A Little History & Camera Lenses. Once upon a time…

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Camera Lenses & A Little History

A Little History & Camera LensesOnce upon a time

These cool Chinese people figured something outCamera Obscura

The Chinese were the first people that we know of to write about the basic idea of the pinhole camera or "camera obscura" (Latin words meaning "dark room"). About 2,500 years ago (5th Century B.C.) they wrote about how an image was formed upside down on a wall from a pinhole on the opposite wall. 3And then a few people played around with the scientific process and created FILM photography

But then we decided that film wasnt cool enough

And neither was earthTherefore, the same year that man walked on the moon, we also invented the digital camera. GO US! Ps, this was in 1969.

Arent you glad were small now?The End of the StoryAnd now on to camera lensesI know youre excited!

Macro 60mmGreat for extreme close ups

Zoom (any two #s)Great for vacations when you dont want to carry around a lot of lenses with different focal lengths. HINT, there are many types of ZOOM lenses. Wide angle zoom, telephoto zoom, etc.

See? This goes from 18-55Fisheye 10.5mmHas a lot of distortion and its a sUUUUper wide angle lens

Wide Angle (Smaller than 24mm #)This is nice to have when you need a lot of stuff in the shot

Mrs. Johnson took this in Hong KongTelephoto (70mm+ ish)Use this lens when you dont want to get close to something (like a stinky person), or if you cantcause youll dieor get run overor arrested.

Mrs. Johnsons from Thailand

Being very sneaky