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1. 1929-1949: ?? 2. 1929-1949 Great Depression Populism Japanese Empire & Chinese Civil War Soviet economic model World War II: Total War & Genocide Gender: Feminism Stalled in the West Colonialism 3. The Roaring 20s for the Victors Post-WWI: Loosening the Hold on Tradition Consumerism Women Mass Media 4. The Great Depression: Failure of Capitalism? 5. The Great Depression: Exploitation & Vulnerability 6. Democratic Government Reactions Increased tariffs & failure of League of Nations Populism & Growth of Governments New Deal Fascism & Authoritarianism 7. The New Deal: United States 8. Fascism: Europe 9. Nazi Populism 10. Nazi Populism 11. Growing Militarism: Japan 12. Growing Imperialism: Japan 13. Soviet Economic Model 3 Groups: Describe the POV of the source in one or two sentences. Use SOAPSTone to explain how these documents help us understand Stalinism. 14. World War II: Two fronts 15. Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere aka Asia for Asians! 16. TOTAL WAR 17. WWII Atrocities: Holocaust Nobody remembers Hitler 18. WWII Atrocities: Holocaust 19. WWII Atrocities: The Rape of Nanking & Comfort Women 20. WWII Atrocities: Rape of Nanking & Comfort Women 21. WWII Atrocities: Civil Liberties 22. End of WWII: World is scarred, both literally and in its psyche The First [World War] teaches us never to rush into a fight, the Second never to back down from a bully. -- Adam Gopnik American writer