AA Weekly - Andrews University looks at the photo from the Hallelujah Chorus you can see multiple families

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  • Volume 12, no. 18 December 21, 2018

    AA Weekly Andrews Academy’s Official Newsletter

    Throughout this Christmas season we have enjoyed the music, the decorations, and so many Christmas traditions here at Andrews Acade- my. The Feast of Lights pro- gram is not only a highlight of the Christmas traditions it also retells the reason for the Christmas season. Jesus coming to this Earth as a baby so that each of us can be saved and spend eternity with Him!

    Another AA tradition is to get students involved in giving during the Christmas sea- son. It may be writing Christ- mas letters to refugees like was done in NHS vespers, and often it is hosting the SA children's Christmas party for children in need in our community. Students signed up in groups of 2 - 3 to spon- sor a child for the Christmas party. Various children from the community are invited for this fun evening of games, food and gifts. The highlight for many children is the time spent hanging out with academy friends. A great way to spread Christmas joy and Jesus' love to children in our community.

    May God grant you His richest blessing during this season of His Son’s birth.

    Merry Christmas.

    Seasons Greetings


     Feast of Lights...............…..1

     Highlights at AA……….………2-6

     Announcements……….……. 7


    12/25 Tuition #5 Due

    12/24-1/4 Christmas Vacation

    12/25-1/9 Sow Safari

    1/7 School Resumes

    1/10 SA Student Council

    1/11 Deadline for Seniors—Online

    Courses Home School Courses

    1/11 Agape Feast

    1/14 Bible Camp Orientation

    1/14 SA Talent Show Auditions

    1/15 Assembly—Depression/Anxiety

    1/15 SA Talent Show Auditions

    1/15 AA Volleyball Night

    1/16 Student Affairs

    1/17-20 Bible Camp

    1/21 Martin Luther King Day—No School

    1/22 Add/Drop Class Deadline

    1/22 Assembly

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    Andrews Academy is blessed to be part of the Andrews University campus. It provides op- portunities that many other high school stu- dents cannot experience. This week the Earth science class went to the museum at the biology department. They were able to exam- ine Michigan’s most complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth as well as other specimen’s in the museum. This mammoth was discovered in a irrigation pond that was being excavated near Eau Claire a number of years ago. Cur- rently Earth science students are studying fos- sils. A few weeks previous the biology classes went to the PT cadaver lab to begin the unit on Anatomy and Physiology

    Partnership with Andrews University—Earth Science Class Field Trip

    Highlights At AA

    At various times Andrews University teacher education stu- dents do their student teaching at Andrews Academy. This year we were blessed to have Ms Angela Rubin do her student teaching at Andrews Academy in the Spanish classes. Con- gratulations in completing your student teaching and thank you for being part of the Andrews Academy team this semes- ter. This past Tuesday she was presented with a few gifts and had a prayer of blessing for her. Please keep her in your pray- ers as she begins the search for employment as a teacher.

    Thank You (Señorita) Angela Rubin

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    I would like to thank each student and faculty member for all that you did to make last weekend’s Feast of Lights and Christmas Pop’s concert a re- sounding success. (Click on the concert name to see the recording on Face- book). Thank you Elsy Gallardo-Diaz & Marcelo Martins for your countless hours and endless energy in developing the skills of the musicians and creating such beautiful music. To the musicians who performed your music it was out- standing, and thank you for your hours of practice. And thank you to each ac- tor, helpers behind the scenes, every- body in making the concerts an experi- ence for everyone to enjoy.

    Feast of Lights is a 46 year tradition, presenting a gift of lights and music for our Berrien Springs community to enjoy during the Christmas season. Many in our community have partici- pated in the Feast of Lights when they were students. As one looks at the photo from the Hallelujah Chorus you can see multiple families with two generations of AA students on stage singing together.

