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Pteror over Paris


+uv vx+vaovniNavs anvvN+uvvs ov ADELE BLANC-SEC)acuvs +avni : PTERROR OVER PARISvaN+aovavuics vooxsPARIS, November 4, 1911. The Museum of Natural History, located in the Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Gardens). The time: 11:45 p.m.3.PTERODACTYL EGG(LATE JURASSIC)136 MILLION YEARS4.Meanwhile, in the city of LYON5.1:03 a.m., a police station in Paris' 12th arrondissement M'sieur, we found this fellow in the street yellin' his head off. Appears t'be a few sheets to the wind.I ain' t drunk Move it!I ain' t drunk! I gotattacked by this big red bird creature with a beak full'a teeth! Honest, Chief, I ain' t on the sauce!Sure, sure, you're stone cold sober. Throw him in the tank!It wuz 'orrible!I ain' t pullin' yer leg, Chief! For once in y'r life make y'rselfuseful by catchingthat thing! As a tax-payer I am disgusted by this turn of events. Coppers phooey!6.The following evening. 7:30 p.m.: Georges Plot prepares to lock up his pharmacy.At the same moment7.