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Gaining “Customer Trust”, post merger: 3 Ireland’s successful transformation story Vision

3 Ireland’s successful transformation story

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Text of 3 Ireland’s successful transformation story

PowerPoint Presentation3 Ireland’s successful transformation story
“3 Vision” – Objectives and Achievements PART 1 What is 3Vision? What was it meant to accomplish?
“3Vision” – post acquisition reality…
“3Vision”, Three Ireland’s digital transformation initiative was about creating brand loyalty and consistency through digitalization, post-acquisition with Telefonica O2 Ireland. As with any acquisition, the new entity was tasked with consolidating:
The acquisition was seen as an opportunity to improve customer trust…
1. Two brands, two unique customer bases 2. Two distinct business models and management styles 3. Two IT estates, evolved over many years 4. Two different cultures
“3Vision” – challenges …
Two separate entities with very different customer bases, disparate systems, different network stacks and very different customer experiences!
O2 BSS had a strong emphasis on corporate solutions whereas Three BSS was predominantly consumer focused!
- Rebrand was successfully implemented, disappearance of the O2 brand from the Irish market.2015
2016 - 3Vision programme commenced following extensive RFP process
“3Vision” – Objectives…
Three took this opportunity to modernise the target stack to offer more personalized services to the now enhanced customer base…
Improve customer experience, through improved self-care and agent-facing applications as well as innovative customer analytics and AI capabilities2
Create a foundation to realise the benefits of existing and future revenue streams (5G, IoT, partner offers, charge to account)3
Reduce the overall operating costs of the IT estate by simplifying the systems in use, and by providing reduced time to market4
Consolidate the customer bases onto a single stack 1
“3Vision” - Quantifiable targets…
The 3Vision initiative, has achieved majority of the above targets …
Reduce the number of IT applications by 70%1
Reduce IT maintenance cost by 40%2
Increase automated customer interactions by 30%3
Reduce TTM for new product launches from 8 months to 3 months4
Move price plan change frequency from monthly to weekly5
Increase margin generated by new products/services by 10%6
How did 3 Vision render results, Torry Harris partnership PART 2 Integration backbone, Governance, Challenges and more…
Facilitate technical capabilities to Support Future Needs
“Think non-Telco offerings, Digital Products and Services.“
Consolidation, Rationalisation and Modernisation
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• Improved resiliency providing, for the first time, geo redundancy
• Better, faster, cheaper hardware to run the core Billing platform
• Fully supported software to protect against major downtimes and issues
• Move billing into new state of the art Data Centres
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• Enable real time charging solutions
• Implement new Product Catalogue capability by building existing and new offers in a maintainable way
• Consolidate to single processes supporting combined bases
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• Provide new digital self service capabilities to customers
• Updated retail experience
3Vision – Key Phases
3Vision – Governance …
Role of Change Control Board was key in evaluating all Impact Assessments and the cost/benefit of proposed changes
Integration layer was key in minimising the overall change impacts
Very large project team involved across program1
Multiple streams of work across cross functional domains2
Strong governance was needed3
Full Lifecycle API Management Solution – product + systems integration services delivered to Three Ireland. Torry Harris built the integration backbone, enabling Three to provide a seamless front-end experience, while changes happened in the back-end.
Bridging the transformation Gaps
• Close Collaboration with Three architects & Governance stakeholders for a solution that supports the “Beyond Mobile” principle
• SOA/API Governance inline with TMForum Open API standards for consistency, predictability and service quality
• Expose REST APIs to 3rd parties securely through the Torry Harris API Gateway
• Partner product innovation made possible through APIs, enabling monetisation
• Bridging the gaps between end-state vision and new BSS stack capability through Systems Integration services
• Contribution to creating the bridging architecture for migration
Torry Harris – Support through the phases
Careful design of API’s to support multiple phases of change with modernisation of complex services delivered
Fix the foundations: Maintain and improve the as-is functionality across legacy systems
Consolidate the Bases: Support customer migrations and ensure consistency of experience
Transform for the future: Streamlined omni-channel capabilities for improved customer experience
Front-end and back-end systems were changing at different paces, a lot of heavy lifting was required by the integration layer
Key role supporting introduction of new platforms and migration of customers onto same.
The Results PART 3 Tangible and Intangible…
• New CRM suite introduced • 360 degree view of the customer (omni-channel) • Centralised Case Management • Integrated with Billing / Charging / Ordering • Reduced manual processes via automation • Decreased call handling time • Greater up-sell opportunities
• New eCommerce / eCare suite • New My3 Mobile App • Fully integrated with BSS
• Improved look and feel / Mobile first design • Allows customers to manage accounts in one place • Consolidated identity / SSO across Three.ie • Enables omni-channel sales and service
• New Retail suite introduced • Integrated with new POS/Payments systems • Supports tablets in store (where available) • 360 degree view of the customer
• Omni-channel customer interaction view • Increased sales-through-service • Faster customer on-boarding via automation
• New Amdocs Data Hub introduced • Integrated to BSS and BI platforms • Enables future introduction of Amdocs Engage,
which will provide: • Contextual Customer Offers in real time;
Flexible device upgrade models • Deeper customer insight via Big Data
MEC extended to channels Reduced time to market
Contact Centre Retail
Seamless interactions across channels
Ease of use