performance > High Quality


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Looking at the WorkspaceMenu Bar

Application Bar

Control Panel

Tools Panel

Commonly use

panels are

docked on the


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Selecting and Using Tools

■ The Tools Panel contains tools for creating and

modifying page objects, adding and formatting text and

images and working with color.

■ By default, the Tools panel is docked to the upper left

corner of the work area.

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Using the Selection and Type Tools

■ The selection tool allows you to move and re-size objects, and it lets you select

objects for formatting, such as applying color.

■ The Type tool allows you to enter, edit and format text.

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Using a keyboard shortcut to display a tool

■When you take your mouse and hover

over the tool, you will see the keyboard

shortcut for selecting this tool.

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Using the Line and Hand Tool

■ The Line tool allows you to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines

– Hold shift when drawing the line to make it straight

■ The Hand tool allows you to move objects around the workspace

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The Rectangle Frame and Ellipse Frame Tools■ The Rectangle Frame allows you to create

a rectangular / square area to place


■ The Ellipse Frame allows you to draw a

oval, or circle frame.

■ In order to get to the Ellipse tool, you need

to right-click the arrow in the bottom right

corner of the rectangle tool.

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Reviewing the Control Panel

■ The control panel provides options for controlling the

position, size and other attributes of the selected

object. In the example shown below, a graphics

frame is selected.

■ You can change the size of the frame(Change W or

H) or reposition it by changing X and Y

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Reviewing the Control Panel

■ Shown below is the control panel for controlling paragraph

and character formatting.

■ Options to change the text will appear, such as changing

the font size.

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Reviewing the Application Bar

■ The application bar provides quick access to the

most used layout aids. These include options for

– Changing a document’s zoom level

– Showing and hiding guides

– Managing multiple document windows

– Access to Adobe resources such as Stock Art

Zoom LevelView


Screen Mode



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Reviewing the Document Window and Pasteboard

■ The document window and pasteboard make

up your work area.

■ Each page is surrounded by its own

pasteboard that is used as a work area or

storage area to place elements not yet used in

the page layout.

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Controls for




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Working With Multiple Documentsand using the Zoom Tool

■ When you work with more than one document, each document displays in its own tab of the main document window.

■ You can also open multiple windows for a single document so you can see different parts of the layout at one time.

■ Create a new window by choosing Window > Arrange> New Window (name of doc)

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■ Use the Zoom Tool from the tools panel to zoom in on a selection from the document

■After selecting the tool, drag to draw a box around the area you want to zoom in on

Working With Multiple Documentsand using the Zoom Tool

Page 17: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

■ To create a tab for each window, choose Window >Arrange > Consolidate All Windows

■ Click the tab in the upper left corner to control which document to display.

■ If necessary choose View > Fit Page in Window

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Working with Panels

■ Panels provide quick access to commonly used tools and features.

■ By default, various panels are docked at the right side of the screen.

■ The panels that display are different depending on the selected workspace and each workspace remembers its panel configuration.

Page 19: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

Opening and Closing Panels

■ To display a hidden panel, choose the panel name

from the Window menu ( or a submenu of the

Window menu)

■ If the panel name has a check mark, it is already

open and in from of any other panels in its group.

Page 20: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

Expanding and Collapsing Panels

■ Click the tab to expand a panel

■ Click the double arrow to collapse it when you are finished

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Expanding and Collapsing Panels

■ To expand all panels in the dock so

you can see all their controls, click

the double arrow in the upper-right

corner of the dock

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Rearranging and Customizing Panels

■ You can drag a single panel

out of the dock to create a

free-floating panel.

■ Drag the tab of the panel you

want to move and it will be

removed from the dock

■ You can create your own group

of the panels you use the most

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Moving the Tools Panel and Control Panel

■ Typically, you will want to keep the Tools panel and

Control panel open all the time.

■ Like all panels, you can move them to best suit your

own work style.

■ To undock the Tools panel, drag the panel by its

dotted bar to pull it onto the pasteboard

Page 24: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

Customizing the Workspace

■ A workspace is a configuration of panels and menus.

■ You cannot modify the provided workspaces, but you

can save your own

■ Choose Window > Workspace > New Workspace

■ In the New Workspace dialog box, give the

workspace a name

Page 25: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

■ The name of the selected workspace also appears in

a menu at the far right of the control panel.

■ You can click this menu to select a different


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Changing the Magnification of a Document

■ InDesign lets you view a document at any zoom level

from 5% to 4000%.

■ When a document is open, the current magnification

percentage is displayed in the Zoom level box in the

application bar next to the file name.

Page 27: Adobe InDesign CC - Quia

Changing the Magnification of a Document

■ Use the options in the

View Menu to enlarge or

reduce the view of the