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  • 1. How to move an LC The Leaders Journey

2. Expectations Be Solution OrientatedBe Fast MovingWork with what you haveParticipative and Proactive 3. Your LC was recently led for ICB for certain quality casesMembers have poor sales skillsYou have low member retention rate. There is a limited amount of people who can do your job with the right skills and knowledge.Several campuses in Bali have expressed interest in establishing AIESEC on their campus.Your LC is in debt to the MC. ): 4. Challenge One (15 mins You are all from LC X. The entire EB of LC X has resigned in the middle of the term due to whatever-never-matter circumstances. You ALL have been selected as the new EB until the end of the term. !What will be your 5 first key decisions as new EB to ensure your LC remains operational and are able to meet the goals? 5. Challenge Two (15 mins As new EB you need to agree on a common message to inspire your members after what has just happened in your LC X. !What are the key elements of that message? (e.g. your team purpose/vision, values, etc) !How will you deliver such message to your members? !Come up with a powerful shout for your EB team that shows your team identity! 6. Challenge Three (15 mins After making strategic decisions as new EB and after delivering a beautiful inspirational message to your membership, your LC is still not meeting the goals set. You need to make some strong decisions if you want to the goals to be achieved. !What will be the focus of your efforts for the next quarter? How will you engage your team leaders and members in this process so that you ensure achievement of goals? 7. Challenge Four (15 mins Your actions are generating amazing results! CONGRATULATIONS! However, due to the high pressure, your members at LC level are losing their motivation and they are not committed. Many members are starting to resign from their positions within the upcoming weeks. !What do you think are the main causes of this issue? How can you turn this situation around? How will you overcome the issues of low member retention and lack of knowledge? 8. Challenge Five (8 mins) It seems you are the best LC in the country! Your response to the previous challenge has generated a level of commitment at the local level that the country has never seen before. However, due to the amount of effort and work, you (as an EB team) are slowly getting tired and losing your energy to focus and lead others. !How could you reignite the flame of passion? List tangible action steps that you could do to solve this situation. 9. Debriefing Time 10. Guiding Questions Do you feel satisfied with the final result you came up with for all the tasks? What was the main challenge for you in completing the tasks? How did you work within the team? Did you ever compromise on your beliefs to go with a majority of opinions? What would you do differently if you had a second chance to repeat this activity? How have you played your role in moving your real LC? If you implement the action steps you made in the last task, how will it change the way you work in your LC? 11. Challenges come in many formsYes, it is DIFFICULT!