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414 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55401 - Clean Energy Resource · PDF file 2020-01-07 · 414 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55401 March 9, 2016 —Via Electronic Filing— Daniel

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  • 414 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55401

    March 9, 2016

    —Via Electronic Filing— Daniel P. Wolf Executive Secretary Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 121 7th Place East, Suite 350 St. Paul, MN 55101 RE: MONTHLY UPDATE

    COMMUNITY SOLAR GARDENS DOCKET NO. E002/M-13-867 Dear Mr. Wolf: Northern States Power Company, doing business as Xcel Energy, submits this Monthly Report to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. This Monthly Report provides an update on the status of the Solar*Rewards Community application queue. We have electronically filed this document with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, and copies have been served on the parties on the attached service list. Please contact Jessica Peterson at [email protected] or (612) 330-6850 if you have any questions regarding this filing. Sincerely, /s/ SHAWN WHITE MANAGER, DSM & RENEWABLE REGULATORY STRATEGY AND PLANNING Enclosures c: Service List


    MINNESOTA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Beverly Jones Heydinger Nancy Lange Dan Lipschultz Matthew Schuerger John Tuma

    Chair Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner


    DOCKET NO. E002/M-13-867



    Northern States Power Company, doing business as Xcel Energy, submits this Monthly Report to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission). This Monthly Report provides a status update to the Commission on the progress of Solar*Rewards Community (S*RC) projects as they advance through the interconnection process. As of March 3, 2016, interconnection studies are in progress for 553 MW at 128 sites. arch will continue to be a significant month for the program as the first projects that met the initial Jan. 5 “Expedited Ready” opportunity are due for study completion. We anticipate many of the studies underway will be completed prior to our next reporting period. In addition, thirty-three sites have entered into design and construction for 105 MW, and 34 sites for 108 MW have received study results and are waiting for developers to respond. The remaining balance of this Monthly Report includes:

     Timing of applications coming into the S*RC program;  Queue position of active applications;  Site detail;  Compliance with tariffed timelines; and  Information regarding subscriber mix.

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    A. Timing of Applications Received

    The Company received ten new applications in February.

    Table 1. Timing of Application Submissions

    B. Application Queue Process The status of active applications is noted in the text and Table 2 below. There are currently a total of 1,002 active applications. Ninety-one applications are in the initial application stage. Additionally, 48 MW were withdrawn from the program since our last Compliance Report1.

    Table 2. Active Applications2

    Applications MW Project Sites

    Active Applications 1,002 944 243 a. Initial Application Stage 91 85 29 b. Interconnection Process3 911 859 214 Withdrawn 1,073 1,031 185 In Service 1 0.04 1.00

    1 Xcel Energy February Monthly Compliance Report, February 9, 2016. 2 As of March 3, 2016. 3 This includes applications entering into design and construction.


    14 43 117




    150 111


    3 4 1 10

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Feb

    2014 2015 2016

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    Table 3 provides a breakdown reflecting the status of active applications. Attachment A to this Report provides the application status of projects by county4.

    Table 3. Status of Active Applications5

    In summary, nine percent of current applications are pending completeness review6, eight percent are waiting to enter the study phase, 72 percent are either being studied or the Company is waiting for payment, and 11 percent have moved into design/construction. Fifty-eight percent of the applications in the interconnection queue are pending action from the Company while the remaining applications wait for action by the garden operator, such as providing further information, providing study payment or payment of one-third of their construction estimate as required by our Section 10 tariff, or are in the collaborative design and construction phase. In design and construction, the Company and the developer work together to refine the design and construct the systems. Table 4 provides the number of applications in the interconnection queue, corresponding MW in different stages of review, and corresponding project sites. 4 Attachment A is in compliance with Order Point 3 of the Commission’s February 13, 2015 Order addressing SoCore Energy’s Petition for Clarification submitted in Docket E002/M-13-867. 5 As of March 3, 2016. 6 Projects in the application stage have not been deemed complete per our Electric Rate Book Section 9 Tariff.


    3% 3%



    4% 8%10%

    5% 2%





    0% 0%



    14% 11%

    Incomplete Application

    Applications in Review

    Processing Study Payment Details

    Waiting for Study Payment from Developer

    Engineering Study in Process

    Waiting for Construction Payment

    Design and Construction

    Jan‐16 Feb‐16 Mar‐16

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    Table 4. Interconnection Queue Summary7

    Applications MW Project


    Applications in Interconnection Process 802 754 214

    Process Details

    Study SOW Not Issued by Xcel Energy 0 0 0 Study SOW Issued by Xcel Energy 802 754 181 a. SOW Waiting for Garden Operator 77 63 19 b. Studies in Process8 584 553 128 c. Completed Studies Waiting for Garden Operator 141 138 34 Design & Construction 109 105 33

    In summary, there are 802 applications in the interconnection queue today comprising 754 MW at 214 project sites. II. TARIFFED TIMELINES The Commission’s August 6, 2015 Order outlines the following compliance requirement:

    a. Identify each instance in which an application was deemed incomplete or otherwise returned to the applicant for additional information, the additional information being sought from the applicant, and the amount of additional time taken for processing the application; and

    b. Identify each instance in which the Company has not met Section 10 tariff interconnection process timeline, or has otherwise restarted the timeline, and the reason for not meeting or restarting the timeline.9

    This information is provided in Attachments B through D to this Report. Further details regarding this data can be found below.

    7 As of January 11, 2016. 8 Studies in Process include applications that have been “Expedited Ready”. 9 Our Revised Tariff, effective on December 18, 2015, added new timeline requirements under our Electric Ratebook, Section 9.

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    A. Application Completeness The Solar*Rewards Community tariff10 includes a 30-day timeline for the Company to advance projects into the interconnection process11. Applications at this stage have been reviewed for application completeness. Our distribution engineering team has reviewed the applicant’s detailed drawings and interconnection details –providing feedback and gaining clarification prior to moving the applicant forward. Currently, 92 percent of applications were reviewed and determined to be complete within 30 days. Four percent of applications were advanced in a timeframe greater than 30 days. In addition, four percent of applications continue to wait for further information from the garden operator (or have not yet reached the deadline). B. Statement of Work By the terms of our Section 9 Tariff, the Company has 1012 business days from an application being deemed complete, when it is first in queue, to issue a SOW for an engineering study13. The Company has delivered SOWs within its allotted timeframe 88 percent of the time. C. Study Delivery Our Revised Tariff sets the study delivery timeframe for projects that are Expedited Ready to within 40 days on a best efforts basis, and not more than 50 business days. Expedited Ready applicants must: have complete applications, submit a completed Appendix C, pay the Engineering Scoping Study fee, and show that each Community Solar Garden application meets Co-Location requirements. Prior to our Revised Tariff, the Company achieved its 90 working days target approximately 80 percent of the time. It is too early to determine metrics on the 40 Calendar/50 Working days; however, the Company has completed almost 50 studies

    10 Xcel Energy Electric Rate Book Section 9, beginning on Original Sheet No. 64 11 Xcel Energy Electric Rate Book Section 9, Original Sheet No. 67. 12 This requirement was adjusted in our Revised Tariff dated December 18, 2015, at Original Sheet No. 68.3. Prior to this time, Section 10 governed this requirement at 15 business days. 13 Prior to the December 18, 2015 Tariff Revision, the nature of our first-in, first-served, pr

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