Ace Players of Fifa World Cup 2014

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Text of Ace Players of Fifa World Cup 2014

Ace Players of Fifa World Cup 2014

Ace Players of Fifa World Cup 2014


Are you counting down towards Fifa World Cup 2014? Are you looking forward to Brazil for this years edition of the football extravaganza? If you are not yet in the mood, you better pull your socks up. There are 32 teams fighting for the top glory this year and each has formidable squad.

Within the squads, they have game changing players who are capable of winning the game on their own when its their day.

Let us go over few key players like these from different teams in this article of ours. I hope you like this piece where we analyze potential of the teams based on their star power.

Switzerland has had it easy coming into the final rounds of Fifa world cup 2014. Well, most of the critics think that at least. But they indeed have a powerful team capable of beating any opponent. This has been largely possible due to their young brigade and players like Gokhan Inler.

Speaking of star players, Honduras is not far behind. They have their own talented lot. Roger Espinoza is one of those players who are most likely to sparkle. France is another country hungry to taste success this year and Frank Riberie will be the key to their initiatives.

Italy is the strong contenders for this years fifa world cup. They have Mario Balotelli capable of scoring goals from a distance. But strong challenge is expected from Uruguay as Diego Forlan, Luise Suarez and others are up for it as well.

Not many are considering England a part of the title race. However, we cant rule out Wayne Rooney as their star player. Rooney plays for Manchester United and holds a formidable track record. This striker is going to have to play a key role in the scheme if England is to make any inroads into the race of title this world cup.

We have to make sure that we dont leave out Ivory Coast from discussion. This country will be hugely banking on the potential of Didier Drogba this season for their chances. Japan has its own lineup of exciting players.

Among which Yashuhito is one of the key players. The role of Falcao in Columbias dream of Fifa world Cup 2014 is without saying the most crucial one. Other teams will also keep the fact in mind that Falcao is the player they have to guard tightly.

New participants like Bosina Herzegovina have their lineup of exciting players as well. The country will be banking on Miralem Pjanic when it comes to its chances. All the countries have great players at their disposal.

It is only a matter of time to see which one bags the glory. Brazil is the most likely of countries which will bag the prize this year. The Fifa World cup is on their home turf and players of Neimars caliber will lick their lips after getting a fabulous chance to make their presence felt on the stage for the sixth time this year.

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