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Kasa Final lyricsArtiste(s): 9ice Title: Kasa Final Album: Gongo Aso Genre: Gbedu Year Realeased: 2008

INTRO You know Chei Alapomeji CHORUS Fine girl, let me take your breath away (x2) Ere ki l'aja n b'ekun se l'eyin ka wole ka s'ere Ka lo soti somolo We can do it all alone, girl I'll be on top We can party in the club Ta ba dele ka fiyofayo VERSE 1 I be attacker On the speed, na me the master ID Cabasa, my duty speed I be energizer Kasa final Ko so mo na ti o jo se done test my bulala Halima, Rashida, Kudira, Basira wey try am, done shout Wayo Allah Ke ku le to gbo ko so fun toko Ijalo ko le wo sokoto, done come Mo n tena lo, non stop Kijipa le ju tanpoli lo, non stop Mo n tena lo, non stop Bi orobo and lepa, mo le tu le ka Mo n tena lo non stop Ki ma kuru ki ma ga baby, I really like that Agba to lomi ninu kan ki n pariwo I got my touch lemme, Mr Fiyofayo Agba to lomi ninu kan ki n pariwo I got my touch lemme, Mr Fiyofayo Ibadi omo ele ko ma gbon sese

Bi sekere, ma lo le pepe Bi kelebe Ma lo re [ma lo] Kasa final REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2 Na me Alapomeji Omo e don tey O mo meme, Omo ele to fi han mi Mo ti ja ro mi, ma je gbogbo dididomi Alapomeji na fineboy Look at me dada So je banana Omo ele pa boot e de O laya akeboje, ma lo sun kaka Kutupa kutupa, Eshin ganga Kirakita o d'ola Omo je a se daadaa We can can do it in the bath tub No wahala You can scream all you can baby This na final Let me do all I can baby baby please Feel me (x4) Let me do back and front baby please Feel me (x4) REPEAT CHORUS [lyrics from www.niglyrics.com] Wigidi (x4) [O di worokoto] (x2) Open, close, open, close [Kasa final] (x2) VERSE 3 I got a lot of beat and a lot of guts pushing all around the room where my prayers Girl if you like it, I can go extra miles oh baby, do you like that Keep my movements driving you crazy I could turn up the music, or stick to basics Baby come, I have it in here

We can do it in the bathtub, who says we can't Let the world turn on, make sure the light is off [] There's some fun, now me turning you on, you moan We bringing it all out after so much fun REPEAT CHORUS (x2) OUTRO Alapomeji Alapo Plenty Alapo Many Alapo Various Alapo Surplus

Jule lyricsArtiste(s): 9ice Title: Jule Album: Gongo Aso Genre: Gbedu Year Realeased: 2008

CHORUS Se'ran lo wa wo Abi'jo lo wa jo That kind thing Omo rora jo jo jo jo, jule Se'ran lo wa wo Abi'jo lo wa jo That kind thing Omo rora jo jo jo jo, jule VERSE 1 I'm on the beats once again with Cabasa, eyi gboro Ata to, iyo dun run things on the street, na so Where's your sokoto Salubata re n ko

Omo, oya konto Bami re n ko, o l'oko Yemi re n ko, o ti l'odo Turn up the radio, 9ice ready to run the show Ijalo ko le wo sokoto, hun hun Alapomeji, oko asewo only ni o, ni all things That kind thing no be small thing first ni mo je, ni ti driving Keep on passing Jasi, kasa, na so I'm on the beats once again with Cabasa, eyi gboro REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2 One on one now Oju ko ju me and you nice like rice and stew Face me I face you Ati rhyme ju Baby send me girl o ti fine ju Let me see your tattoo Lepa yahoo Emi l'Adigun o, alapomeji Girls, lets take some gegemu You sexy, I can tell from your eyes the way you smell This gbedu go make you sweat carry body like say you no send How far bros, can I have one more girl Odi dandan ki n daku Eni leni n je Emi a bero we, ajo ma pin yen Mo le daku Watch me watch me, as I dey move See me see me, as I dey groove That kind thing, when I see bakassi

Chics yapa, Kasa final Watch me watch me, as I dey move See me see me, as I dey groove That kind thing, when I see bakassi Chics yapa, Kasa final REPEAT CHORUS [lyrics from www.niglyrics.com] VERSE 3 Iro ni pepe n pa Aja lo l'eru 9ice, emi ni mo ni gbedu ask about me, na me dey make am happen Mo l'enu bi kettle don't mention, when you see me in the club just flash along with full action Omo ele, e she jeje No fumble, e she pele Big gbedu done send call your chickalas them them make them get set On your marks, set go anything goes Mole fori yo'mu re, na konto Ojojumo ni keresi lodo mi cos I get money Alapomeji, me run things me run things REPEAT CHORUS (till fade)

Gongo Aso lyricsArtiste(s): 9ice Title: Gongo Aso Album: Gongo Aso Genre: Naija Year Realeased: 2007

