9 Golden Rules for Spoken English

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<p>SUCCESS VISION INFOTAINMENTSpeak the language of confidence</p> <p>Your success newsletter weekly</p> <p>Golden rules for spoken English: By Yogesh VermaniYou need to know some</p> <p>golden rules for spoken English</p> <p>in order to speak</p> <p>effective English. I have seen people are not able to speak English despite they have joined English speaking coaching. The main reason they are not able to speak English or any other language because somewhere they miss these rules. Following are the significant keys to speak good English:</p> <p>1. Speak slowly: Although one of the purposes of speaking English is building fluency. But pleasetake care you can not have fluency from day one. Start slowly and gradually develop your own speed. This technique will help you to start speaking English smoothly. Remember how you have learnt your mother tongue. Your parents and teachers just taught you how to speak; they never taught you how to speak fluently. Once you learn speaking, you automatically speak fluently.</p> <p>2. Your words should be clear: As a learner of speaking English it is important to understand thatyour words should 100 % clear and audible. If you have good command over words you will become a good speaker soon.</p> <p>3. Speak with confidence: While speaking you should make sure you have confident voice. Withshaking voice you can not make good impression.</p> <p>4. Think in English: Even if your mother tongue is Hindi or any other language, gradually make it ahabit to think in English only. By and by your mind will develop this habit and become a fast thinker.</p> <p>5. 100 % copy: I think you remember how you learn driving. If you have been instructed to turnfirst gear, you will concentrate on first gear only. Likewise while speaking English concentrate on the topic without thinking about upcoming chapters. Unless you understand the topic, just copy it 100 %.</p> <p>6. Listen interview, talk shows and debate shows: This is one of the important tools to developspeaking English. Initially you might understand nothing or 10 % of what someone is saying. But very soon your understanding will increase. And when you start understanding English, your spoken English starts improving automatically.</p> <p>7. Consistency: What ever you are doing to improve your speaking, be regular; do not be lazy. Ifyou maintain regularity no one can stop you from becoming a good speaker.</p> <p>8. Reading newspaper: When you just start learning English, do not start reading newspaper. Evenif you want to read newspaper, just read a specific column. Because in start you have limited knowledge of vocabulary and if you are not able to understand what you read, you may not touch newspaper again.</p> <p>P.S: No idea can change your life; only action on idea can change your life. P.P.S: Do you have any of following challenge in spoken English: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. You You You You You You do not find words while speaking; have some hesitation in spoken English; just need a revision of spoken English; want to start speaking English as fresh; think you know English, but do know how to use it at a particular situation do not find proper words</p> <p>I have written a book to overcome these challenges after my two years of research and training in soft skills and English speaking. Following are the winning feature of this book:</p> <p>Speak English Like a Star (E-book)</p> <p>Golden rules for effective spoken English and communication Learn to speak English in everyday situations Also learn how to communicate at work place Learn the importance of understanding questions and how to answer them Also covering important idioms used in English Language Course is inclusive of most common 2500 words in English language Covering all tenses and modals with their usage Most suitable for all students and working professionals Highly reasonable prices You can also take any telephonic help on the course by prior appointment Covering all essential grammar including solved example Numerous examples for practice.</p> <p>Price is highly reasonable $ 4.50 only ( Approx. Rs. 200)</p> <p>If you want to purchase this e-book please go to online purchase section of our website www.sviindia.com and pay thought credit card/ debit card or pay pal account. You can alternatively pay though direct transfter in our account. For any information on this book or any concern please mail me at yogesh@sviindia.com or info@sviindia.com</p> <p>Should you have any query / concern / questions on above or you need my help in relation to communication, confidence or any other soft skill you can reach me at info@sviindia.com or visit our website www.sviindia.comSuccess vision has a mission to make you successful personally and professionally.</p>