25 Things That Real Man Dont Do It

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25 Things That Real Man Dont Do It


  • Being a mans man is a lost art. Back in the day men had better qualities because of what they were surrounded by. Over the years men have become softer, lazier, more entitled, and really just a bunch of Marys in general. Today, weve hit rock bottom. Gone are the hard working, ruddy faced, family-oriented men of yesteryear, replaced by a bunch of cell phone loving, constantly tweeting, cyber sexing, online dating douchebags. But not to worry fellas, its never too late. We can get better if we try. We can get back to the days when most men were like Clint Eastwood. Listing what you should do in order to be a real man is a very long list for another day so were starting you off slow and giving you 25 things that no real man would ever do. This will lay a solid foundation so stop playing Candy Crush and start reading.

    1. A real man never calls another man ugly because if hes ugly then what is the next guy? Cute? Think on that one.

    2. A real man never has any job that contains the word model in any way, shape, or form. I dont care if Hugo Boss asks you to be his spokesman. You say no immediately. Its not a job for a real man.

    3. A real man never, ever blames his problems on anybody else. He takes responsibility and he fixes whatever is wrong.

    4. A real man never turns down somebody who asks them for help. Helping others is what life is all about.

    5. A real man never allows a woman to support him financially under any circumstances. Its not impressive if you get a chick to buy you stuff, its sad.

    6. A real man never watches reality television that isnt related to classic cars, cool antique stuff, or pawn shops.

    7. A real man never settles when he knows he can do better whether its a job, a woman, anything at all.

    8. A real man never agrees with anything Kanye West says. I know hes hard to disagree with given his brilliant comments on leather sweatpants but please refrain gentleman.

    9. A real man never quits. He never gives up because thats not how you win.

    10. A real man never thinks any job, person, or place is beneath him.

    11. A real man never drives anything with less than 6 cylinders.

    12. A real man never acts without thinking.

    13. A real man never hates on another mans success because hes too busy trying to get it himself.

    14. A real man never argues with a fool.

    15. A real man never starts a fight but hell definitely finish one.

    16. A real man never underappreciates a good woman.

    17. A real man never backs down from anyone or anything.

    18. A real man never lives in the past. He lives in the moment and looks to the future.

  • 19. A real man never puts anything or anyone ahead of his family under any circumstances.

    20. A real man never underestimates another man, especially one hes in competition with.

    21. A real man never takes the easy way out.

    22. A real man never lets another persons words or actions dictate how the rest of his day will go.

    23. A real man never uses 50 words when 5 will get the job done.

    24. A real man never gossips or believes rumors.

    25. A real man never compromises his beliefs, no matter what.

    Article By: Jon DaBove