3 Steps to Loyalty Program Success

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3 simple steps to achieve success with your loyalty program

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  • 1. 3 StepsTo LoyaltyProgramSuccessBut here at FiveStars,we celebratecustomer loyalty allyear. Why? Accordingto Harvard BusinessReview, customerloyalty is the singlemost importantdriver of growth andprofitability for yourbusiness. Followthese three stepsand you will be onyour way to drivingmeaningful revenueto your small businessyear round.Make customers want toreturn with a compellingreward to earn1Set up a reward program that isattractive and memorable to encouragevisits.Make the first reward easily attainableto delight the customer.Build multiple reward tiers toencourage customers to visit frequentlysave up for bigger rewards.April isInternationalCustomerLoyalty Month.Loyalty is thesingle mostimportantdriver ofgrowth andprofitabilityfor yourbusiness.Your biggest asset is your existingcustomers, so whether you useFacebook, email, text messages, or asimple spiral notebook, make it easyfor them to join.Train your staff to ask the customersbefore every purchase if they arepart of your rewards club or loyaltyprogram.The loyalty punch card, however simple to use,doesnt allow you to regularly communicate with yourcustomers. FiveStars Loyalty Automation Platformintegrates right on your point-of-sale, and allows youto not only track and reward your customers frequentvisits, but also lets you communicate promotionsand specials via email, text message, and Facebook.Visit http://bit.ly/fivestarsdemo to learn more abouthow we can help your business drive loyalty.Reward your employeesfor encouragingcustomers to sign up.For a good customer listto regularly communicatewith, shoot for over 1000customers participating inyour rewards program.Customers will naturally start visitingmore often as they get closer to earning areward. Remind them at the point-of-sale,or via email or text message, how closethey are to receiving a reward.Recognize and celebrate your VIPcustomers, those who visit most frequentlyand mention you to the most newcustomers.As customers startexperiencing rewards,you will see their visitfrequency increase evenmore!* THE BIG ASTERISKYou can have a fantasticrewards program for yourcustomers, but that will allgo down the drain if youdont have the fantasticcustomer service to matchit. The most importantthing is to continuallydelight your customers,and as a side effect, theywill be willing to spendmore time and moneywith you.7 in 10Americanssaid theywere willingto spendmore withcompaniesthey believeprovideexcellentcustomerservice.Source: American Express SurveySo show customers that you care and appreciatethem, continually get customer feedback, and buildlong term relationships with every customer.Want to incentivise customer visits with a greatloyalty program, and maintain good customerrelationships? FiveStars is your one stop shop.Get started here: http://bit.ly/fivestarsdemoSign up as manycustomers to your rewardprogram as possible2Stay top of mind byengaging yourcustomers3