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About my Hobby And My Skill

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About my Hobby And My Skill. My Skill. Cooking is my best skill because cooking is easy to learn Next is macromedia flash Turbo pascal Microsoft Office 2003 MAYA 3Dmax. About me ????? ^_^. My Hobby Cooking Sport Next. Cooking. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of About my Hobby And My Skill

  • About my HobbyAnd My Skill

  • My SkillCooking is my best skill because cooking is easy to learnNext is macromedia flash Turbo pascalMicrosoft Office 2003MAYA 3Dmax

  • About me ?????^_^My HobbyCookingSport


  • CookingI really like cooking, and I have so many experience in cooking! I like cook japan food,why? because it tastes really healthy.This is the food i make in my restaurant

    Click The Picture If U want see more Food I make!!!

  • From My Restaurant S U S H I T E I

  • Dragon RollReally Nice

  • Avocado Salad

  • Lobter SashimiThe Expensive Food ^_^

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  • S P O R TI like Basketball, Table Tennis, and Swimming.My favorite Sport is basketball!!!

  • The BEST Player In the World

  • Profile Michael JordanJordan was the best shooting guard.He was a 5-time MVPHis team(bulls) were champion from 1991 1998.And his his slam dunk hung for 3 seconds so people call him air jordan.

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  • Thank You

    Bye!!By Calvin ITM 0077

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