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Here you will find a listing of our members to assist you, the boater, in identifying yards that can provide you with a professional level of service. Among the boatyards and service facilities listed here you will also find listings for our other members who are boat builders, marine service suppliers, marine trade associations, and marine trade schools. Whether you take your boat into different regions or stay close to your homeport, we hope that you find this directory to be a beneficial resource to help you find the services you need to enjoy your time on the water.


<ul><li><p>2014-2015 BOATERS RESOURCE DIRECTORY</p><p>ABBRA.ORG</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy2</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 3</p><p>AMERICAS FOREMOST MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY MARINE </p><p>REFRIGERATION PRODUCTS</p><p>FREEZERS</p><p>REFRIGERATORS</p><p>DOCK &amp; DECK BOXES </p><p>FISH BOXES</p><p>CONVERSION KITS</p><p>CUSTOM</p><p> 3057577697 find us on:</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy4</p><p>Table of Contents</p><p>Table of Contents ......................... 4</p><p>Welcome to ABBRA Boaters Resource Directory ..................... 6</p><p>About ABBRA ............................... 8</p><p>ABBRA Boatyard of the Year ..... 10</p><p>15 Questions for Your Boatyard . 12</p><p>ABBRA Detailed Directory ........ 15</p><p>Alphabetical Directory .............. 68</p><p>Advertisers Index ....................... 82</p><p>ABBRA Boaters Resource Directory 2014-2015 </p><p>Produced for the American Boat Builders &amp; </p><p>Repairers Association</p><p>By: Marinalife, LLC.1414 Key Highway, 3rd FloorBaltimore, MD 21230P: 410-752-0505F: Publisher: Joy McPetersEditor: Olivia Schleicher, Gordon ConnellArt Director: Judith Isaacson BurnsProject Coordinator &amp; Ad Sales: Barbara BarrettContributors: John Fitzgerald, Nicole Hoekstra, Louisa Beckett, Carolyn Crouch </p><p>ABBRA1075 SE 17th StreetFort Lauderdale, FL 33316P: 954-654-7821F:</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 5</p><p>Finallyall in one place.</p><p>The Boat Village is an online boat management and service coordination tool. Its like a virtual manager that reminds you when service is due, lets you coordinate service online and keep a digital record of service history, trips and usage hours. Your manuals, to-do lists, equipment, operating advice and everyone you rely on are a log-in away. Get connected today!</p><p>Service coordination, maintenance reminders, record keeping, </p><p>equipment manuals, and more.</p><p>Simplify boat management at</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy6</p><p> Here you will find a listing of our members to assist you, the boater, in identifying yards that can provide you with a professional level of service. Among the boatyards and service facilities listed here you will also find listings for our other members who are boat builders, marine service suppliers, marine trade associations, and marine trade schools. Whether you take your boat into different regions or stay close to your homeport, we hope that you find this directory to be a beneficial resource to help you find the services you need to enjoy your time on the water.</p><p>Our company, Saunders Yachtworks, joined ABBRA in 1996 to connect to the leaders of our industry and see what we could learn about how to improve our business. We regularly attend ABBRA sponsored conferences, trainings and webinars to help us become a stronger, more efficient organization. ABBRA helps us to stay on the leading edge of opportunities to advance our capabilities and hear about the experiences of other yards. ABBRA membership is part of our long-term goal to be the premier service company in the Gulf Coast region. Our company founder, Andrew Saunders, always believed that membership in a national service association would help us further our goals for continuous improvement and raise the standards of the industry.</p><p>ABBRA yards are characterized by employee professionalism and an emphasis on giving the owner a good service experience. The membership alone demonstrates the commitment of the company to internal and industry-wide improvement. Additional activity in educational programs leads to stronger employee relationships and improved performance.</p><p>ABBRA members realize that many owners make long-term boating decisions due to their experience with their service provider. We want to set a standard for service excellence for our industry. Boats are expensive and visiting boatyards can be intimidating. We want to welcome boaters to our yards with a supportive, helping hand and clear communication about cost and work specification. So you can expect to leave an ABBRA yard pleased with the work and knowing that you got what you paid for!</p><p>Thank you for choosing boating as a lifelong pursuit! I wish you many beautiful days on the water and many good memories made because of the good performance of your vessel!</p><p>All the best!