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Abraham and Family Michael Abell Marc Fuller Michael Musgrove Slide 2 Overview General similarities and differences between Jewish, Christian, and Islamic beliefs in regards to Abraham and Family Conflict between Isaac and Ishmael Who was sacrificed? Who is the chosen son? Importance of the Circumcision and the Covenant Slide 3 Abrahams Name Arabic: Ibrahim Hebrew: Avraham / Avram English: Originally Abram, changed to Abraham (Gen 17:3-5) Slide 4 Importance Judaism: Forefather of Jews through line of Isaac Christianity: Father of faith Islam: Built the Kabah; prophet of God Slide 5 History Originally from city of Ur (ancient city in Mesopotamia) 1800 B.C.E. Abraham departs homeland for Canaan at Gods command (Gen 11:1-6) Lived to be 175 years old Built Kabah Slide 6 Hagar Judaism Sarahs Egyptian maid servant (Gen 16: 1) Told to sleep with Abraham by Sarah (Gen 16: 2) Viewed negatively by Sarah (Gen 16: 4-5) Just a concubine so that Abraham could have a child Ishmael (Gen 16: 3) Hagar left because of abuse (Gen 16: 6) Slide 7 Hagar Christianity Slave woman (Gal 4: 22) Son is born naturally (Gal 4: 23) Corresponds to present Jerusalem (Gal 4: 25) Represents slavery through her and her children (Gal 4: 25) Drive out the slave woman and her son! For the son of the slave woman shall not share the inheritance with the son (Isaac) (Gal 4: 30) Slide 8 Hagar Islam Hagar is not mentioned in the Quran Only recognized in footnotes as Mother of Ishmael n. 160 Slide 9 Sarah Judaism Abrahams half-sister and wife (Gen 20: 1-18) Earlier in her life she could not bear children God promises her a son (Gen 18: 9-16) Has Isaac at age of 90 (Gen 21: 7) Slide 10 Sarah Christianity (Gal 4:21-31) Freeborn woman Son is born though a promise of God Only through her son, Isaac, is the promise of God preserved Mother of children of the promise of God Slide 11 Sarah Islam Sarah isnt mentioned in the Quran Slide 12 Isaac Judaism Born through Sarah as a promise of God (Gen 21: 6) As a promise to the covenant Abraham circumcised Isaac (Gen 21: 3-5) Seven years later God tests Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice Isaac Angel stops him at last moment Slide 13 Isaac Christianity God blesses Sarah and gives her a son: Isaac (Gen 17) God establishes his covenant with Isaac (Gen 17) God tests Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice his promised son Isaac (Gen 22) Abrahams servant finds a wife for Isaac, Rebekah. (Gen 24) Slide 14 Isaac Islam Issac is a prophet, One of the Righteous (Surah 37: 112) The Quran refers to Isaac as if the reader already knows about him Slide 15 Yishm'e'l Judaism Viewed as wicked through repentant in most Jewish traditions Ishmael was born through Hagar and Abraham, Sarahs Becomes jealous and claims that Hagar looking upon Sarah with disdain. (Gen 16: 5) Sarah abuses Hagar, until she flees, she has a child, and God tells her to name him Yishmel. (Gen 16: 6) Yishmel was 13 when he was circumcised. God says Yishmel shall become the father of 12 chieftains. (Gen 17: 20) Slide 16 Ishmael Christianity Since God had kept Sarah from having children, she gives her maid servant, Hagar, to Abraham as a birth mother. (Gen 16:2) Hagar gives birth to Ishmael; however Sarah is displeased with Ishmael and forces Abraham to send them away. (Gen 21) Hagar is sent away with Ishmael under the command of Sarah, however is given a promise by God that Ishmael will have a great nation. (Gen 21) Slide 17 Ism ' l Islam Muslims trace their connection to Abraham through Ism ' l Built the Kabah with father: Abraham (2:127) Most Muslims believe that Ism ' l settled in Mecca During the hajj each year Muslims reenact the time Hagar lost her infant son Ism ' l Slide 18 Sacrifice Judaism God commands Abraham to sacrifice son in Moriah (Gen 22: 2) Isaac wondered where the sacrificial animal was (Gen 22: 7) Right before Abraham sacrifices son an angel stops him (Gen 22: 11) Abraham proved his devotion to God (Gen 22: 12) Slide 19 Sacrifice Christianity Abraham is put to the test when asked to sacrifice Isaac Abraham thinks that even if Isaac dies, God will be able to raise him from the dead. Seen as a supreme act of perfect faith in God (Heb 11: 17-19) Slide 20 Sacrifice Christianity Although Abraham is very important to Christianity, remember Jesus is still key figure to Christian faith. Abraham is father of Christian faith, but Jesus is Son of God Amen, amen, I say to you, before Abraham came to be, I AM. -Jesus John 8:58 Slide 21 Sacrifice Islam Eid ul-Adha: ceremony focused on Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his promised son, which Muslims believe was Yishm'e'l. God spared Yishm'e'l s life and instead Abraham sacrificed a sheep This was considered Abrahams test of faith. (Surah 37: 102-113) Slide 22 Covenant Judaism: God commanded Abraham to circumcise himself, his offspring and his slaves as a sign of an everlasting covenant. Isaac was circumcised on the 8 th day after his birth, by Abraham, like God commanded of him. (Gen 21: 4) Slide 23 Covenant Christianity The First Church Council in Jerusalem decided that circumcision was not a requirement (Acts 15) Paul warned Gentile Christians against adopting Jewish practices. (Galatians 6: 12-16, Philippians 3:2-3) Slide 24 Covenant Islam Circumcision is not mentioned as a requirement in the Quran However it is recommended in Sunni Islam (http://lexicorient.com/e.o/abraham.html) Some quote the sayings of Muhammad in the Hadith, saying that circumcision is a requirement based on the covenant made with Abraham and Allah. Slide 25 Summary Abraham Ju: Forefather of the Jews Ch: Father of Faith Is: A prophet Hagar Ju: Despised Ch: Mother of slaves Is: Mother of chosen child Sarah Ju: Mother of Isaac Ch: Mother of freemen Is: Not mentioned Ishmael Ju: Illegitimate child Ch: Shall not share the inheritance with the son (Isaac) Gal 4: 28 Is: Chosen son/ Father of 12 tribes Slide 26 Summary Isaac Ju: Father of Jacob, Jacob father of 12 tribes of Israel Ch: Represents the freeborn, chosen son (Gal 4: 26) Is: Son of Abraham Covenant Ju: Promised land and kingdom Ch: Moving on from traditional Jewish practices Is: Ishmael promised a kingdom Sacrifice Ju: Proof of Abrahams devotion to God Ch: Highest form of sacrifice, and ultimate declaration of faith Is: Ishmael was the sacrificial son