A Summer at NASA Goddard & elsewhere

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A Summer at NASA Goddard & elsewhere. Mini sabbaticals can invigorate your career, help students and colleagues, and yield unexpected benefits. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • A Summer at NASA Goddard & elsewhereMini sabbaticals can invigorate your career, help students and colleagues, and yield unexpected benefits.

  • Last summer I found myself at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center outside of Washington, DC doing research on carbon nanotubes for magnetometers with a Dr. Stephanie Getty and two BYU students. I will talk about our experiences: how it was that we came to be there, what we did, our results and long-term consequences. I will also address the summer opportunities for students and faculty at national labs and defense laboratories. I will talk about unexpected results, what we wished we had known before we went and we can do at BYU to support one another in such activities.

  • outlineOpportunitiesESMD faculty-Studetn TeamsHistory of our involvemetn. logisticsLab

  • Facultyhttp://www.asee.org/fellowships/index.cfm StudentNSF http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=5517&from=fund DOE labs: http://www.scied.science.doe.gov/scied/erulf/choose.html NIST: http://www.surf.nist.gov/surf2.htmNASA

  • NIST: http://www.surf.nist.gov/surf2.htm

    Jacque Jackson 2006

  • NASA has various

    Space Grant consortiaRocky Mountain http://spacegrant.usu.edu/ Goddard http://university.gsfc.nasa.gov/ Academy http://academy.nasa.gov/

  • NASA Academy http://academy.nasa.gov/ : Cody Short 2006

  • Hi,We are pleased to offer you and a student of your choice an ESMD student- faculty fellowship for the summer of 2006. You would be doing research at Goddard Space Flight Center with Stephanie Getty whose EMail address is Stephanie.A.Getty@nasa.gov and telephone number is 301 286-9760.

    The benefits of the Fellowship are:-A stipend of $1400/week for 10 weeks for you-A relocation payment of $1500 for you-Travel to and from Goddard BEFORE the start of the program to discuss the summer research with your NASA colleagues.-Travel to an from Goddard during the summer ($0.40/per mile mileage).

    We strongly recommend bringing your car.

  • The student will receive

    -A stipend of $4000.00-Housing at the University of Maryland-Three dinners per week-Daily transport to and from Goddard (about 2 miles away)The most important benefit, of course, will be the opportunities for mutual enrichment between Goddard engineers and your university. We hope to be able to sponsor an early fall trip by your Goddard colleague to your university.

  • The program period should extend over ten weeks (more or less continuous) during the summer. If you take a week to go to a conference, then you should anticipate extending your stay at GSFC for another week. Student housing can only be offered between May 30 and August 13. We would work with you to make arrangements outside that period, but cannot provide extra funding.

    You and your student MUST be either US Citizens or holders of immigrant (green card) status. We would be interested in discussing the possibility of your bringing more students during the summer, either for the complete period or some portion thereof.

    Please let me know by return Email whether you intend to accept this offer.

  • I remain,

    Very truly yours,

    Richard P. Fahey

  • Andrew NingGraduate Aug 2006Now at Stanford Looking for summer workTried NASA One required faculty-student teamsHe called me in late Jan.

  • FebMarchScott Sommerfeldt Your are one of 12 for 8 slotsApril Who will goHow does it work outMay Johnathan Goodsell, Jon Brame and Me

  • logistics1. I had a meeting in DC2. We arrange for program to start right away3. we arrange who comes when 4. stay? Dynamic5. Eat? 6. Car?

  • Goddard home page http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/home/index.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goddard_Space_Flight_Center Map http://klabs.org/richcontent/MAPLDCon98/NASAGSFCAreaMap.htm

  • The lab

  • Results PapersPresentations

  • You might not have guessed results I saw some very important people in the east. Relatives and friends I went to a conference for $200 which otherwise would have cost $1200+

  • Some observationsBring your own computer. Have accounts at gmail

  • What didnt happenI never met some of the people at Goddard I meant to meetI didnt tour some of the places at goddard I meant to seeI only once wnet down to tha MallI never went to see the NSF, DOE project monitors.

  • Discussion

  • This is a meta science talk

    Lower expectations.