</p><p>John FitzgeraldPresident/CEO, Saunders YachtworksPresident, American Boat Builders &amp; Repairers Association</p><p>Welcome to the American Boat Builders and Repairers Associations (ABBRA) </p><p>Boaters Resource Directory of boatyards and service facilities! </p><p>John Fitzgerald</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 7</p><p>Haven Harbour Professional, full-service yacht repair facility</p><p> Factory trained and certified technicians </p><p> in all marine trades</p><p>swan creek rOck HaLL MD 800-506-6697</p><p> Fiberglass repair shop, rigging shop and multiple heated workshops</p><p> Dry storage</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy8</p><p>About ABBRAFounded in New York on March 10, 1943, </p><p>ABBRA is a national member organization that represents the interests of over 250 boatyards, repairers, and associated businesses that serve boatyards and boat builders across the United States. ABBRA seeks to establish the standards of business conduct and best management practices, provides and promotes educational opportunities for members, and fosters trade and commerce while also advocating for the legislative and regulatory interests of its members and the industry as a whole. </p><p>These organizational goals and benefits are offered and achieved through the ABBRA Annual Boatyard Business Conference, the ABBRA Marine Service Manager Course and Certification, regular webinars on current topics and issues impacting the industry, participation in legislative activities in partnership with other leading national marine trade organizations, networking events, and by providing information through its quarterly newsletter Capstan and website Additionally, ABBRA conducts an annual Compensation &amp; Benefits Survey, offers a boatyard clean maritime certification, attends and participates in industry trade shows such as IBEX, organizes Boatyard Study tours, produces marine equipment operators training seminars, and produces the ABBRA Boaters Resource Directory. </p><p>Membership in ABBRA is a statement by businesses in the boatyard and boat building industry that they support and aspire to high ethical standards and endeavor to apply industry best management practices. Joining is easy via the associations website There are a few levels of membership which are fully explained on the site, or the ABBRA staff is always available to help applicants through the process. The final step is a review and approval by the ABBRA Board of Directors.</p><p>I encourage businesses to become members of ABBRA and urge boaters across the country to ask their yard or service providers if they are ABBRA members. With more than 70 years of service to the industry we believe in promoting standards and education and offering opportunities that subscribe to the tenets of the organizations. Thank you for picking up this Boaters Resource Directory.Happy Boating!,</p><p>Gordon ConnellExecutive Director</p><p>Mark your calendars for our upcoming events listed below:</p><p> Marine Service Manager Course - September 8 10, 2014 West Palm Beach, Florida IBEX 2014, Tampa, Florida ABBRA Boatyard Tour - September 29, 2014 ABBRA Forklift &amp; Straddle Lift Safety Training Courses - September 29, 2014 IBEX Exhibit Booth &amp; Seminars September 30- October 2, 2014 Annual Boatyard Business Conference - January 21 23, 2015 Fort Lauderdale, Florida</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 9</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy10</p><p>The 2014 Boatyard of the Year Award was awarded to Thunderbolt Marine of Savannah, Georgia at the American Boat Builders &amp; Repairers Association (ABBRA) Boatyard Business Conference Awards Dinner held in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida from January 22nd 24th. Given to a service or repair facility that demonstrates excellence in all facets of their company through commitment to customer service, quality management, stewardship in environmental and safety issues, and positive vendor and employee relations, this award is one of ABBRAs most prestigious Awards of Excellence.</p><p>Thunderbolt Marine is a full service repair facility that serves yachts up to 200 ft. with hauling capabilities of 160 tons by travel lift and 1,150 by syncrolift. It is located 12 miles from the sea buoy on the Wilmington River, just outside the historic City of Savannah, Georgia. Ralph Heil is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Thunderbolt Marine whose hands-on management style has taken Thunderbolt Marine into the forefront of the marine repair and refit industry. Since the yards return to yacht repair in 2003, he has focused on building a successful team, upgrading facilities, and developing both local and international clientele. According to Heil, At Thunderbolt we are extremely conscious that before committing to work, we need to be certain that goals expressed in the scope of our work orders are achievable both in terms of world class execution and quality and then meet or exceed the customers expectations. </p><p>Thunderbolt Marine joins a group of several other distinguished boatyards such as Front Street Shipyard in Maine, Jarrett Bay Boatyard in North Carolina, Newport Shipyard in Rhode Island, and Keefe Kaplan Maritime in California that are recipients of the ABBRA Boatyard of the Year honor.</p><p>ABBRA Names Thunderbolt Marine of Savannah, GA Boatyard of the Year </p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 11</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy12</p><p>When you look for a yard to do your boats next annual haul-out - whether its for routine service or an equipment upgrade or refit - youll naturally do your due allegiance by checking the yards credentials and reputation. But thats only the start of the process.