30 Minutes of Daily Walking: Insights from 5 People

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I talked to 5 people from very different age groups, geographic regions, and work situations to find out about how they got started walking 30 minutes every day, and what keeps them going.


<ul><li> 1. 30 Minutes ofDaily Walking:Insights from5 PeopleKelly Schmutte, CS 377T</li></ul> <p> 2. TERESAHS Counselor HER ROUTINE: makes an effort to walk from building to building around the schools campus + walks the dog at home for 1 -1.5 hrs, 4-5x/week Always been active (step aerobics, gym) Starting walking more in the past couple years Shell go out of her way to walk (ie. All the way across campus to the library and back) She feels that her body needs it, more than she enjoys it However, when she was younger, she felt like she had to force herself to work outit was just one more thing in her busy schedule as a mom with young kids. But now that shes older and has more time, she feels less pressure to work out, and views walking as a more relaxing activity where she can pause and take in her surroundings.My body can BEHAVIOR SEQUENCE:just tell when Ineed to walk; it Active past &gt; life became less hectic &gt; paying attention to her bodys needs &gt; started walkingneeds it. 30m daily 3. RICHCareer ConsultantHIS ROUTINE:on days off: walks into town to run errandson work days: walks 15m to lunch and 15m whengets back home Started walking early this summer Was having health issues (like high BP) and Dr.told him he needed to exercise more He knew he couldnt get himself to hop on theLifecycle every day, but he could walk Hes lost 15 lbs through diet and walking Always has enjoyed walking, esp. whentraveling or doing photography Views walking as energizing and not at all achore (but gym = chore) Has gotten to know his neighborhood muchbetter by taking different routes to town Is not sure how the Boston winter will affect hiswalking routineIm not into setBEHAVIOR SEQUENCE:routines.Exploring Enjoys exploring &gt; neck and spine issues limitedphysical activity &gt; warning from Dr. about weightdifferent routesand BP &gt; started walking 30m dailyis motivational. 4. DANETTEHS TeacherHER ROUTINE:every night (after shes digested dinner a bit), she hops onthe treadmill in her garage for at least 45m as she watchesan TV episode Started 5 years ago As a busy mother and teacher, she was short on time,and even know though she knew she needed toexercise, she let it slip. Eventually got to a point of thetime is now. Bought a treadmill Rents/buys old seasons of TV shows so she can watchthe next episode immediately Only allows herself to watch TV on the treadmill It made me want to get on the treadmill. Best show? Dexter. She would go to bootcamp class,come home and still walk on the treadmill for 3 hoursjust to watch it!! Has lost 35 lbs Also wears a Body Media (like Body Bug) which tracks (actual photo not available) steps, cals burned, and sleep. She aims for 10, 000steps, but her treadmill routine easily makes that. Shedoesnt always wear it because its not attractive andpeople ask her about itWatchingTV shows hasBEHAVIOR SEQUENCE:made walkingGot to a point of being overweight where the time is nowabsolutely&gt; bought a treadmill &gt; bought/rented DVD series &gt; startedwalking 30m dailyenjoyable. 5. MARY BETHComputer modeler HER ROUTINE: walks the same 30 min loop for the second part of her lunch break (at around 2pm) Started last July, when she switched from a standing job to a sitting job Sits all day in a windowless office Her loop includes walking through the UC Davis Arboretum and by the large vet (where she interacts with the animals) She goes by herself 99% of the time Doesnt have to keep herself accountable because its something she looks forward to Also knows she cant rationalize her way out of a walk (like with a run) with excuses about being too tired its too easy to do In rainy weather, her alternate plan is to walk up and down the stairs for 30 minI now lookBEHAVIOR SEQUENCE:forward to mySwitched from a standing job to a sitting job &gt;walk its myfound a 30m block of time &gt; found a beautiful andsanity and engaging loop from her office &gt; started walkingafternoon pick-30m dailyme-up. 6. GEMMAiOS Programmer HER ROUTINE: walks 15 min to/from work from the train station From Australia, where she would walk to work because her job was so sedentary Grew up being exposed to health campaigns in Australia where it was drilled in that you need to exercise 30m, 3x a week. (A lot of people make an effort to walk to work in Australia) She could take a cab from the train station, but the driver is too weird, and shed rather avoid trying to have to make conversation with him Said she would augment her walking (like by walking to the supermarket) if her walking commute didnt add up to 30 min Doesnt drive at all in the US, so shes used to taking public transportation and walking a lot she actually enjoys walkingIts not worth it BEHAVIOR SEQUENCE:to try and Primed to exercise at least 30m 3x/week by publicconverse withhealth campaigns &gt; chooses not to drive &gt; wanted tothe weird cabavoid an odd cab driver &gt; started walking 30m dailydriver Idrather walk.</p>


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