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Acculab „Exceleron“ Acculab “Exceleron “ Series Multi-functional Industrial Scale Line Multi-function Industrial Scale

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Acculab Exceleron Acculab Exceleron Series Multi-functional Industrial Scale Line Multi-function Industrial Scale Slide 2 Acculab Exceleron Target Market Segments Ideal for; Incoming goods inspection Inventory management Production Quality control Packaging Outgoing goods Slide 3 Acculab Exceleron Product range 6kg to 300 kg 6 new models 6 kg, 15kg, 30kg, 60kg, 150kg, 300kg 3 platform sizes 6kg, 15kg, 30kg, 60kg (15.75 x 11.8) 150kg (19.7 x 11.8) 300kg (25.6 x 19.7) 15,000 step resolution Slide 4 Acculab Exceleron Product Features Heavy duty construction / maximum overload protection (safe overload protection rated @ 150% of capacity) Internal frame structure in mild steel with powder- coated paint Single-point Loadcell C3 class aluminum alloy ABS Industrial design indicator Large 1 inch 7 segment LCD display Amber backlighting Raised stainless steel column Stainless steel pan Battery operation (6 D Batteries) Applications include; counting, checkweighing, unit toggling User selectable calibration weight value Slide 5 Acculab Exceleron Indicator features and information ABS Indicator with built-in switching power supply from 95-260V AC Built-in Country specific power cord (US 3 prong 120 volt 50/60 Hz) Battery operation (six 1.5 volt-D size dry cell batteries) Rechargeable battery operation available upon request (different indicator) Six (6) tactile-function key operation Optional bi-directional RS-232C RoHS/Wee compliant Slide 6 Acculab Exceleron Applications Simple Counting function Built-in checking HI|OK|LO comparator function Net Total Formulation Easy to use tare function with gross | net display Weight unit conversion Slide 7 Acculab Exceleron Load-Cell Information Rugged and Reliable aluminum single point load cells ED Size: 15.75 x 11.8 FE Size: 19.7 x 15.75 Slide 8 Acculab Exceleron Platform structure and information Platforms designed with welded structure by using square mild steel tubing and angle bar for durability and years of operation Powder coated Slide 9 Acculab Exceleron Platform information Four (metric / M12) leveling feet Stainless steel bolt Rubber non-skid feet Optional Castor wheels available for mobile applications Slide 10 Acculab Exceleron Accessories Optional RS232 interface with cable Floor stand (Mild steel) 1. 2 m height Wall mounted bracket In-use protective cover Castor wheels Rechargeable battery indicator (special order) Slide 11 Acculab Exceleron Model Selections ECD6EDP-LO-US 6kg x 0.5g (15.75 X 11.8) ECL15EDP-LO-US 15kg x 1g (15.75 x 11.8) ECL30EDP-LO-US 30kg x 2g (15.75 x 11.8) ECL60EDP-LO-US 60kg x 5g (15.75 x 11.8) ECL150FEP-LO-US 150kg x 10g (19.7 x 15.75) ECL300GFP-LO-US 300kg x 20g (25.6 x 19.7) Slide 12 Acculab Exceleron EXCELERON The NEW Industrial Line >>>>>>>> Excel-ing in all weighs Thank you

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