Achieve Better Business Outcomes and Efficiencies Read this infographic to achieve better business outcomes

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  • Database Management

    One Solution:

    "I spend 100% of my time doing innovation with Exadata — there's no time spent

    keeping it up. It’s never crashed in 2 years."

    $70,906 Business Productivity Benefits

    $43,617 IT Staff Productivity Gains

    $32,407 Risk Mitigation/User


    $10,782 IT Infrastructure Cost


    Read the full story on the types of organizations benefiting from Oracle Exadata and a complete analysis of the financial gains

    Download the IDC white paper, "Business Value of Oracle Exadata Database Machines," sponsored by Oracle.

    Costly and Complicated

    Organizations Using Oracle Exadata Achieve

    Significant Results

    Costs and complications can multiply

    ✔ Performance becomes critical✔ Administrative costs mount

    As the number of applications and databases increase

    The ability of an overstretched staff to properly maintain and tune each database and its server deteriorates.

    Business Value Benefits per Organization, Per Year

    Over 5 Years with Oracle Exadata

    Voice of the Customer

    An IDC infographic sponsored by Oracle

    Financial Results:

    Five-year ROI:

    429% Average annual benefits:

    $157,712 per 100 users

    $222,000 additional revenue

    per 100 users

    Operational Improvements:

    94% less unplanned downtime

    25% less time "keeping

    the lights on"

    42% less staff time per

    application developed

    Key Performance Improvements

    Transaction rate:

    103% Query speed:

    73% Load time:

    48% Back-up recovery:


    A hardware and software system

    specifically designed for the database software

    to optimize database operations, both for

    performance and administrative simplicity.

    An environment that supports

    workload consolidation,

    thereby reducing the number of physical

    servers required for the databases in question.

    ✔ Benefits: Reduced cost and optimal performance

    Business Value of Oracle Exadata

    Average Annual Benefit per 100 Users: $157,712

    Achieve Better Business Outcomes

    and Efficiencies for Database


    Voice of the Customer

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    “The continuous delivery platform we’ve put in place with Oracle

    Exadata helps us to be more agile. . . We've got around 600-700 application

    developers who are now at least 30-40% more productive.”

    ROI payback period 11 months