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A-Z Islam History

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A-Z Islam History. By: Feza And Malkhia. Islam. A stands for Adam. Adhan / Azan The call to prayer, made using the human voice rather than a horn or bell, etc . The picture shows a man calling the muslim people to come and pray. B is for Baghdad. Bagh·dad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of A-Z Islam History

A-Z Islam History

A-Z Islam History

By: Feza And Malkhia

IslamA stands for AdamAdhan / AzanThe call to prayer, made using the human voice rather than a horn or bell, etc.

The picture shows a man calling the muslim people to come and pray.B is for BaghdadBaghdad A city in and the capital of Iraq, in the central part, on the Tigris.

Why was Baghdad important to Muslims?It was the worlds most trading center and it had the most folllowers of Islam.C is for CaliphCaliphA religion leader for the Muslims who is a little bit considered as the Allah of earth right now. D is for DhikrDhikrRemembrance of Allah, either through thought or speech.

How do you do Dhikr?Dhikr is kind of like a prayer to remember Allah, but they use a necklace while doing the prayer. E is for Eid Ul-Adha

Eid Ul-AdhaThe Feast of Sacrifice. This takes place on the tenth day of Hajj, and commemorates the prophet Ibrahim offering his son Ismail in sacrifice as an act of obedience to Allah.

What's this?This is a goat that is mostly used for Feest of Sacrifice. They are going to sacrifise this goat.

F is for Fitrah FitrahA persons pure state of being before it is corrupted by outside influences. This term is commonly attributed to young children.

This is a picture of the Muslims deciding to the bad influences (darker side.) or follow the Fitrah and go to the good side for Islam's (side with flags.) G is for Ghusl The act of washing the deceaseds body prior to the funeral.

H is for HalalA muslim prayer they do to meat before they kill it.

IbrahimIbrahim (AS)Abraham, one of the greatest of all prophets. He, along with his eldest son Ismail.

JibreelJibreelGabriel, the angel through whom Allah conveyed his words to his prophets.

KabahKabahThe structure in Mecca to which all Muslims turn to whilst praying.

The Ka'bah.L is for Leadership LeadershipLeadership is really inportant in the muslim religion because without leadership, Muhaamad wouldnt have convinced his followers to go back to Mecca

M is for MuslimThe followers of the god Allah.

N is for NrLight. Muslims believe angels were created from light and jinn from fire.

O is for P is for PilgrimagePilgrimagePilgrimage is a really long trip that a group of people take to go a religious place. A Muslim has to take this trip at least one time in their lifetime.

QiblahQiblahThe direction facing towards the Kabah in Mecca, which all Muslims face during prayer.

This Qiblah is always showing the direction of the Kaabah R is for RamadanRamadanThe ninth month of the Hijri calendar. It was during this month that the revelation of the Quran began, and the bloodless conquest of Mecca occurred.

S is for SalamSalamPeace.

T is for TaqwaThe love and fear that a Muslim feels for Allah

U is for UmmahUmmahA single united Muslim nation.

This picture is showing how they are one and united by the way they are holding there hands together.V is for VeilThe veil is a style of headdress commonly worn by Islamic women.

W is for WuduWuduThe ritual washing with water which must be performed before prayer.

Someone washing there face before they are going to pray. Z is for ZakatZakatAn obligatory charity given by all but the poorest Muslims at the end of Ramadan.

People giving in for Ramadan

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