Adobe InDesign Beginner Tutorial

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

    Beginning Layout and Design

    November, 2013

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Open InDesign CC

    Create a new file - File/New/Document

    Were going to be working with document preset Default which is using Letter sized paper

    General guidelines

    InDesign creates links to media rather than copies so-Keep all text and graphics in one folder-Save the InDesign document to the same folder-When working as a group or moving computers make sure to send the entire folder of content-Make sure to save often!

    Creating a New Document

    Setting Workspace/Panels

    Go to Window/Workspace and select Essentials to change the workspace to the default toolsets

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Always save your file before starting a layout

    Go to File/Save As

    The the filename New Annenberg Building

    Again, save your file with your other content that will be used in the document

    All pages have guides.

    Purple and pink guides will not show up when printed. The edge of the page is where the white ends

    The gray section will not print but can be handy to store items that you can use later

    Locations of the most common settings and options



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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    You can change the zoom percentage from the upper right hand corner of the formatting window

    Placing Text DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!

    There are two methods for putting text on a pageMethod one: Type in text

    Select the Type tool

    Click and drag to create a frame in the top and center of the page

    Frames are containers for either placed text or typed in text

    Click in the frame to get a flashing cursor Type Annenberg Hall

    When done, press escape on the keyboard to deactivate text mode To modify text, double click inside a frame to edit

    Type Wallis in front of Annenberg Hall

    Select the Hand Tool from the toolbar

    Click and drag using the hand tool to view parts of the page or use the scroll bars along the side and bottom


    Click and drag to highlight the text

    Using the format bar, change the font to Min-ion Pro with a size of 30

    Now the font is too big for the box. The red square on the side is the warning. Theres also another warning along the bottom of the window

    To change the frames size, click on any of the handles and click and drag to expand the frame

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Method two: Place a document InDesign can place almost any kind of document that has text (including Microsoft Word).

    Go to File/Place

    Locate Annenberg Hall Text.docx and click Open

    The cursor will show you a short preview of the text attached to a small black cursor

    Click and drag to make a box for the text to populateorClick once and all of the text will be placed in one big box that takes up the width of the page If it is not large enough, you may have to expand the box using the handles

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Go to File/Place

    Locate usc_wallisannenberghall.png to place and click Open

    Click and drag a frame below the text

    The image will automatically scale to fit the frame that you created. The percentage scaled is in a gray box, visible when dragging the frame

    Placing Graphics


    InDesign can place almost any graphic file, including other Adobe files (PDFs, Photoshop files, etc.)

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Notice as you drag content around the page, Smart Guides will appear to help you align elements

    To have text flow around an image

    Go to Window/Text WrapText wrap panel appears

    Text Wrapping

    Select the image you want to wrap text around

    Select Wrap around bounding box in the Text Wrap panel

    Click and drag to move the image into a body of text

    Notice the text wrap around the image

    Remember to check for any hidden text (red box in the lower right hand corner of the frame), since when add-ing an image, you may have run out of room for textIf necessary, expand the text box

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Click once on the media center photo

    Locate Stroke from formatting options area and add a 1 pt stroke

    Can also change size and style of the stroke

    Borders (also know as strokes)

    Lets place another graphic

    Click anywhere in the gray area (pasteboard) to deselect any frames

    Go to File/Place and find Media Center.jpg and click Open

    Click and drag below the full width of the text box, using the smart guides to make it the same width

    Place Another Graphic

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    If your graphics look a bit pixelated, it may be the display preferences. To change to the highest display settings go to View/Display Performance and select High Quality Display

    If your computer is older or slower, leave on Typ-ical

    Changing what part of the image is showing

    The circle in the middle is called the content grab-ber - if selected, an orange border appears the and cursor will become a hand

    You can expand or contract by pressing and hold-ing the Shift key on the keyboard and dragging content using the orange boxes/handles(Shift keeps the content proportional)

    Click and hold to move the content around so that it looks correct in the frame

    When done press Escape on the keyboard

    Adjust the Size of Graphics

    Select the images frame (blue outline)

    In the formatting bar, check the Auto-Fit box

    Grab corner boxes/handles to resize the media center image to take up more area on the page

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Multi-Page Documents

    All pages in a multi-page document are listed under Pages panel

    Double click on page to jump to that page

    Add a page

    Select the Create new page button at the bot-tom of the panel

    To delete a page

    Select the page and then click the Delete select-ed pages in the bottom of the panel

    On the second page, find the By the numbers.docx and place it at the top of the page by click-ing and dragging a text frame

    Align it to take the entire width of the page

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Place Another Graphic (Chart)

    This is the same process as placing any other graphic

    Go to File/Place and find Chart.png and click Open

    Click and drag to center it below the text

    This chart was done in Microsoft Excel and uses a white font, so we will need to add a background shape with a different color

    Adding Shapes

    Select the Rectangle Tool from tools

    Click and drag to create a box around the outside of the graph

    Click on it once to active the frame and make any necessary adjust-ments Then grab and drag any of boxes/handles along the edges to change the size of the box

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Changing Colors

    With the box selected, click the Fill button at the bottom left of the tools bar

    Double click to open the open the Color Picker

    Use the cursor to select a color then click OK to apply

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Adjusting Layering

    The red box is now on top of the graphic so lets move it behind the graph

    Select the red box by clicking once

    Go to Object/Arrange/Send to Back

    Place Another Text Box

    Go to File/Place

    Locate For more information.docx and click Open

    Click and drag the width of the page below the chart

    To center the text, double click the text box

    Using the formatting options, select Align center

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner

    Hyperlink Between Pages in a Document Select the object you want to add a hyperlink to

    Click on the Hyperlinks panel

    From the bottom of the panel, select the page icon to create a new hyperlink

    From the drop down menu select Page

    Select which page to jump to

    Change the Zoom Setting drop down to Fit in Win-dow

    Click OK


    Go to Window/Workspace and select Interactive for PDF to change the workspace

    Note: Most interactive features dont show up in InDesign until you export to a PDF


    Double click into the For more information... textbox and highlight the URL

    Copy the text by going to Edit/Copy

    Click on the Hyperlinks panel

    From the bottom of the panel, select the little page icon Create a new hyperlink

    From the drop down menu select URL

    Type (or paste) the URL

    Click OK

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    Adobe InDesign CC | Beginner


    Preview Final Layout

    First put it in to preview mode (View/Screen Mode/Preview) to make sure everything looks correct

    Go to File/Export

    Name the file Wallis Annenberg Hall

    Under Format select Adobe PDF (Print)

    Under Adobe PDF Preset select [High Quality Print]

    If you used hyperlinks, make sure to select Hyperlinks from the Include section at the bottom left or the export dialog

    Press Export

    Locate the PDF file and open to double check the final document

    From this PDF file, you can print to a printer or upload to a website

    As an Adobe PDF File

    Click anywhere in the gray pasteboard area to deselect any frames

    Go to View/Screen Mode/preview (short-cut: w)This mode hides all non-printing objects and shows what the final page will look like