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25 Best Productivity Apps for IOS - · PDF file 2018-02-25 · 25 Best Productivity Apps for IOS Looking for some productive apps to make your task much easier? Productivity always

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  • 25 Best Productivity Apps for IOS

    Looking for some productive apps to make your task much easier? Productivity always helps in

    getting touch with smaller tasks and getting them done without much of a headache. If you are

    confused about the best productivity apps for your ios device, well you are at the right place.

    I will definitely help you out to solve this query.

    Sometimes doing a task for you might create some distractions and you might get bored of

    doing the task. But these apps will never let you get distracted and will keep you focused until

    the task has been done.

    Stay tuned as here I have picked out the 25 top productivity apps for ios which will serve your

    purpose. In this article, I will walk you through the apps in details. Do have a look and choose

    the best to boost your productiveness.

    25 Best Productivity Apps for IOS

    ● Forest

  • ForestApp is a very utility app and is a must try for you. You can set it to work with the

    Pomodoro technique. Set a timer of your choice and lay your phone down. Try not to answer

    calls, check messages or use your phone for that particular time.

    The main gist of Forest App is that the period of time when you are not using your phone, you

    end up growing a tree. If you fail to do so, the tree dies. Through this app, you can build a forest

    and look how productive you have been throughout the weeks. It is definitely a unique app to


    ● FocusList

    Foculist is somewhat similar to the Forest app. It uses the pomodoro technique, which is a great

    way to tackle any task. FocusList is designed to improve the famous Pomodoro technique. The

    app forces you to focus on one task at a time without being distracted. Foculist even keeps an

    eye on the time you spend on a particular task and also helps to deepen your concentration

    while you perform it. I usually use this app to schedule my blog post writing for my blog, this helps me to keep my work list updated and inform me what next to do.

    Whatever work you do, this app is definitely going to save tons of time and boost up your


    ● Blinkist

  • If you are in love with non-fiction books more than fiction, then Blinkist is a must for you. The

    app offers a lot to research, learn and improve yourself. But reading takes patience and a lot of

    time. To resolve this issue, Apple invented Blinkist. The specialty of the app is that it

    summarizes a whole non-fiction book and reads it back in either audio or text format within 15

    minutes. This app is excellent for general learning and researching.

    ● Google Keep

  • A lot of people use the function called post-it notes. Google Keep is specially designed to use

    post it notes on your phone. The app acts as a great way to dump tasks as they come into your

    head. You can simply create a note about the task you need to perform, write it down and pin it

    onto your phone’s home screen. The note will stay there until you are done with the task and

    delete the note.

    ● Mindfulness

  • Apple came up with the Mindfulness app which will track down your meditation session to cope

    with every day’s tiring schedule and hard work. Meditation is a technique that helps to be more

    productive because it restricts multiple thoughts to overcome the mind. Mindfulness is the best

    way to schedule your meditation sessions. This app helps to create your meditation schedule

    that fits in with your day and ends up increasing your productivity. Moreover, this app keeps

    records of your reminders of the day.

    ● Cisco Spark

  • Cisco Sparks is a very little app which mails you every morning. It is much of a virtual assistant

    which gives you a proper explanation of the day and its offerings. The app will list your daily

    tasks and give you a timer to complete the tasks. You will also get a list of stuff your day has to

    offer. Cisco Sparks is also capable enough to manage your team. It also reminds relevant

    people of projects, tasks and important meetings too.

    ● Hours

  • We all remain desperate to know how we spend our day and how much productive it remained.

    To track this down, Apple came up with Hours app. Hours will track the time you spend on tasks

    along with the time you wasted on being distracted. You can get an ROI at the end of the week.

    The app will also help you out in order to see how much you utilize your hours every day.

    ● Buffer

  • The buffer is a scheduling app which saves a lot of social media management time. The app

    lets you pre-post your social media posts and you can release them at a specific time you want

    to. Studies have shown that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are more active at specific times

    of the day. Buffer app allows you to schedule your posts at the time when maximum audience

    stays online and will be visible at that specific time.

    ● Pocket

  • The pocket app works on the brain dumping technique which is used to write down tasks as

    they come to mind and pin them for reference later on. This prevents from forgetting useful

    tasks and also allows to put them out of the mind while concentrating on some other stuff for the

    particular time being. Pocket lets you write down a task from your mind and use it for later

    reference. You can even use this feature for your personal tasks too. For an article or a

    YouTube video you want to watch it later, you can use this app to save it for later.

    ● 1Password

  • 1Password is an app which lets your phone to be safe and secure from malicious access. You

    do not need to put a password for every different thing you access. 1Password is just like a safe

    for your passwords. The app keeps a record of your every password you have ever created for

    each and every site you have visited. It will automatically suggest your password for each

    respective site you visit. Hence there is no hassle of you trying to remember it every time or

    writing it down.

    ● Noisli

  • Noisli is a very productive as well as utility app. If you are looking for an to stay focussed, Noisli

    is a must for you. Noisli provides a list of productive sounds to help you concentrate and stay

    focused. You can experience some beautiful sounds like rain noise, crashing wave and coffee

    house chatter. Moreover, the app will block out other distracting sounds which cause distraction

    and you can concentrate on your work.

    ● Overcast

  • If you are a podcast addict, Overcast is just for you. The app manages your podcast

    subscriptions as well as let you listen to them more efficiently. Listening to at least one podcast

    takes a huge time and it’s a big task too. Overcast speeds up the podcast and reduces much of

    a time and hence end up saving quite a lot of spare time.

    ● Scanbot

  • Scanbot app deals in paperwork stuff. You can easily scan your documents with this app from

    your phone. This app helps to turn your physical documents into virtual ones. Use this app to

    scan your documents for email and archive them forever. Do not worry about your documents to

    get lost or damaged. It is a very useful app on the go.

    ● Timezone

  • Timezone app was created in order to reduce the tricky situations caused due to different time

    zones of different locations. You can even add your clients’ time zones and get a display of

    these time zones. The app also offers a lot of feature including a picture of the clients with

    whom you are dealing with. This app will also help you to schedule meetings with clients outside

    your country or location.

    ● Wunderlist

  • Wunderlist is a virtual to-do list management app which made it easier for every task. This app

    allows you to keep your professional and personal life in sync by scheduling tasks and also

    tracking them down. It also shows the time being taken to perform the tasks. The app is a

    combination of mind dumping and task management. Through this app, you can continuously

    add new tasks without worrying much about forgetting the stuff you need to do.

    ● Timestats

  • Timestats help to track your time and be much more productive from your work. But there are a

    lot of apps which does the same thing. Generally, Timestats is a Chrome plugin which gives you

    an easy view pie chart statistics of your weekly works and site visits. You will get an overview of

    the time being spent in terms of studying, research, work and personal time. The app also

    shows different site categories where and how much time you spent on each site.

    ● Strides

  • Strides is a highly motivational app which allows creating some good habits along with tracking

    them down for you. The app even provides your statistics on how well you have been. Grab

    Strides right now and set a series of habits to make them part of your life. This app is a must

    one for you if y