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Act III. Scene i. Points to be emphasized. death of Mercutio and Tybalt in the two duels Mercutio slain by Tybalt Tybalt slain by Romeo who felt that his love for Juliet made him act weak towards Tybalt, thus infuriating Mercutio who took it upon himself to fight Tybalt: Is Romeo guilty ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Act III


Act IIIScene iPoints to be emphasizeddeath of Mercutio and Tybalt in the two duels

Mercutio slain by Tybalt

Tybalt slain by Romeo who felt that his love for Juliet made him act weak towards Tybalt, thus infuriating Mercutio who took it upon himself to fight Tybalt: Is Romeo guilty?

Street gathering of foes: Capulets and Montagues

Decree of banishment for Romeo from Prince who had previously said he would impose death sentence for any fights between these two familiesCharacters:Mercutiofond of jest, as before

fearless, of contemptuous Tybalt

honorable: fights for honor of self and kin when he feels Romeo has disgraced them

loved life and leaves it with some bitterness: A plague on both your houses

Benvoliopeace-maker, loyal

in explanation of fight: loyal to Mercutio

not a provoker of fights as Mercutio says

Romeoduel character1. conciliator after marriage and 2. death of Mercutio calls him to action

avenges friends death: duty, loyalty, honor

Lady Capulethysterical with rage and grief against Romeo

little desire for justice or to see justice done

wanted revenge: an eye for an eye

product of the age and circumstance

Act IIIScene ii

Points to be emphasizedEmotional tension

Juliets joy in expectation of Romeos return to her room

Unaware of the Tybalt-Romeo duel

Juliets uncertainty and grief for Tybalt

Nurse leads Juliet to believe that Romeo is dead

Juliet has harsh words for Romeo, Tybalts slayer, angry

Juliet is loyal to Romeo, her husband, despite his role in Tybalts death

banishment of Romeo is worse than the death of Tybalt, worse even than the death of her parents

irony: Juliets hopes and harsh actuality

Juliets speech, novel expressions, imagery

paradoxes: opposite to what is seemed

CharactersJulietremoved from childhood and dependence on mother

makes up own mind

deeply in love with Romeo

weeps for Tybalt, sees cruelty of fate in Romeos slaying of him

rises to husbands defense when he is criticized

sends Romeo a ring as pledge of her faithfulness

proof of her depth of feeling; not shallow

Nursesomewhat inconsiderate: leaves Juliet to guess who has been slain, no place for humor

cooperative: will find Romeo

seems good-hearted and means well, despite inefficiency

Act IIIScene iiiPoints to be EmphasizedPicture of Romeo in despair

Will not be comforted by friar

Banishment is a euphemism for death

No mercy anywhere with out Juliet in his sight

Fears Juliet will not forgive him for killing Tybalt

Won over Friar, hope restored

Wise, old Friar dispenses philosophy, wisdom, and a plan

3 points to be grateful for1) Juliet is alive 2) escaped death 3) punishment is banishment not death

Juliets ring assures Romeo of her continuing loveCharactersRomeo

In despair but deeper than when he was in despair over Rosaline

Ready to take his own life

Earns Friars harsh criticisms


Calm, wise, patient but stern enough to deal with Romeo

Resourceful and practical


Loves to listen to philosophy of FriarLittle opportunity for education

Act IIIScene ivKey Points to be EmphasizedParis still wants to marry Juliet

Capulet decides that Juliet will wed Paris on Thursday

He believes Juliet will obey him

Will be a simple marriage, lack of ostentation shows more respect for the slain Tybalt

Irony: Juliet being married to Paris while we know she is already married t Romeo


same fine gentleman, conventional and proper


fatalistic : we were born to die

presumptuous and magisterial

almost casual as to daughter and day of marriage

contrast to Act I, scene ii, when he was concerned with Juliets welfare and marriage to early

knows little about daughterAct IIIScene V

Key Points to be emphasizedBalcony scene: Romeo parting after their night together

Reluctance of lovers to part

Each of them foresees evil to come

Lady Capulets arrival in Juliets room and news of marriage to Paris on Thursday; 3 days hence

Capulet disowns Juliet

Ultimatum: marry Paris or be disowned

Juliets appeals to Heavens for pity; neither mother not father will help her

Juliet appeals to the nurse and is advised to accept Paris

Juliets is appalled she is on her own


Tender, poetic, considerate lover

Humorous, playful, hopeful

JulietExperiences 3 emotional crises

Love scene: poetic, sentimentalScorn from parentsRevulsion towards nurse


Kind and brave in defending Juliet against Capulet

False and shallow in advice to Juliet

Probably means well

Lady Capulet

More moderate than her husband towards Juliet

Cruel when she forsakes Juliet done with her is a freezing reply


Probably was devoted to Juliet: she was the hopeful lady of my earth

Great love seems to turn to anger, deeper because of his love for Juliet

Extremely severe, brutal in casting her off