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    Absorbance AAd libitum ad lib.Adsorptive stripping voltammetry AdSVAlternating current a.c.Ampere AAnalysis of variance ANOVAAngstrom AArbitrary unit(s) A.U.Artificial neural network ANNAtmosphere atmAtmospheric-pressure chemical


    Atomic absorption spectroscopy AASAtomic emission spectroscopy AESAtomic weight at. wtAudio frequency a.f.Biological oxygen demand BODBoiling point b.p.Bovine serum albumin BSACalorie calCandela cdCapillary electrochromatography CECCapillary electrophoresis CECapillary-zone electrophoresis CZECentimetre cmCentral composite design CCDCentre of gravity cg.Chemical ionization CIChemical reference substance CRSCirca caCircular dichroism CDCompany Co.Corporation Corp.Correlation coefficient rCoulomb CCounts per minute cpmCounts per second cpsCross-validation (-validated) cvCubic centimetre cm3

    Cubic metre m3

    Curie CiCycles per second cs1Cyclodextrin CyDDalton DaDay(s) dDebye unit DDecibel dBDegrees

    Celsius CCentigrade CKelvin K

    Degree (temperature difference) deg.Degrees of freedom dfDifferential pulse DPDifferential pulse polargraphy DPPDifferential scanning calorimetry DSCDiode-array detection DADDirect current d.c.Disintegrations per minute dpmDisintegrations per second dpsDyne dynElectromagnetic unit e.m.u.Electromagnetic force e.m.f.Electron Impact EIElectron paramagnetic resonance EPR

    Electron spin resonance ESRElectron volt eVElectron capture detector ECDElectron ionisation EIElectrospray ionization ESIEnantiomeric excess eeEnzyme-linked immunosorbent


    Enzyme-multipliedimmunoassay technique


    Enzyme immunoassay EIAErg(s) erg(s)European Pharmacopeia Ph. Eur.Evaporative light scattering ELSFactorial design FDFast-atom bombardment FABFlame-ionization detection FIDFlow-injection analysis FIAFluorescence polarization


    Food and Drug Administration FDAFourier transform FTFractional factorial design FFDFreezing point f.p.Full scan FSGas chromatography GCGas-liquid chromatography GC or GLCGauss GGood laboratory practice GLPGood manufacturing practice GMPGram gGraphite furnace GFGravitational acceleration gHanging-mercury-drop-


    Henry HHertz HzHigh-frequency h.f.High-performance liquid

    chromatographyLC or HPLC

    High-performance thin-layerchromatography


    Hour(s) hHuman immunodeficiency virus HIVHydrophobic interaction


    Inductively coupled plasma ICPInfrared IRIntermediate frequency i.f.Internal diameter i.d.International unit I.U.International Conference on


    International Organization forStandardization


    Ion exchange chromatography IECIon pair IPIon-selective electrode ISEIsoelectric focusing IEFIsotachophoresis ITPJapanese Pharmacopoeia JPJoule JKilogram kgKilowatt-hour kWh

    Least squares regression LSLimit of detection LODLimit of quantitation LOQLitre lLiquid chromatography LCLiquid secondary-ion mass


    Logarithm logLogarithm (natural) lnLumen lmLuminescence immunoassay LIALux lxMagnetomotive force m.m.f.Mass spectrometry MSMass-selective detector MSDMatrix-assisted laser

    desorption ionisationMALDI

    Melting point m.p.Mercury-drop-electrode MDEMetre mMicellar electrokinetic


    Microemulsion electrokineticchromatography


    Millilitre mlMillimolar concentration mMMilliequivalent mEqMinute(s) minMolar concentration MMole molMultiple-ion monitoring MIMNear-infrared NIRNegative chemical ionization NCINeural network NNNewton NNuclear Overhauser effect NOENormal concentration NNormal phase NPNuclear magnetic resonance NMROhm One-variable-at-a-time OVATOptical rotatory dispersion ORDOrganic volatile impurity OVIOsmolar OsMOutside diameter o.d.Overpressured layer


    Partial least-squares PLSParticle induced X-ray


    Parts per billion ppbParts per million ppmParts per trillion pptPascal PaPhosphate-buffered saline PBSPicofarad PFPositive chemical ionization PCIPolyacrylamide gelelectrophoresis PAGEPound(s) lbPrincipal component analysis PCAProbability PProton magnetic resonance 1H-NMRQuality assurance QA

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    Quality control QCQuantitative structure-activity


    Radian radRadioimmunoassay RIARadio-frequency r.f.Relative humidity r.h.Relative standard deviation RSDResponse surface methodology RSMReversed-phase RPRevolutions per minute rpmRoot mean square r.m.s.Saturated calomel electrode SCESecond(s) sScanning-electron microscopy SEMSeqential Injection Analysis SIASiemens SSingle-ion monitoring SIMSize-exclusion chromatography SECSodium dodecyl sulphate SDSSolid-phase extraction SPE

    Solid-phase microextraction SPMESquare metre m2

    Square-wave SWStandard deviation SDStandard error of the mean SEMStandard temperature and


    Static headspace SHStripping voltammetry SVSupercritical-fluid


    Supercritical-fluid extraction SFESurface plasmon resonance SPRThermodynamic temperature TThermogravimetric analysis TGAThermospray ionization TSPThin-layer chromatography TLCTime tTime-resolved fluorescence TRFTotal organic carbon TOCTotal ion current TIC

    Total reflection X-rayfluorescence spectrometry


    Ultraviolet UVUltraviolet-visible UV-VISUnited States Pharmacopeia USPU.S. adopted names USANU.S. Code of Federal


    Versus vsVolt VVolt-ampere VAVolt-coulomb VCVolume volVolume by volume v/vWatt WWatt-hour WhWeber WbWeight wtWeight by volume w/vWeight by weight w/wX-ray powder diffraction XRPD


    Prefixes to the names of units

    Multiplier Prefix Symbol

    101 deci d102 centi c103 milli m106 micro 109 nano n1012 pico p1015 femto f1018 atto a10 deca da102 hecto h103 kilo k106 mega M109 giga G1012 tera T1015 peta P1018 exa E


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