INTRO Yeahhhh I'm back at y'all (2x) CHORUS Gongo aso, kutupu ahu, anywhere I dey now Gongo aso, kutupu ahu, any show I go now Ajisebi Oyo Laari, Oyo o'sebi Baba eni kankan I be double now, aiye nlo, e' o ri nkan VERSE 1 Gongo aso, you know am on fire no be beans talk Gongo aso, you know eni foju ana woku ebora abalaso This time no dulling Everywhere wey i dey na party Hennessy nlo, Moet nlo, Baccardi nlo [nloooo] We no go stop, till the break of dawn, bebe nlo [nloooo] Forget say you owe money Call your pady dem make una join body Chikitos dey there dem wan follow judi Party jolly, jolly party Fidi gbodi, make u shack scordi Make your eye dirty From now till eternity REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2 You be government worker you collect salary Ka mari, kin ma gbomi gbin kin ma jaiye ori mi before i play lotto No be me You know am ghetto solder Khaki no be leather Every friday for sandra's bar Laroda ojo that kain weather Life is too short you know Nobody knows tomorrow Dance away your sorrow Do like no tommorrow Money speaking, speaking Any idea waiting, waiting Tin ba je demi

aiye a gbo oorun a mo Gongo aso [you know] REPEAT CHORUS [lyrics from www.niglyrics.com] VERSE 3 Gongo aso, otiso, ewo ile ewo enu oko Gongo aso, otiso, see people on the floor Gongo aso, otiso, my personality no matter at all Gongo aso, otiso, all i want is catch some fun Gongo aso, tin ba nsile Gongo aso, if i buy bentley Gongo aso, kilode Gongo aso, eje kin jaiye mi Eje kin saye mi Eje kin jaiye mi, Saiye mi, saiye mi REPEAT CHORUS (x2) OUTRO E juru, e juru, e juru, e juru E juru, e juru, Maami e juru 9ice, u no understand Bebe nlo (echo out)

Ganja Man lyricsArtiste(s): 9ice Title: Ganja Man Album: Single Genre: HipHop Year Realeased: 2006

CHORUS (x2) Give me the lighter, pass me the ganja Quickly roll up the rizzler, let the smoke pump

Let the smoke pump ina air VERSE 1 Pick up a stick if you know u need it Ganja man never quit unless he sees defeat Janjala i be no be say i carry disease Zip, zip will do the magic Weh be say if police dey come u no go panic Jay ina we time be like daily tonic For mama and papa na their daily routine Give me the lighter, pass me the ganja Aramanda ewe nla, legalise it, do I need to tell ya Niceman party rider Baba iwo lo da ewe ate'gbo fun lilo awa omo enia Shey lati ma fa'gbo baba, daun, daun, daun, daun Baba iwo lod'ewe ate'gbo fun lilo awa omo enia Shey lati ma fa'gbo baba, daun, daun, daun, daun Shoko nice O, eeh! teti gbo daun, daun, daun, daun Shoko sweet eeh! teti gbo daun, daun, daun, daun REPEAT CHORUS (x2) VERSE 2 Flash unu lighter in the air Hold the weed high, it is a daily bread When we spit why dey kon dey fear Cuz they don't know wetin we go spit next Please if you smoke my weed, you go bleed Zip like we do the magic, am a bonafide ganja breed We don,t do coke crap but we love weed Marijuana always there for me Sexy and 9ice when we drap double response to stimuli Igbo lawi omo mafi wewedu, ganja like spirit no be igwu Arararara ororororo, ororo loju oloro i love your tiro Toto no sweet reach igbo claro, jahbless, 9ice sayo No gocking why you dey seju simi No rizzler mafa kanaku ni No shoko moma daku ni Aaro sare lo gbegbo wa These are two wise men from kalakuta No Ganja, ganja from great philosopher

Am giving this song to you Fela REPEAT CHORUS (till fade)

Bachelor lyricsArtiste(s): 9ice Title: Bachelor Album: Gongo Aso Genre: HipHop Year Realeased: 2008

CHORUS I'm a bachelor (x4) Apon ni mi mi o l'aya nle All the girls for my area ni mo n ba shere I'm a bachelor (x4) VERSE 1 What what bachelor when I'm in between 'em thigh, bachelor Yeah, now I think I understand why she likes me Cos I got it locked down in my wife eyefix Now we're in my bedroom, listening to why me when I'm trying to tell her that she was looking by me see baby, thats why you can't drive me I'm ghetto gangster, gotta try me but that na me man, baby na so we be man Even if I never marry so many men dey like me man They all rush me, they wan brush me but when its over they say they don't trust me These girls, these girls, I don't know where they from but they be all over my balls like Jerry and Tom Even when I'm in the club, and I'm sipping 'em rum I just take it straight loud like they ready to come meanwhile I stay calm and just jawonsi having promise me the skirts, ma ba won shi

When I take them on the floor level like ground zero flash my balls before I bone them like hero Y'all know who I be, all to the EMI and I, spread it right for you baby when I see your pants move down south like a trailer then I f-- like a ball in the hand of serena REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2 I'm a ladies man mo somo more with a baby face Don't have to waste no time gotta be straight away It would take you days my guy for you to understand the basics like 9ice Osomo yanju ni mo she si I wouldnt get far If not for the looks, and the cash, the endorsements, my deal and a car I doubt if I'll trade this life four years, I do with it I'm sure guys go holler say guy ol boy you foolish I say girl now why the rush I confess I had a crush in your best friend but that was when when you know, Je ka ma sere lo that was then then but now I'm independent you feel me brethren at the club house ke, my eye pass every girl everybody had a girl My guys no wan give me one I met this girl took her up, now she had me self mama I done spend now, why you wan let me off Now right there, I had to bring it alone Now baby tell me what the hell is your plans to jam rhymes You need to know what you are better to the married thing free me yo, je a sere

REPEAT CHORUS [lyrics from www.ni