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1. You want to see a faster render of your video. What should you do?A. Zoom outB. Use fewer adjustment layersC. Zoom to full screenD. Use a faster framerate2. Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.

You want to change the black background indicated in the image. Which area of the print dialog must you change.A. Color management (pilih print)B. Position and Size (saiz bg)C. Printing Marks (untuk crop)D. Functions (tukar warna bg)3. Which slider can lead to less halos in an HDR Pro image in Photoshop?A. HighlightB. GammaC. RadiusD. Exposure4. What does holding down the Option (Mac OS) / Alt (Windows) key when using the On Image adjustments tool in the Hue/Saturation layer do?A. Limits the amount of hue change you make to longer incrementsB. Limits the amount of hue change you make to smaller incrementsC. Limits the amount of saturation change you make to smaller increments (perubahan warna cepat)D. Limits the amount of saturation change you make to longer increments (perubahan warna lambat)

5. Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.

The exhibit shows the tool options for the Sponge tool. Which does the pen pressure icon control?A. Size (always Pressure saze)B. FlowC. Vibrance (reduce the noise)D. Opacity6. You are using Camera Raw. What does holding down the Alt key while using the Adjustment brush do?A. Toggles between the Add and Erase brushesB. Changes the size of the brushC. Changes the feather setting of the brushD. Resets the brush7. Which necessary when creating duotone image?A. You must apply Auto Tone to the imageB. You must desaturate the imageC. The image must be a black and white imageD. The image must be a grayscale image8. What happens when you Option (Mac OS) / Alt (Windows) click on the eye icon in the layers panel?A. Hides only this layer in the documentB. Shows only this layer in the documentC. Hides the layer in the documentD. Shows the layer in the document9. What does Clicking Command (Mac OS) / CTRL (Windows) on the New Layer Icon in the layers panel do?A. Create a new blank layer under your selected layerB. Create a new blank layer above your selected layerC. Create a new blank layer at the top of the layer stackD. Create a new blank layer at the bottom of the layer stack

10. Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit

What do the diagonal lines at the edges indicate?A. Crop MarksB. Non-printable areaC. BleedD. Registration Marks11. You have created a video project that you want to upload to the Web. Which export option should you choose?A. Image sequenceB. Save for WebC. DPXD. H.26412. You have created a style using Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, and Stroke on a shape on your canvas . You would like to apply this style to a new shape. Which is the fastest way to do this?A. Option (MacOS) / Alt (Windows) click the Effects layer and apply to the new shapeB. Click and drag the styles to the new shapeC. Shift click and drag the effects layer to the new shapeD. Option (Mac OS) / Alt (Windows) click and drag the Effects in the layers panel to the new shape layer.13. You want to switch a guide from horizontal to vertical while creating a new horizontal guide. Which key you should press?A. SpaceB. AltC. ControlD. Shift

14. Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit

What does the duration field indicate as shown in the exhibit?A. The crossfade transition will have a delay of 10 secondsB. The selected crossfade transition will have a delay of 10 secondsC. The default transition time for all effects is 10 secondsD. The transition time for the next applied effect is 10 seconds

15. You are working on an image in Liquify and are using the Forward Wrap Tool. When you click on a portion of the image to move it, you notice that the image is distorted more than you want. Which option will reduce the strength of the distortion?A. Brush RateB. Brush PressureC. Brush DensityD. Brush Size16. You want to open a folder of images on your computer in Bridge CS6.What is the fastest way to accomplish this?A. Navigate to the folder in Bridge using Folders PanelB. Click on the computer Icon at the Path Bar Double click through the folder structureC. Drag the folder onto Path BarD. Click on Windows>Synchronized Window17. You have an image open in Photoshop. What happens when you drag a new image from a folder onto Photoshop?A. The new image open as ChannelB. The new image opens as a MaskC. The new image opens as a Smart ObjectD. The new image opens in a new tab

