6 Petal Flower

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  • 6 Petal Flower by Nats Custom Hats

    Supplies needed: H hook (5.00mm) Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors Yarn needle Scissors Stitches used: Chain (ch) Slip Stitch (SS) Single Crochet (SC) Double Crochet (DC) Triple Crochet (TC) CC = Contrasting Color MC = Main Color Round 1: With CC, ch 4. SS in 1st ch to make loop/circle. SC in loop/circle, ch 5, repeat around so you have 6 loops. On the last chain completion, join to 1st SC. Round 2: Change to MC. Work next sequence in chain space. SC, ch 1, 6 DC, ch 1, TC, ch 1, 6 DC, ch 1, SC. Repeat in each chain space. Join to first SC in first petal. Fasten off with at least a 12 tail. Shaping the flower: With your needle, loop the tail in the first DC and last DC of each petal. This will make the flower into the 3D shape. Thread the yarn to the back of the flower so you can sew it onto the hat from this point. Pictures are attached below to illustrate.

  • Please do not copy, share, or alternate this pattern in any kind of way! You may sell items online but please mention me as the pattern author! If you have any questions, contact me at natscustomhats@gmail.com J Hat pattern can also be found in my shop at www.natscustomhats.etsy.com!


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