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OneMedForum New York – Emerging Company Conference The Roosevelt Hotel – June 30, 2010 Investor Presentation June 2010 www.accesspharma.com

Access Pharmaceuticals (ACCP)

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OneMedForum New York 2010 - Company Presentation. Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a emerging biopharmaceutical company that focuses on adding value to exciting product concepts in research by advancing those products through clinical development.

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  • 1.OneMedForum New York Emerging Company Conference
    The Roosevelt Hotel June 30, 2010
    Investor Presentation
    June 2010

2. This presentation contains certain statements that may be forward-looking within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, including statements relating to the product portfolio and pipeline and clinical programs of the combined company, the market opportunities for MuGard, the sales of, market opportunities for and planned studies of ProLindac, the market opportunities for Thiarabine and the Cobalamin programs, and the combined companys goals and objectives.These statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to the risks detailed in Access's Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 2009, and other reports filed by the companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
These materials are not an offer to sell securities and are not soliciting an offer to buy securities.
For Additional Access Pharmaceuticals Information, Go to the Following
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Safe Harbor Statement

  • Two Drug Delivery Platforms Proprietary drug delivery platforms creates multiple product opportunities;mitigates single product/technology exposure.

4. Deep Late Stage Products Access has late-stage products, including FDA-approved MuGard, and ProLindac and Thiarabine (through multiple Phase II trials). 5. Partnering Strategy Access has completed eight partnerships or collaborations in the past 24 months:upfront payments, royalties, research costs, clinical costs. 6. Experienced Team Experienced chemists, pre-clinical and manufacturing experts, clinical development personnel, and business development and finance personnel. 7. Focus on Shareholder Value Management and board members are significant shareholders, focused on increasing shareholder value.3
Corporate Overview & Highlights
Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(ACCP.OB) a drug delivery company with late-stage products for cancer, diabetes and hormone replacement. Several products are based on Access proprietary drug delivery platform technologies.
8. 4
Multiple Platforms Drives Opportunity
Two proprietary, drug-delivery platform technologies enable product development across multiple biotechnology sub-sectors:Cancer, Diabetes, Hormone, Fertility, etc..
9. 5
MuGard FDA-approved cancer supportive care product
10. MuGard - Treating A Significant Health Issue
Oral Mucositis:Significant Medical Issue Often Unrecognized, Undiagnosed and Undertreated

  • >$1 Billion Addressable Market:Target all cancer patients;1.5 million US cancer patients annually (incidence).Roughly 90% of patients on radiation (43% severe);and 40% of patients receiving chemotherapy

12. MuGard Stands Alone:Only FDA-approved product that instructs pre-treatment;Safe to swallow 13. Multiple Marketing Partners:Partners signed for EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, China, Korea;US manufacturing completed launch activities commencing 14. Royalties: 20%, scaling to 25%7
MuGard - Oral Mucositis (OM)
European Launch Underway;North American / Far East Launch Soon
Royalties Start This Year
15. MuGards Industry Leading Label
Indications:indicated for the management of pain and relief of pain
Directions for use: Gargle and spit out.
Indications: dryness or dry mouth associated with various conditions
Directions for use: Swish and spit out.
Indications: Magic Mouthwash" prepared by pharmacists and used to treat mouth sores (oral mucositis)
Directions for use: Gargle and spit out
Indications: MuGard is indicated for the management of oral mucositis/ stomatitis
Directions for use:
rinse may be expelled or swallowed safe to swallow
recommended that patients purchase MuGardprior to the commencement of cancer therapy ..
MuGard is recommended for preventative use
MuGard can be swallowed to coat lesions in throat
16. MuGard - US Commercial Launch Activities

  • Manufacturing of MuGard (Accupac) product manufactured and ready to ship

17. Key opinion leader collaboration (Dr. Stephen Sonis) Oral Mucositis expert 18. MuGard Centers-of-Excellence Program targeting large oncology networks to build awareness and clinical experience with MuGard 19. Work with reimbursement consultants filed reimbursement coding application and discussions are ongoing with major third-party payers 20. Key Clinical Data presented last week at MASCC and ongoing throughout the year;supports prevention, treatment, pain relieve, ease-of-use 21. Secure additional distribution channels 22. Long-term stability for full commercial availability on schedule for late July 23. Additional MuGard partnerships9
ACCP Remains On-track for Full-Scale North American MuGard Launch
24. 10
Cobalamin oral drug delivery platform
to enhance absorption of large molecules
25. 11
Cobalamin Oral Drug Delivery Platform
Using The Bodys Own Vitamin B-12 Absorption System
To Enable and Enhance Delivery of Drugs Through Gut Wall
The Trojan Horse Delivery Vehicle
The nanoparticle coated
with Cobalamin (red)
binds to intrinsic factor (1),
which in turn binds to its
cell surface receptor (2).
The nanoparticle is
transported across the
cell (3), crosses the gut
wall and enters the
bloodstream (4).
Nanopolymer payload can be
Insulin, growth hormone, EPO, etc.
26. 12
Significant Oral Bioavailability
Multiple Collaborations Driving Enhanced Data Set;
Planning Initiation of Phase I Human Trial in Cobalamin Oral Insulin

  • Cobalamin Oral Insulin Access has achieved unprecedented levels of oral bioavailability of insulin in two animal models ( >80% of that achieved by injection).

27. Two Ongoing Collaborations Oral insulin provided to two collaborators that have confirmed high levels of oral bioavailability with Cobalamin oral insulin 28. Cobalamin Human Growth Hormone Demonstrated high oral bioavailability and a 25% improvement in weight gain in standard animal model 29. Multiple Applications Ongoing discussions with multiple potential partners looking at exploiting Cobalamin oral drug delivery for insulin, HGH, fertility drugs, proteins, etc. 30. Patent Life-cycle Management Tool protect patent (IP) position through cobalamin formulation of existing drugs, resulting in new IP 31. Phase I Human Trial Moving Cobalamin oral insulin into a proof-of-concept Phase 1 study in man 32. sRNAi Adaptation of Cobalamin system to provide delivery vector for sRNAi therapeutics being evaluated;partnering and collaboration discussions ongoing