A Long-Term Survival Guide - My Wallet Survival Kit

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A small modular survival kit designed to fit into a credit-card wallet.

Text of A Long-Term Survival Guide - My Wallet Survival Kit

Wallet Survival Kit:

This is an idea that I have been working on, for a small survival kit (based on a credit card wallet), that will contain basic survival tools and useful items, which are all designed to be the size and shape of credit cards. Here are some of the tools and items that are currently available, and a few more that you can make yourself:

Here is a sturdy card-sized folding knife, which is the main cutting tool for this survival kit.

Some Card-Sized Multi Tools

I modified this tool card, by replacing the flat screwdriver with a flint-rod, from a magnesium fire-starter.

The flint-rod fits perfectly in the screwdriver slot, and gives you another way to start a fire.

Here is a card-sized fresnel lens, and a card-sized LED flashlight, but there are other brands available as well.

Card-Sized Fresnel Lenses (For Sun-Based Fire-Starting)

Card-Sized Cigarette Lighters, and Card-Sized LED Flashlights

Card-Sized Diamond Surfaced Knife Sharpeners

Card-Sized Signal Mirrors

Card-Sized Compasses

Card-Sized Sewing Kits

Card-Sized Eyeglasses Repair Kits

How To Make Your Own Cards, For The Wallet Survival Kit:

All you need to make your own cards is a supply of plastic card blanks, and some pill-size ziplock bags.

Card-Sized Fishing Kit: Here is my emergency fishing kit card, containing hooks, snap-swivels, and split-shot sinkers. The loose items are placed in pill-sized zip-lock bags, and then taped to the card. I wrapped fishing line around a second card for my example, but you could also wrap the line over the other items, or beside them.

Snare Wire Card: Snare Wire (wound around a card) is used for making emergency trapping snares. This card is wrapped with one layer of green floral wire (my favorite) available at any Wal-Mart in the floral and craft section.

I like to include a projectile weapon in all of my survival kits. The sling design shown here is made from a single length of cordage, and ammo (stones) is found everywhere, so I put a length of cord on a card, for making a sling.

Surplus GI can openers, and the civilian knockoffs, fold flat, so taping two or three to a card is a good idea.

Electrolyte Card: Salt Packets and Sugar Packets (bagged and taped to a card) are important for replenishing your electrolytes, in hot weather. In desert survival situations, a canteen of water alone will not help you recover from dehydration nearly as well as a canteen of water with one packet of salt and one packet of sugar dissolved in it.

First-Aid Kit Cards: A few bandaids and asprin packets can be used to make a small first-aid kit card.

Packets of antiseptic and alcohol swabs (bagged and taped to cards) add to your collection of first-aid cards.

Suture Card: Sutures (which come in sterile, sealed mylar packets) are used for emergency wound closures.

Scalpel Card: Scalpel blades also come in sterile, sealed mylar packs; a card holding a few of these is another good kit item, as they can be used for first aid, and they can also serve as emergency knives, and arrowheads.

Condom Cards: Condoms (the non-lubricated ones) are one of the few improvised water containers that are small enough to fit onto a survival card. They need to be placed in a support bag, such as a pants leg, to avoid breakage.

Mylar oven bags make better improvised water bags than condoms, and still fold up small enough to fit on a card.

A small Mylar bag, folded up flat, makes a good improvised survival card canteen. Mylar oven baking bags are ideal for this purpose. Other metalized Mylar bags can be cut to the size and shape desired, then a Teflon-coated iron can be used to weld the edges together, to create flat canteens and water bags, in any size or shape you want.

Other knives may be card-sized or smaller, but their thickness may vary, and this also applies to diamond hones.

Other flat knives include the Spyderco Flatbyrd, and this Trango Piranha.

As you make or acquire the various types of cards, your wallet survival kit will start to take shape.

Tiny Electronics, For Your Wallet Survival Kit:These small gadgets can be added to your wallet survival kit, to give you a bit of high-tech survival advantage:

Card-Sized Cellular Phones (Emergency ? Just call for help)

Card-Sized USB Memory Storage Jump Drives (for storing survival info & copies of important documents)

Card-Sized Radios, and Card-Sized MP3 Players (News source, or Music to keep your spirits up)

Card-Sized Digital Cameras (Document your survival story as it happens ! )

Card-Sized DVR Players (View family photos or favorite video clips, for a psychological boost)

Card-Sized, Solar-Powered Calculators (now you can calculate your odds of surviving ! ) Some of these tools and gadgets are easily to find, and some are special order items, or just becoming available. If you put all of these items in one wallet, it would be too thick, so choose the ones which would serve you best. Because of the modular nature of the wallet survival kit, cards can be added or removed as desired, to customize your kit to your particular preferences. The card concept can also be used to organize items in other types of kits.