7.9.14 Scratch Meeting Minutes

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  • Welcome and Introductions

    Old Business

    Rutgers Interviews

    Thank you to Amy, Melissa and Kathy for participating in the interview process. Rutgers is

    conducting interviews of the regional coalitions about their first two years as part of their ongoing

    research about the progress of the coalitions.

    Fed Up! Rally in Washington D.C.

    There will be a rally in Washington D.C. September 28th

    to raise awareness about prescription

    drug abuse and to urge action from federal agencies to prevent new cases of opioid addiction, prevent

    overdose deaths and to ensure access to effective treatment for millions who have become addicted. The

    rally will be from 1-3pm, followed by a march to the White House. All are welcome to attend. We are

    coordinating with other agencies to take a bus there that will leave in the morning and return in the

    evening. Cory passed around a signup sheet for those who are interested in going on the bus. If you are

    interested, please email Cory at cory@southwestcouncil.org.

    PRIDE Survey Update

    All Salem County high schools have been contacted about participating in the PRIDE Survey.

    Cory reached out to all the SACs and guidance counselors to enlist their help in bringing the matter to

    the attention of their principals. All high schoolers must have a parental consent form signed before

    participating in the survey, so it is our goal to get the permission forms sent home with other back to

    school paperwork early in the school year because there is a higher chance of it getting signed and


    Partnerships for Success Grant (PFS) Update

    (Gloria McCoy) Gloria and Cory will be speaking at the Salem County TRIAD meeting in the

    fall about safe disposal of prescription drugs. There will be an estimated 100-150 people there, mostly

    the elderly population. A 10-15 minute presentation will be given and SCRATCH will have a table at

    the event with information and SCRATCH pill boxes to give away. Thank you Amy, who let us know

    about the event and put us in contact with the organizer.

    Community Transformation Grant (CTG) Update

    (Wendy Gundrum) Wendy has introduced the Worksite Wellness program through correspondence to mayors and other public officials in Cumberland and Salem Counties, including health department directors and other county and local departments. She has also contacted schools, hospitals, businesses such as PSE&G, SJ Gas, AC Electric, banks, car dealerships, Tfal, Salem Community College, Chamber members (attending chamber mixers and meetings) and the Cumberland/Salem Workforce Investment Board, as well as tabled at many health fairs.

    Wendy has attended over 20 meetings to introduce Worksite Wellness Program to Salem & Cumberland County businesses. She has reached over 200 businesses through Chamber/Rotary meetings. Through meetings with human resources and other interested individuals at various worksites, the initiative has provided information, resources and/or tools to approximately 670 employees. Wendy is currently in the early stages of planning an expo that would showcase venders that promote healthy living and share information to businesses

    SCRATCH Meeting Minutes From July 9, 2014

  • through talks and discussion. The expo will probably take place in late August or early September. If you know someone may be interested in tabling or participating in the event in some way, please contact Wendy at wendy@southwestcouncil.org.

    New Business

    PICH Grant Application PICH Grant Application: (Joe Williams) The Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) Grant is a

    federal initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that could be an opportunity for SCRATCH to impact Cumberland and Salem counties in the areas of healthy eating, tobacco and increasing community clinical linkages. This grant would be in conjunction with the Coalition for a Healthy New Jersey, which is currently in 13 of the counties in New Jersey that have a population under 500,000.

    The funding from this grant would go toward: increasing the number of smoke-free multi-unit housing complexes that have a smoke-free policy; increasing the availability of local farmers fruits and vegetables via farmer distribution agreements with public and private organizations; increasing the availability of healthy foods in communities, including working with community partners to incentivize new grocery store development, expanding farmers markets, small store initiatives, mobile vending carts, and restaurant initiatives; and increasing the number of referrals to community-based resources and services for chronic disease risk reduction and management. For example, grant funds could be put toward connecting underserved populations with fresh fruit from farmers by setting up farmers markets during the summer months. Grant funds could also be used to incentivize store owners to place fresh fruits and vegetables in the front of small corner markers, and push unhealthier options to the back of the store. SCRATCH members discussed current initiatives in the Cumberland and Salem counties that compliment PICH, such as farmers market stand at the Salvation Army every day. Dave Repenning mentioned that the Office on Aging has a program that offers seniors and possibility WIC enrollees vouchers to get free or discounted fruits and vegetables at farmers markets to increase healthy food consumption. Group discussed including in the workplan the strategy to increase the number of approved farmers markets in the voucher program.