18. Click the exhibit tab to see the exhibit

Which path operation is selected for Circle1 and Circle2?A. IntersectB. CombineC. SubtractD. Exclude19. Which is the benefit of using vector mask shapes in Photoshop?A. They can be increased in size with no loss of qualityB. They can have complex fills applied to themC. They can be duplicated more efficientlyD. They can have styles written to separate layers20. Your document has several Layer Comps. You see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point indicating that the comps NOT be fully restored. Why does this occur?A. The color mode has changed for the image.B. The bit depth has changed for the image.C. One of the layers has changed opacityD. Two of the layers have been merged21. In the Soft Light Blend Mode, what occurs to any use of color lighter than 50% Gray?A. The color will turn blackB. The color will turn whiteC. The color will be burnedD. The color will be dodged22. You are using Photoshop CS6. You want to import your presets from Photoshop CS5. What should you do?A. Choose Edit >Presets>Preset ManagerB. Choose Edit >Presets> Export/Import PresetsC. Choose Edit >Presets> Migrate PresetsD. Copy the presets folder from your previous version of Photoshop into your Photoshop CS623. You want to apply a previously saved set of develop settings to agroup of images. What should you do?A. Select the images and click on Previous ConversionB. Select the images and click on the snapshot you want to useC. Select the images and click SynchronizeD. Select the images and click on the Preset you want to use24. You have 40 DNG files visible in a folder in Bridge. You want to adjust white balance and create JPG files of these images. Which is the most efficient workflow?A. Select the images in the Content Window. Ctrl+click (Mac OS)/ Right-click (Windows) and select Open in Camera Raw. Synchronize white balance settings and click on Save ImagesB. Show the images in Finder (Mac OS)/ Windows Explorer (Windows). Drag the images into Photoshop CS6. Save JPG from images after conversionC. Select the images in the Content Window. Right-click and Open in Photoshop CS6. Save JPG from the images after conversionD. Select the images in the Content Window. Click on Tools > Photoshop > Batch execute an Action from the default Actions window.25. What is the limit of nested Layer Groups in Photoshop CS6?A. 25B. 15C. 5D. 1026. In Save for Web, you are preparing a graphic for Web delivery but do not see a Color Table appear. Which is the most likely cause for this?A. The image is in sRGB modeB. The image is in JPG modeC. The image is in Greyscale modeD. The image is in Black and White27. Which is the benefit of using a layer mask over a vector mask?A. Layer masks allow for precise edges to clip or hide effectsB. Layer masks are resolution independentC. Layer masks provide varying levels of transparencyD. Layer masks can be saved with document for later use

28. You consistently use a soft round brush with an opacity of 24% and a blend mode of Linear Burn. You want to save this setting for later use. What should you do?A. Open the Tool Preset picker and choose the Create New Tool Preset iconB. Click Create New Brush in Brush Preset panelC. Click Create a New Brush Preset From This Brush in the Brush Tool Options barD. Click on Open Preset Manager in the Brush PrestPreset panel29. You are attempting to create a graphic that has an inner shadow coming from one direction and bevel and emboss are appearing from another direction. What should you do?A. Check Use Global Light in the Bevel and Emboss styleB. Uncheck Use Global Light in Bevel and Emboss styleC. Convert the graphic to a smart object and apply Bevel and EmbossD. Create the Layer style to its own layer and apply Bevel and Emboss30. You have selected the Rectangular Marquee Tool. You want to create a rectangular selection that is similar to a DSLR frame. What should you do?A. Hold-down the Shift key while dragging out selectionB. Select Fixed Ratio from tool options and enter the ratio of the DSLR FileC. Select Fixed Size from tool options and enter the size of the DSLR FileD. Select a tool preset from the Tool Preset dropdown31. Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit

What happens when you click on the button shown in the exhibit?A. The style is applied to another block of textB. The previously applied style is removedC. The style is redefinedD. The style is reset to the quality saved state32. Which is the most efficient way, without changing the document structure, to reduce the opacity of multiple type and image layers?A. Group the individual layers in a layer set and adjust the opacityB. Select the layers individually and adjust the opacityC. Command click the individual layer and adjust the opacityD. Merge the individual layers and adjust the opacity33. What does a 3DLUT Adjustment Layer do?A. Maps color in an image to others based on the defined table, creating special effectB. Filter out a specific color in an image to create a special effectC. Modifies a targeted (output) color channel using a mi of the existing (source) color channels in the image.D. Specifies the number of tonal levels (or brightness values) for each channel in an image and then maps the pixel to the closet matching level.34. What does Pin depth in the Puppet Wrap tool control?A. Wrap rotationB. Wrap densityC. Wrap sensitivityD. Wrap overlap35. When searching for advanced layer blending o

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