</p><p>Visit the yard, says John Fitzgerald, president of Saunders Yachtworks in Orange Beach, Alabama. The cleanliness and housekeeping of the yard is a good indication of how it will look when your boat is there. Make sure you feel comfortable with these conditions as a home for your vessel.</p><p>Its also a good idea to ask the yard some key questions before you schedule the job. We spoke with four different full-service boatyards, each of which have handled hundreds of haul-outs, as well as performing bigger jobs like refits and re-powers. Here are 15 questions they recommend you ask a new yard.</p><p>Yard layout and rules1. Does the facility provide undercover berths for </p><p>the work to take place in? asks Tom Krigger, vice president &amp; general manager of Bradford Marine, which has locations in Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas.</p><p>2. Can the owner or crew live on the vessel during the yard period? Tom adds.</p><p>3. Ask if the boat is going to be plugged into shore power, suggests Joe Schechter of CAY Marine in Miami.</p><p>4. What are the rules for access to your boat and security for your boat while it is in the yard? asks John Fitzgerald.</p><p>5. What level of insurance is required? asks Keith Willis, manager of Cable Marine East Yard in Fort Lauderdale.</p><p>Who will be working on my boat6. Find out who is doing the work on your boat, John says. Is it the </p><p>employees of the yard or is it a subcontractor? If it is a sub, will the yard stand behind the work?</p><p>7. What services and skilled technicians are available in-house? Tom </p><p>15 Questions for Your BoatyardKnowing what to ask can help you choose the right location for your next haul-outby: Louisa Beckett *</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 13</p><p>asks. What is the yards structure and will the vessel have a project manager assigned to it to coordinate in-house services, outside vendors, and billing?</p><p>8. What are the rules for the owner, the crew, or an owner- selected subcontractor working on the boat while it is in the yard? he adds.</p><p>9. Always ask if the service provider is the owner of the boatyard or you may get additional charges for haul out and storage fees, Joe suggests. Sometimes a really cheap price doesnt turn out that way.</p><p>How long will the job take?10. Find out how long it is expected to take to complete the service, </p><p>John says. It may seem basic, but if you have a deadline, the boatyard must know about it. If they dont ask, make sure you do!</p><p>11. What timeframe can the work be completed in and how much of the work can be done on a fixed price quotation? Tom asks.</p><p>How much will it cost?12. Know any special haul out requirements (for your boat) such as </p><p>lifting rails, spray rails, stabilizers, etc., Joe advises. Prices will vary for special hauling needs.</p><p>13. Get an estimate for the bottom job. Let them know what the existing paint on your boat is, if you know, recommends Keith. He adds, What are the extra costs involved in the bottom job? Example: How much to scrape the bottom and running gear/outdrives?</p><p>14. When comparing prices, make sure you know what is included in different price options, John says. Our yard offers a turn-key per-foot price that included etching the bottom, blasting metal components, two coats of bottom paint, standard zincs, and electrical service for the duration of the work. Some yards will give a price for the haul-out and then itemize all other services. Are you paying for one coat of bottom paint or two? Be careful!</p><p>15. Know payment procedures in advance, Joe suggests. If a yard doesnt accept credit cards and you show up to pick up the boat with a credit card as opposed to a check, no one will be happy.</p><p>Each of the experts we spoke with recommended checking with the boatyard in advance to learn if you can take advantage of a special deal. Schedule as early as possible for freedom of choice, John recommends. Yards typically have a bottom season and are limited by space and lift moves when they get busy. Get on the schedule early.</p><p>*Reprinted with permission from Southern Boating Magazine</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE</p><p>With three great full-service locations in Oxford, Campbells can do it all.</p><p>Campbells also offers yacht sales &amp; custom boat-building.</p><p>Bachelor Pt. Yacht Co.26106A Bachelors Harbor Drive 410.226.5592</p><p>Town Creek Boatyard109 Myrtle Avenue 410.226.0213</p><p>Campbells Boatyard @ Jacks Pt.106 Richardson Street 410.226.5105</p><p>All the comforts of a full-service marina plus repairs, repowers and refits.</p><p>Fuel dock at Jacks Pt. plus 2 floating docks for boats to 70 ft.</p><p>Year-round and transient slips</p><p>BoatYards Custom YaChts YaCht sales</p><p>Certified Cummins Dealer</p><p></p><p>CCY 37Blue Wing</p></li><li><p>2014-2015 ABBRA BOATERS RESOuRcE DiREcTORy 15</p><p>ABBRA Detailed DirectoryUnited StatesAlabamaDog River Marina &amp; Boat Works, Inc.5004 Dauphin Island Parkway Mobile, AL</p><p>Gulf Coast Hatteras26986 Fish Trap Road Elberta, AL</p><p>Saunders Yachtworks605 Waterway East Blvd Gulf Shores, AL 36542251-981-3700w...</p></li></ul>