    The New Jersey Prevention Network would apply for the PICH grant on behalf of SCRATCH, with the Southwest Council being the overseeing agency. SCRATCH members were given a copy of a PICH overview with these goals, as well as a list of organizations that could possibly endorse the SCRATCH coalition in applying for the grant by submitting a Memorandum of Understanding or Letter of Support.

    Dave Repenning made a motion that the SCRATCH coalition move forward with the application for the CDC PICH grant. Kathy Fisher seconded the motion and all 8 SCRATCH members in attendance agreed (with 7 Southwest Council staff abstaining from the vote).

    Kathy Fisher made a motion that the SCRATCH coalition endorse NJPN and the Coalition for a Healthy New Jersey as the lead organization and coalition to apply on behalf of SCRATCH for the PICH grant. Amy Hill seconded the motion and all 8 SCRATCH members in attendance agreed (with 7 Southwest Council staff abstaining from the vote).

    All SCRATCH members seemed excited about applying for the grant and will be updated about its progress in the future.

    Cumberland County Chiefs Meeting in July

    (Jess Kanady) Jess will be speaking for about ten minutes at the upcoming Cumberland County

    Prosecutors Office Chiefs Meeting on July 23. She will speak briefly, touting the success of those police stations that have already installed a Prescription Drug Drop Box and trying to persuade those

    who havent to install one. She will also give chiefs who are interested bundles of Parents Who Host Lose the Most info cards that police officers can take with them on patrol.

    Salem County Chiefs Meeting in July or August

  • (Cory Gilden) Cory will be speaking for about ten minutes at an upcoming Salem County

    Prosecutors Office Chiefs Meeting in July or August. The exact date is not set yet, but she has been coordinating with Chief Cummings in Pennsville, who plans the meetings and will let her know the date

    soon. Cory will talk with the chiefs about installing a Prescription Drug Drop Box, as well as distribute

    bundles of Parents Who Hot Lose the Most info cards to districts that are interested in distributing them.

    Seven Myths of Marijuana Legalization Conference in the fall

    Coordinators of the CCHCC, GRASP and SCRATH coalitions have had a preliminary meeting to

    discuss the possibility of hosting a conference for professionals in the fall. This was an idea taken

    straight from our workgroups! The conference planning is still in very early stages, so format is

    undetermined yet. However, we are hoping to feature Kevin Sabet. If anyone is interested in being a part

    of the conference subcommittee, please contact Cory at cory@southwestcouncil.org.

    Work Groups

    Coalition members did not break up into workgroups to plan separately this meeting. Instead we

    discussed together the top three initiatives that were selected by each workgroup. They are as follows:

    Prescription Drugs

    Social Media/Facebook Page with FAQ, where to go to drop off Rx drugs and what to do when I get there, proper disposal methods

    Using SWC vans to display Rx drop off locations

    Partner with AARP to provide a flyer/advertisement for drop boxes and proper disposal of drugs Underage Drinking

    Offer TIPS and/or fake ID training to local businesses

    Stickers for door for those who attended TIPS and/or fake ID training

    Provide ID scanners/black lights to business owners Illicit Drugs/Marijuana

    Conference for professionals/community

    Provide more opportunities for positive youth involvement (alternative activities, gym, etc.)

    Provide information to baby boomers and caretakers (grandparents)

    If anyone feels passionate about any of these initiatives or has connections that may help move some of

    these initiatives along, please contact Cory at cory@southwestcouncil.org.

    Member Roundtable

    Connie Polonski, NJ Prevention Network: A major initiative of the Community Transformation

    Grant is the National Prevention Strategy, which works to pull together all coalitions that work to

    improve the health of communities in New Jersey. As part of these efforts, there will be an all-day event

    on Monday, July 28th

    called NJ Coalitions Working Smarter. The event will be held at the Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Health Center in Hamilton. Register at www.NJPN.org.

    Quinn Ingemi, Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative: There will be a Perinatal Addiction

    Prevention in-service event on October 29th

    in Mount Laurel at the Double Tree Hotel. The event will

    cover topics such as trauma informed care and addictions treatment.

    Suzanne Dorrell, Cornerstone Womens Resource Centers: Cornerstone has been continuing its efforts in Cumberland county through its various programs including the Earn As You Learn program,

    the Get Real program and having their mobile unit at events throughout the area.6/


  • Next Meeting: September 10, 2014 9:00-10:30 a.m., 2nd Floor Community Room of Elmer


    Minutes Submitted by: Cory Gilden


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