    AA’s gift to our Berrien Springs community has gradually been expanding to a gift to the “Global Community”. The Feast of Lights video on Facebook has reached 7, 622 people with many commenting from various places throughout North America and the world and stirring many memories from AA alumni: “Watching from Southern California.” “How Beauti- ful!!! Greetings from the Adventist University of Chile.” “Always love Feast of Lights!!” “How nice to sit here in TX and see my nephew in the choir and great niece.” “Saludos desde Chile para la familia y la familia Navia.” “I am watch from Monterrey, Mexico.” “Beautiful, watching from South Africa.” “Wow, still surrounding the church with candles singing "Silent Night"...I did that in 1980-1983... amazing tradition. No experience like Andrews Academy.”

    As we share our music remember you are also sharing Jesus through music and can help people through music. Another Facebook listener wrote, “I was feeling kinda homesick to- night. I sure needed this tonight :)” As people listen to Feast of Lights and continue to listen to it via the internet please be praying that peoples hearts and minds will be turned to Jesus, to the reason for this Christmas season.

    Much love & appreciation to all of you,

    Jeannie Leiterman

    Feast of Lights & Christmas Pop’s Concerts—THANK YOU

    Highlights At AA

    https://www.facebook.com/andrewsacademyaa/videos/274178810112322/ https://www.facebook.com/andrewsacademyaa/videos/321756321762750/

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    My student artists finishing up their oil paintings for the fall se- mester. So proud of them! ❤️

    Keila Sanchez For more photos please go to Facebook at https:// www.facebook.com/pg/andrewsacademyaa/photos/? tab=album&album_id=2201921806499415

    Painting Class

    Highlights At AA

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/andrewsacademyaa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2201921806499415 https://www.facebook.com/pg/andrewsacademyaa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2201921806499415 https://www.facebook.com/pg/andrewsacademyaa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2201921806499415

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    Monday’s chapel began with Lindsey Everett asking for two volunteers to come to the front to squeeze the toothpaste out of the container. She then invited them to put the toothpaste back into the container. She then began her talk by saying, “our words are easy to say but are hard to take them back.” She then told story about frogs trying to jump out of a hole in the ground. One was being yelled at to give up it was point- less, and sure enough it gave up and died. While the other thought it was hearing words of encouragement that it was possible… it tried even harder and escaped it’s tragic fate. She shared a number of scriptures and concluded with, “Jesus words were always uplifting, and there was power in His words.”

    On Tuesday, a group of students led out in song service accompanied by Jay Thomas on the piano. Kaleb Teat shared a genuine testimony about status and friendships. He talked about how he came into highschool with 3 goals: be the most popular kid in school, get a girlfriend, and be on the basketball team. However, he was so concerned with what others thought of him that he failed to see the genuiness in the people around him. “There are genuine people everywhere,” said Kaleb. We are so used to chasing he “popular” kids and we try so hard to be like them that we miss the other people that might have an even bigger impact on us. Let’s be more open to meeting those who we might not look for initially. We never know the impact that they might have.

    On Thursday, Pastor Ferguson opened chapel with a brief activity in which the students shared with each other what they were thankful for. After this activity, Tyler Maydole shared a heartfelt testimony about his experiences as a young child. When he was young, he felt like he was thrown into the “deep end” of the pool with no instructions on how to swim or stay a float. His parents got divorced, he didn’t conduct him- self in a good manner, and he didn’t have any friends. He had transi- tioned from one school to another and things seemed to be getting better for him. Just as he thought things were going well, he got into a toxic relationship. This made his situation worse than it had ever been before. Looking back on his experiences, Tyler learned many things. “You may be shattered and broken, but God is the glue that will hold you in place and keep you together,” Tyler said. He encouraged the students to let God do the heavy lifting. Don’t try to carry your own burdens on your shoulders. Tyler ended his chapel talk with this thought provoking question: Why would you fight your own battles when God can help you win them?

    Week of Chapels

    Highlights At AA

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    On Wednesday the SOW Safari participants lead out in an action song that was sung in Spanish as they prepare for their mission trip in Cuba this Christmas. Very early Christmas morning they will depart