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Paper Name:Academic Skills for Business Students

Paper Number:469

Assessment Name:Assessment 3 (Individual Report and Essay)

Total Weighting:35%

Total Marks:140 marks

Due Date:Week 12-14 (see due dates for Part A to F)

Lecturer Name:

Learning Outcomes (LO) Assessed:LO 3: Students will follow academic conventions and create an original document through planning, drafting and editing.

(a) Create documents:

i) Planning, ii) Drafting, iii) Editing

(b) Apply academic conventions including citation and referencing:

Summary of assessment Marks

Task 1 (Write a formal report)LO 3: (a) i, ii (planning the report)

(a) iii (drafting and editing report) (b) i (final report)Assessment Form AAssessment Form BAssessment Form C /25 marks

/25 marks /50 marks

Task 2 (Write an essay)LO 3:

(a) i, ii (planning the essay)

(a) iii (drafting and editing essay) (b) ii (final essay)Assessment Form DAssessment Form EAssessment Form F /10 marks

/10 marks /20 marks

TOTAL /140 marks X 30% = /35%

I declare that:

I have read the regulations on Assessment misconduct and understand what plagiarism is.

I am aware of the penalties for plagiarism as laid down by NZIOS.

This is an original assessment and is entirely my own work.

Where I have made use of the ideas of other writers, I have acknowledged the source.

This assessment has been prepared exclusively for this course and has not been or will not be submitted as assessed work in any other course. NameI.D. No.Signature

469 Academic Skills for Business Studies

Assessment 3

Task 1 Individual Report LO 3 (a) i, ii, iii, and (b) i 100 MarksCase title: Sandy Supermarket in Auckland CBDAs a newly established supermarket locates in Auckland city, Sandy Supermarket offers a wide range of products to local customers who work and stay in the city. These include bakeries, snacks and drinks, cooking ingredients, homecare, deli and chilled foods, hot meals, meats and seafood, as well as personal care.

The company employs 30 non-managerial employees supervised by 5 supervisors running on 2 work shifts from 9am to 9pm, seven day a week. The supermarket serves approximately 200 customers per day.As the general manager of Sandy supermarket, one of Jack Dills goals is to run this company ethically so to sustain the business in long run. To do so, Jack has decided to take the interests of various stakeholders into consideration when making managerial decisions to operate the company: Internal stakeholders (e.g., employees and the management team),

External stakeholders (e.g., customers, suppliers, competitors, financial institutes, government agencies, community, and environmental responsibility).Over the past 3 months, Jack has identified the following challenges faced by Sandy supermarket that are in need of solutions: 1. The underground car park is not sufficient to handle the large number of customers. More car park alternatives need to be explored.

2. The trolley stands are not evenly distributed throughout the car park so trolleys are placed dangerously by customers in every corner of the car park.

3. There is not enough covered area for the customers to stand in wet weather. As a result, some customers bought their groceries from the competitor next door New World Supermarket.

4. The bakery counters should be enlarged because baking products are in high demand and they are more profitable as compare to other products.5. 15% of the employees were either late for work or absent from work per week. The owner of the supermarket, Mark Steel, request Jack to develop solutions for the above problems in the next 3 weeks.

Instructions for Task 1Using the case, above, to complete Task 1: plan, draft, edit and write a formal report. Please refer to the marking guides (Assessment Form A, B and C) to understand the requirements of this assessment.

Assume you are the general manager of Sandy supermarket, Jack Dill.

Prepare an ANALYSIS REPORT (600-700 words for main content, font size 11, New Time Roman, single space, use APA referencing system) for the owner of the supermarket, Mark Steel:

to analyse the FIVE challenges identified in the case, and

to propose, with justification, the solutions for these challenges.

Support your key points with specific examples relevant to ABC Supermarket.

Following the instructions below, to plan, draft, and edit your report:Part A: Planning your report (due in Week 9)Each student is expected:

1. to collect and analyse at least THREE specific secondary sources (e.g., books, journals, official websites, and other sources) for writing the report. 2. to complete this worksheet (see Assessment Form A, below) in Week 9 class and submit to the tutor for marking at the end of the class. Feedback of this marked worksheet will be given to the student in the following class for drafting the report. Part B: First draft of your report (due in Week 10)Based on the feedback on Worksheet 1, each student is required:

1. to draft a formal report covering the requirements highlighted in Task 1, above.

2. To submit the first draft of your report to your tutor to mark in week 10. Your tutor will use the Assessment Form B, below, to mark and provide you the feedback of your drafted report in week 11.

Part C: Final report (due in Week 12)Based on the feedback, you are required to revise, edit, and proofread your report before it is finalised for submission in week 12. Attach and bind all the following documents for final submission:

the marked worksheets (Assessment Forms A and B) and supporting documents

the final report and Assessment Form C (see below)

Your final report should have the following structure (refer to you class notes for explanation):

Title page

Give your report a title, subject, author, recipient and date.

Executive summary

Provide a brief summary of the main text of the report (100-120 words), including the reports purpose, scope, methods, findings and conclusions (write this last).

Table of contents

Provide correct headings, numbering system and page numbers


Include terms of reference (i.e., the purpose of the record and its topic, the authority who ask for the report and when it is due).


Explain the process and methods you used to collect and analyse the data used for writing the report. This includes information you covered in your worksheets submitted prior to the finalised report.Findings

This section contains the information you have gathered. Organise and group your information logically. Use subheadings and a decimal numbering system.


This section draws conclusions based on the findings, and must include a clear analysis of the actual or potential impact of the findings. Avoid repeating findings.


This section offers clear, specific action statements based on the conclusions.

Your recommendations must be realistic and, where relevant, detail who should carry out the actions and a suitable timeframe.


This section gives the full detail of any source of information quoted or referred to in the report. Give all references in correct APA style.

469 Academic Skills for Business Studies

Assessment 3

Task 1 Individual Report

(Part A: Planning your report)

(25 marks)

ASSESSMENT FORM A (due in Week 12)Lecturer Name:

Students Full Name: ID:

Total marks awarded for Part A /25 marks

Part A: Planning your report LO 3 (a) i, ii - 25 Marks Instruction for students:Each student is required to complete this worksheet in Week 11 class and submit to the tutor for marking at the end of the class. Feedback of the marked worksheet will be given to the student in the following class for drafting the report.StepsMarking criteria

Note: Reader judgment is required

Marks awarded

1Determine the focus of the report: a) The main purpose of the report (1 mark. mark for partly correct answer):



__________________________________________________________b) The key audience(s) of the report

(1 mark. mark for partly correct answer):____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


/2 marks

2Outline a plan to write the report Identify:a) a thesis statement to be used for the report (1 mark. mark for partly correct answer):__________________________________________________________



b) possible headings to be used for the report