Acquisitions in Release 2005 – the final frontier Debbie Turner Library Training Consultant European Innovative Users’ Group Meeting, September 2005.

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  • Acquisitions in Release 2005 the final frontier Debbie Turner Library Training Consultant European Innovative Users Group Meeting, September 2005
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  • Acquisitions in Release 2005 New Features: A "Claim All" option will be added to the Orders Claim mode. The purchase order queue will be scanned for duplicates before orders are sent. It will be possible to view and query invoices after posting. [IUG ballot item] A new Print toolbar button is available in Send/Print modes for Purchase Orders and Claims. The Print button will now print the table in both Millennium Acquisitions and Serials.
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  • Acquisitions in Release 2005 New Products: Electronic Invoicing via EDIFACT Inventory Express Web Works Selection Lists
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  • Acquisitions in 2005 Claim All Option
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  • Claim All Enabled in Login Manager
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  • All claimable orders now in claim print queue
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  • Acquisitions in 2005 Scanning the Purchase Order Queue for Duplicates
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  • Eliminating Duplicates in PO Queue The queue before adding a new order
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  • An order is queued again
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  • The second order is eliminated
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  • Acquisitions in 2005 The Invoice Record
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  • Invoice Records Process invoice normally
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  • Finish and post invoice normally
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  • The invoice is saved during posting Searchable in a new mode
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  • Full invoice details are retained
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  • Acquisitions in 2005 Printing the PO Queue & Browse
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  • Printing the PO Queue and screens
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  • What does Rls 2005 mean for my library? Non-Millennium, full character based systems will see no change, but will not be able to store or use the new invoice records Full Millennium systems with truncated main menus will see no change and will get the new records immediately Libraries using both Millennium and the character based functions, will see a change to the main menu screens that will remove theOrdering and Receiving Subsystem line
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  • Main menu on Release 2005 LE or Silver (variations are possible based on products owned)
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  • Possible Main Menu on Release 2005
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  • New submenu for functions still in Character based
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  • Functions on new submenu
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  • Important points for libraries to know 1.The change is not optional, and is not initiated by the library. It will happen as a result of the upgrade to the new release and be effective immediately after the upgrade 2.The structure of the stored invoice data has changed in a way that is similar to the checkin/holdings record changes of several years ago 3.The new invoice record will be a large help to libraries using multiple currencies, since the conversion rate and original invoice amount will be stored and retrievable
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