5 simple steps to make your promotional products work

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Business Edge International offers a wide range of promotional products in Ontario and Toronto. We offer the best custom promotional products in Canada at a reasonable price.


  • 5 Simple Steps to Make Your

    Promotional Products Work

    If you are not able to f ind the robust market ing strategy, especially when if you have strong

    competitors at your heels. Promotional products are proven as an evergreen market ing

    tool; they can improve your brand recognit ion and boost your brand values, if they are

    correctly used.

    Before diving headfirst into your market ing efforts with Custom Promotional Products

    Canada, you should know how to make them work best for you.

    Here are 5 simple steps, you should follow:

    #Step 1: The main objective

    Define the main object ive or purpose of the promotional products. Either you are using for

    branding or just an experiment or test ing to ensure that it works or not? Be clear with it.

    #Step 2: Whats the budget?

    To be very clear with the object ive, set the budget for the campaign. Do not exceed your

    budget too much, consider your economical status and set the budget. Try to get at least

    double in return on your current investments.

  • #Step 3 : What your main focus?

    What is your main target that works for you at the best?

    1. Potential Customers and Audience. Once, you decide the demographic target, Ask

    yourself, who are the niche of your business? Customers, of course. Know what works

    to reach them and get the product that appeals your universal audience.

    2. The Message you want to convey. Be Very straight and clear with message, what

    you want to convey with custom promotional products? Just like, Eco-friendly

    promotional products convey the go green message.

    3. The products that reflects your brand. It is very hard to f ind the product that

    reflects your brand. Even you cant use your own products to the customers worldwide.

    It will down your overall business. Be clear with the goals and find the product that

    compliments your business.

    #Step 4: Take a Small test before implementing

    It is better to start out small checking that it actually works on not. When you find

    something that actually works, run with it.

    #Step 5: Get the Tack of Records and Measure Success

    Get the response of the Promotional products campaign and track the record. Measure your

    success with promotional products in Ontario.

  • Business Edge International

    We provide end to end, branding solut ion with creat ive designs and well executed

    promotional plans. We help our wide range of clients and offer best high class products that

    enhance your brand image.

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