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A presentation of Cutehacks AS, the Qt mobile software and consulting company.

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  • 1.Qt ExpertsSoftware Consulting Mobile Apps

2. Espen Riskedal 3. Worked for Trolltech/Nokia for 8 years Release Manager for Qt 3.1 - Qt 4.1 Project Lead for Qt for Windows CE Project Lead for Qt for Symbian Nokia Certied Qt Developer 4. Marius Bugge Monsen 5. Worked for Trolltech/Nokia for 8 years Team lead for Qt Widgets Team Main developer of the Qt Itemviews framework Researched and developed new Qt UI technologies Nokia Certied Qt Developer 6. Ride the Qt wave Leverage 16 years of Qt experience 7. MeeGo Symbian embedded LinuxWindows CE/Mobile 8. Android 9. HTML5 and Hybrids 10. Make your app mobileImplement your conceptPort Qt to your platformImplement your Qt extensions 11. cutehacks.com 12. Images by: extranoise on ickr