ACROSS 1: Internet-based collaboration between students in Portugal, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Objective: Collaborative cross- curricular.

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  • ACROSS 1:Internet-based collaboration between students in Portugal, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.Objective: Collaborative cross-curricular reports on energy sources and their uses in Europe.Sources studied:GAS, WIND ENERGY, SOLAR ENERGY, NUCLEAR ENERGY, HYDRO ENERGY

  • Collaborative Story Writing: The groups write one chapter each.Five types of stories: Autobiography, Detective Story, Love Story, Soap, Travel BookWebSiteStory WSSIntroduction - Autobiography The little girl is called Lise. She was born in 1905. Her life became very dramatic due to the rapid development in Europe during the 20th century. I was born in Denmark in 1905. My life story begins on the famous Skagen beach. I remember I was standing there watching the other children play in the water. They seemed to have a lot of fun. I would have done anything to be part of this, but I knew that I couldnt . . .

  • Miguel meets Tina in Setbal. She is on vacation. Afterwards they exchange e-mails and he is invited to come to Denmark ....Chapter 1 (Denmark)Tina was late. She got up late, and shed just been rushing through the day. Everything had to be perfect so Miguel could feel welcome in Denmark. She had used all day, cleaning and making her small flat a very nice place to be in.Nothing worked for her today, maybe it was because she was so excited about finally meeting Miguel. .Love Story

  • Detective Story"As she sat in her office on April Fool's Day, Sarah was thinking that somebody was pulling a cruel joke on her. A close friend of her family, Detective Frank Taylor, had just told her she was being accused of murder." Whose murder was Sarah being accused of? Was she guilty? What had happened?

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