Addressing Pain in Non- communicative Children Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH Julie Hauer, MD Kim Hartman, MD

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Addressing Pain in Non-communicative Children

Addressing Pain in Non-communicative Children Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPHJulie Hauer, MDKim Hartman, MDWelcome Julie Hauer, MDMedical Director at Seven Hills PediatricsPediatric palliative care expertExpertise in medical management of complex health conditions in pediatricsExpertise in pain management for children with severe neurologic impairmentsCourse ObjectivesDiscuss the prevalence of pain in non-verbal children with disabilitiesRecognizes behaviors and symptoms that may be pain relatedIdentify pain assessment toolsIdentify treatment options for acute and chronic painRecognize methods to reduce procedural painDisclosuresWe have no relevant disclosures to report

We will be talking about medications used off-label or off-indication as is requently the case for pediatric medications


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