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    Optical broadband platform


  • 2 I Kathrein I Company Portrait

    Who we are and what we stand forKathrein is a leading international specialist for

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    We are an innovation and technology leader in todays

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    the office or on the road. We cover a broad spectrum:

    from mobile communication, signal enhancement and

    data transmission in buildings, to fibre optic and cable

    networks and satellite reception technology, to radio

    and TV transmission and transmission and reception

    systems in vehicles.

    As a hidden champion and family-owned enterprise, we

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    1919. We take pride in our dedicated employees and our

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  • I 3KOBRA I Contents

    KOBRA System overview 4

    KOBRA System platform 8

    19" broadband platform for optical modules 8

    Network element controller modules Ethernet 9

    Optical transmitters 10 Directly modulated broadcasting transmitters, 1310 nm,

    extremely linear 10

    Directly modulated broadcasting transmitters, 1547-1552 nm, extremely linear 13

    Directly modulated broadcasting transmitters, DWDM 16

    Externally modulated transmitters, KOBRA module 18

    Optical receivers 20

    Optical return path receiver, 2-way 20

    Optical return path receivers, 4-way 22

    RFoG return path receiver, 4-way 24

    Optical downstream receiver 26

    Optical amplifiers 27

    Optical amplifiers, YEDFA 27

    Optical amplifiers, YEDFA 28

    Other modules 29

    Optical fibre switch 29

    Broadband amplifier, 5-1000 MHz 30

    19" rack 31

    Optical amplifiers, YEDFA 31

    Externally modulated transmitters 32

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    In the form of the KOBRA system Kathrein offers a comprehensive broadband platform that

    covers all the requirements of optical transmission. A wide range of modular optical transmitters,

    amplifiers and return path receivers is supplemented by separate device in 19" rack-mounting


    The basis for this is the KBP 4000R 19" broadband platform with a total of 16 module slots. It is

    already equipped with two redundant power supply and fan units for reliable operation. The scope

    of supply also includes a plug-in control unit with LC display, status LEDs and input buttons.

    In the rear part of the platform a bus system provides for the connection of the modules to the

    24 V DC power supply, the RS 485 remote monitoring and control interface and management

    via the control unit. The broadband platform uses four height units and can also be adapted for

    ETSI cabinets. When used in hubs, for example, the broadband platform can also be used in

    a 48 V DC version (KBP 4048R).

    KOBRAOptical broadband platform

    KOBRA I System overview

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    Comprehensive management and monitoring options permit

    flexible and reliable operation in any network configuration. The

    plug-in control unit supplied in the basic configuration can make

    all the settings required by the equipment.

    The network element controller module Ethernet (NCM 10)

    plays a central role here. On the one hand, it sets up the

    connection from the control unit to all plugged-in modules via

    the RS 485 bus. One NCM 10 can manage up to three fully

    equipped KBP 4000R or 4048R broadband platforms.

    On the other hand, it converts the RS 485 data into SNMP/

    Ethernet and Web browser/Ethernet protocols. In this way all

    settings and queries can also be handled by a PC with a Web

    browser. In addition, it is possible to integrate the broadband

    platform into any HMS-compliant monitoring system, such as

    the KOM communication system from Kathrein.

    Together with the optical compact receivers from Kathrein, an

    optical distribution system that meet all requirements can be

    set up with the KOBRA broadband platform. As a result of the

    modular design and the wide-ranging selection of products that

    are available, all application cases ranging from a simple optical

    connection via classic HFC structures up to video distribution in

    FttH networks is possible and economically viable.

    Kathrein constantly develops its products further and expands

    its range of products. Further product variations are available on


    Optical broadband platform for up to 16 modules

    Equipped with two redundant power supply and fan units

    Large selection of optical transmitters, amplifiers and return path receivers

    All optical and electrical connections at the rear panel, test sockets at the front panel

    Integration into any HMS-compliant monitoring system is possible

    Plug-in control unit with LC display, LEDs and input buttons

    Settings and management also via a Web browser

    RS 485 remote monitoring and control interface

    Management of multiple optical broadband platforms with one controller module is possible

    Automatic redundant operation of adjacent modules

    High reliability due to dust-tight modules and large cooling ribs

    Versions with mains voltage (100 - 240 V AC) and direct current (36 - 72 V DC)

    Installation height/construction: 19" rack with four height units (HU)

    Features in overview

    KOBRA I System overview

    Note: All data are typical values, unless stated otherwise.

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    Slimline modules that in some cases have a double functional

    scope (e.g. return path receivers) ensure a high packing

    density. The small amount of space required increases the

    economic viability and makes it easier to expand later. The

    optical amplifiers only require two or three slots despite their

    very high output power.

    Test sockets

    All the test sockets are located on the front panel. This

    ensures good accessibility for tests and measurements.

    HF interfaces

    The optical and HF interfaces are located at the rear panel

    of the platform. This makes the wiring in 19" cabinets

    significantly easier.

    Cooling ribs

    Generously sized cooling ribs ensure a

    long working life for all active compo-

    nents. A further plus is the dustproof

    configuration of all the modules. The

    cooling air only flows along the cooling

    ribs but not through the module itself.

    This virtually excludes any problems due

    to dust and dirt.

    Functional and reliable


    The KOBRA optical broadband platform has a carefully

    thought out operation and management concept.

    Power supply units

    Redundant power supply units, in each case with duplicated

    fan units, ensure high reliability. If servicing is required, it is

    even possible to replace the power supply units even while

    the unit is running.

    Network element controller

    The central element is the network element controller

    Ethernet NCM 10. This module forms the interface to the

    RS 485 bus to which all the modules of the platform are

    connected. In addition, it sets up the connection to external

    management or monitoring systems, for example, via a

    Web browser or to HMS monitoring devices. In the last

    resort, it makes possible the local setting of all parameters

    via the control unit with the display and input buttons.

    The corresponding data is kept in decentralized form in

    the individual modules so that they can also be operated

    completely independently without the controller module after

    the commissioning.

    KOBRA I System overview

    Front view Rear view











    432 2


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    System components

    Optical receivers from page 20

    System platform (incl. network element controller) from page 8

    Optical amplifiers from page 27

    Optical transmitters from page 10

    19" 1-HU modules from page 31Other modules from page 29

    KOBRA I System overview

  • 8 I

    19" broadband platformfor optical modules 19 module rack

    Redundant power supply

    230 V AC/48 V DC


    Type KBP 4000R KBP 4048R

    Order no. 25010022 25010021

    Input voltage range [V] AC: 100-240 DC: 36-72

    Max. power consumption [W] < 240 < 240

    Max. power consumption of the plugged-in modules W]

    < 192 < 192

    Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 483 x 102 x 476 483 x 102 x 476

    Weight [kg] 12 12

    Note: A network element controller module Ethernet NCM 10 is required for setting with the control unit and for monitoring


    Up to 16 modules can be plugged into the broadband platform Equipped with two redundant power supply and fan units Power supplies can be plugged in and out during operation Plug-in control unit with LC display, status LEDs and input buttons Bus for: 24VDCmodulepowersupply



    Versions for 100 - 240 V AC and 48/60 V DC available Automa