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4A0C0121 Vivian. Introduction. British television crime drama contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Vocabulary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4A0C0121 Vivian

IntroductionBritish television crime drama

contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories

Vocabularypension (n.) an amount of money paid regularly by a government or company to someone who is officially considered to be too old or too ill to earn money by working

bruise (n.) a purple or brown mark on your skin that you get because you have fallen, been hit etc

therapist (n.) someone who has been trained to give a particular form of treatment for physical or mental illness

Psychosomatic (a.) a psychosomatic illness is caused by fear or anxiety rather than by any physical problem


Sherlock HolmesConsulting detectivehigh-functioning sociopathbrilliant

Benedict Cumberbatch


Dr. John Watsonarmy doctor(before)Sherlocks assistantbrave

Martin Freeman

Vocabularycircumstance (n.) the conditions that affect a situation

traumatic (a.) a traumatic experience is so shocking and upsetting that it affects you for a long time

engrave (v.) to cut words or pictures on metal, wood, glass etc

accommodation (n.) a place for someone to stay and live

split up (ph v) to end a marriage or relationship

Vocabularyadulterer (n.) someone who is married and has sex with someone who is not their wife or husband

seizure (n.) a sudden attack of an illness, for example a heart attack

damp (a.) slightly wet

splash (v.) to make someone or something wet with a lot of small drops of water or other liquid

discussionBefore the answerWhat did Rachel mean? Why did Sherlock look for the suitcase so impatiently?Did anyone force them to take pills?If you were like the woman in the pink suit and had a bad relationship with your husband/wife, what would you do?

After the answerWho killed the cabbie(the taxi driver)?Why did Sherlock come back and want to take the pill?Did you find any difference in John?

Activity9-10 persons in one group.I will give cards to each group. Your card tells your position in this game. One is host, 2 are police, 2 are murderers, the others are civilians.

Finally, if all of the police die, the murderers win. If all of the murderers die, the police and civilians win.

ActivityWhen the night comes, everyone has to close your eyes. (1) Host will have the murderers open their eyes and designate a victim together, then close their eyes. (2) Host will have the police open their eyes and designate one murderer together, then close their eyes.

ActivityWhen the day comes, everyone open your eyes. (1) the victim has already been killed. (2) the murderer who was designated by the police will be accused. (3) everyone can vote on who is the murderer, the suspect will have time to explain. Next, everyone will decide who the murderer is. The person who was designated will die.


12345678Police open your eyes and designate one as suspect.No.7(just gesture)

12345678Murderers open your eyes and designate one victim.No.6(just gesture)

12345678Everyone open your eyes. Which one do you think is the murder?You can talk but cant vote.You will have a punishment, but still can play.No.7(explain)

12345678Please vote: who is the murderer?No.7No.7No.5No.7No.4No.4No.7

12345678Host cannot say who is murder/police/civilian till the game is over.

12345678Murders win!WIN!

12345678Polices and civilians win!WIN!!WIN!!WIN!!