7 essential strategies for converting your pinterest traffic into leads for your business!

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  • February 15th, 2013 Published by: alifeoffreedom.com


    7 essential strategiesfor converting yourPinterest traffic intoleads for your business!7 essential strategies forconverting your Pinteresttraffic into leads for yourbusiness!

    If you have been following my internet marketing tips forPinterest series of articles, at this stage I am assuming you havetaken action on my last articles and learned these basics: You understand the benefits of Pinterest to your business,have set up your profile and learned how it works, if not starthere You now know that your success in using Pinterest to generatetraffic for your business will completely depend on how goodyou become at creating eye catching, visual content thatmotivates, touches emotions or inspires peoples imaginations Once you have the creative content you then need to learnthese 7 simple tips to maxamise the traffic to your Pinterestcontent

    In this article you are going to learn howto master turning the traffic that you havegenerated to your Pinterest content into asteady flow of leads for your home basedbusiness Create a minimum of one original eye catching image for eachof your blog postsThe age old saying that a picture tells a thousand words is thetrue marketing power behind Pinterest.As I highlighted in my previous article, with your Pinterestmarketing your focus should be on defining how your productsor services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience Write a message on top of each of your imagesAs I have already mentioned, Pinterest is a very visuallyfocused social network and therefore, most people will notview your image description unless they click on it first.So writing a message on to each of your images, will allow youto get your message across to them without the need for themto even click on your image first.If you write a catchy message that grabs their attention, youcould increase your traffic ten fold. Always include your logo or website name on each of yourimagesIf your images become viral or even shared a few times, havingyour company logo or website name on the image is an extraopportunity to promote your business in a very discrete way. Include a call to action in the description to share or repinyour imagesAs with all your marketing efforts, it is very important toinclude a call to action and Pinterest is no different.If someone takes the time to click on an image and readthe description, you want to be sure you have included ashort, sharp and clear call to action so that you are telling thepotential customer what to do next.

  • February 15th, 2013 Published by: alifeoffreedom.com


    This could be a simple as telling them to click on the link toview more detailed information on your website or you maydirect them to repin your image and share it with their friendson Twitter or Facebook. The optimal length of an image description is 250 charactersToo little text on your descriptions and people wont haveenough information in order to arise their curiosity to makethem take action on your call to action.Likewise too much information on your descriptions and youcould put them off reading them at all as it may seem too timeconsuming.Research has suggested that the optimal length of your imagedescription is just 250 characters, that is just less than twotimes the length of a SMS or Twitter update, so get creativewith your limited space and this must include your link andcall to action!Label your images appropriately on your websiteIf you have installed a Pinterest Pin It button on your websiteor blog which you should do, you want to try and make sureeach of your images are labelled correctly.The reason being that if users take the time to pin your contentbut cannot be bothered to write a description which will mostlybe the case, your beautifully creative image will not have abeautifully creative description to match it.So by taking an extra 10 seconds to label your images whenyou upload them will make all the difference to your Pinterestmarketing efforts.Make sure each of your landing pages linked from Pinterestare well structured to capture your traffic and turn it into leadsEnsure that all your content on Pinterest is linked to highquality converting landing pages or your entire efforts ofgenerating traffic from Pinterest will be a waste of time andeffort.Further more each of your blog images need to link directlyback to the exact blog post from which they relate too and againeach blog post needs to contain high quality converting calls toaction to ensure the traffic turns into leads.This means you will be building direct links back to your blogfrom Pinterest each time your pin a new image.As with all your marketing efforts, it is very important tomeasure the results of your time invested. (Be sure to look outfor my future blog post where I will cover this in great detail)If you would like to join our email list so that you receive ourinternet marketing tips for home based businesses delivereddirectly to your inbox, please send a blank email by clicking onthis link and you will immediately be added to our list.Are you looking to earn an income online while workingfrom home, OR maybe you are struggling with your currenthome based business? Check out the number one home basedbusiness in the industry with step by step training from someof the leading internet marketing experts in the world, betterstill you make 100% commissions!Welcome to our blog

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    7 essential strategies for converting your Pinterest traffic into leads for your business!