Addressing Health Related Barriers to Learning OSPI Counseling Summer Institute June 27, 2013

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Addressing Health Related Barriers to Learning OSPI Counseling Summer Institute June 27, 2013 Slide 2 Learning Objectives Participants will be able to: Describe the connection between health risk behaviors and academic achievement. Increase awareness of tools to support school and district health efforts. Identify opportunities, resources, and next steps to address health related barriers to learning. Slide 3 Discussion Introduce yourself to the person next to you. Share a key health issue faced by students in your community that impacts learning. Share a strategy used in your school to support health and wellness. Slide 4 Key Findings of the Report Health and education are linked Every health risk can affect academic success Interventions can narrow disparities Health interventions can improve learning and health Research Review: School-based Health Interventions and Academic Achievement Slide 5 Healthy Students Learn Better Slide 6 Every Health Risk Makes a Difference Slide 7 Race/Ethnicity and Achievement Slide 8 Relationship of Resources and Reach Fewer resourcesMore resources Universal reachSelective reach Slide 9 Effective School-based Interventions Social / emotional skill building Parent/ teacher communication skills Increased physical activity School breakfast programs Chronic disease management School-based health centers Handwashing Slide 10 A Coordinated Approach School Health Advisory Council Slide 11 WA State Coordinated School Health Model Slide 12 Key Ingredients for Success Convene a health committee Conduct an assessment / Review data Develop / Implement a plan Evaluate results / Continuously improve Create policies to support school health Identify sufficient resources to succeed Slide 13 Tools to Assess School Health School Level School Health Index District Level Healthy Schools Report Card Slide 14 Resources to Support School Health Funding Tools and Resources GRANT FINDING TOOLS The following tools maintain a current list of state and national funding opportunities available to support school health. Health In Schools Grant Finder Health In Schools Grant Finder - A tool from the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools which identifies multiple grants currently available to support elements of Coordinated School Health. Health in Schools Grant Finder -Grants with Rolling DeadlinesHealth in Schools Grant Finder -Grants with Rolling Deadlines - A second grant finding tool from the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools to identify school health grants with rolling deadlines. WA Grant Finder WA Grant Finder A tool from SPARX that helps identify state-specific grants for your Physical Education, After school, Early childhood or Coordinated School Health program. Grants can be used for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment. Simply select Washington and it will list all current, related grants available in the data base. Slide 15 Sarah Butzine Student Support Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) 360-725-6039