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21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING - journal - BOOKLET david.pdf · PDF file21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING DEVOTIONAL GUIDE . 2 ... Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts” by Elmer Towns,

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Text of 21 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING - journal - BOOKLET david.pdf · PDF file21 DAYS PRAYER AND...

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    21 DAYS




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    21 Days of Prayer & Fasting January 12th -1st February.

    The All Saints Goodmayes Church community will unite for 21 days of seeking God

    through prayer and fasting. We are seeking a powerful movement of God for

    breakthroughs and miracles to reach hundreds in Goodmayes with the life-giving

    message found in the Gospel Jesus Christ.

    Also during these 21 days we will gather together daily in our church as a community

    to pray. Please join us daily for prayer meetings 7:30pm- 9:30pm for an incredible

    time of calling out to our great and awesome God.

    Some Help to Make the Most of Fasting- Tips

    Biblical fasting is voluntarily giving up something that our mind and flesh desire in

    order to refocus ourselves on God. It is a practical step every Follower of Jesus can do

    to draw near to the grace He wants to pour out on us. There are two key parts to


    We give something up for a period of timeFood, Electronics, Social Media,

    We gain something greater for eternity A closer walk with God

    Why Fast?

    Simply put: To draw closer to God. Prayer and fasting go together; as we humble

    ourselves with fasting we speak to God in prayer. And as we draw near to God His

    Word says that He will draw near to us (James 4:8). Plus Jesus just assumed we would

    fast as we seek to grow in our relationship with God (Matthew 6:16-18).

    Preparing to Fast

    Spiritually Set your heart right before the Lord. Do not think of fasting as earning

    points with God. Fasting is actually a humbling experience and God shows up in

    powerful ways when we simply humble ourselves through fasting.

    Physically If you have never fasted from food or not in a long time, be wise. Options

    are listed below. Start slow and build up your spiritual strength over time. If you have

    health issues, skip only one meal or even just do an Electronics & Social Media fast

    until you can consult a doctor.

    Emotionally Do not underestimate the power of the devil and the flesh to wage war

    against you. The devil hates when we seek to draw near to God and will tempt you to

    quit. Fasting is not easy, but as you draw near to God He will give you the strength to


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    Types of Fasts

    Food Fast: Partial Fast Skip one meal or one food/drink (chocolate, coffee, soda,

    etc.) for a period of time.

    Juice Fast Drink only water, fruit and/or vegetable juice for a period of time.

    Water Fast Drink only water for a period of time.

    Electronics Fast: Give up things that would be a sacrifice for a period of time. This

    includes TV, DVDs, and Video Games for an extended period of time.

    Social Networking Fast: Give up all social networking including Facebook, Twitter,

    and Instagram for an extended period of time and/or give up all texting for an

    extended period of time.

    Keys to a Successful Fast

    1. Determine what you are fasting for. Do you need a breakthrough; an answer to

    prayer? To reconnect to God? Expect God to show up as you seek Him.

    2. Determine the type of fast/length of time and make a commitment. Combine all

    three Types of Fasts to free yourself up for God.

    3. Only tell people who need to know about your fast. It is tempting to brag about it

    4. Partner with someone. The Bible reminds us that two are better than one and mutual

    encouragement can help in fighting the temptation of the devil and flesh to quit.

    5. Go slow on eliminating caffeine. Unless the Holy Spirit convicts you to go cold

    turkey, it is best to start with a partial fast and work up your stamina and eliminate any


    6. Do not overindulge to end your fast. Maintain the spiritual discipline you started

    with your fast. Most often breakthroughs come after, not during your fast.

    The Goal

    The goal of fasting is to humble yourself and spend the time you saved with Him.

    Hes waiting and ready to embrace you as you come to Him in prayer and fasting.

    Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what you are to remove from your life these

    next 21 days in order to grow closer to the God who loves you.

    What Can I Do During the 21 Days?

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    Now you find yourself asking, what can I do during this season of fasting and

    prayer? Consider the following suggestion while simultaneously asking the

    Lord to direct you and speak to you concerning what He would have you do.

    Talk it over with your family and then commit yourselves to partnering with us

    during these next 21 days.

    Ask God to direct you in choosing the way you can fast during these 21


    -Types of fasts to consider:

    Full Fast: Drink liquids only. Consult your doctor first.

    Daniel Fast: Eat only vegetables, fruit, water and juice (minimal

    amount of carbohydrates).

    Partial Fast: Not eating one or two meals on a specific day or

    abstaining from certain kinds of food.

    All-day Food Fast: Abstaining from food one day or multiple days per


    Activity/Media Fast: Forgoing a time-consuming activity such as

    entertainment, hobbies, television, internet, sports, etc

    A Daniel Fast We find in the Old Testament book of Daniel several key principles that will

    aid your understanding of what we are actually attempting to do in and through

    these twenty-one days of fasting. However, before we address these specific

    principles it is essential we acknowledge two statements.

    First, Daniels season of fasting had to do with much more than just what he

    did or didn't eat. Second, the context of his experience of prayer and fasting

    serves as a model for us as we attempt to implement these principles in our

    21st Century context.

    Seven Steps in a Daniel Fast

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    Step One: Be Specific Why are we fasting? We are agreeing with God to fulfil His word and will in

    our lives, our world, United Kingdom the Nations we represent, for a great

    spiritual awakening (revival). We are praying for our unsaved friends and

    family to come to a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Step Two: Fast as a Spiritual Commitment The Daniel Fast involves a spiritual commitment to God. But Daniel

    purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself (Daniel 1:8)

    Step Three: Reflect Inner Desire by Outer Discipline Not only did Daniel desire to not defile himself, but he did so by disciplining

    himself to not eat the kings meat, nor drink his wine (1:8) He disciplined

    himself to making proper decisions which facilitated his inner desires.

    Step Four: Make a Statement of Faith to Others Daniel was making a statement of faith when he asked for only vegetables to

    eat and water to drink, then he dared the overseer to compare his appearance

    with the young men who ate the kings food. (1:9-15)

    Step Five: Leave the Results to God

    When Daniel dared the overseer he was willing to allow the overseer to deal

    with him as he saw fit. Daniel was willing to fast in faith, yet willingly left the

    results up to God (1:13). His faith would prove to be effective in this matter.

    Step Six: Understand Gods Activity As Daniel fasted God gave him knowledge, skill in learning, and understanding

    of visions and dreams (1:17). Fasting opens our hearts and minds to receive

    what God is saying and perceive what God is doing.

    Step Seven: Persevere; the Answer is coming. The first day Daniel prayed and fasted, his words had been heard in heaven but

    it took twenty-one days for the answer to come (10:12-14). Persevere in spite

    of the spiritual battles in heavenly places.

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    (Elements of this brochure were taken from the book Fasting For spiritual

    Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts by Elmer Towns, 1996, Regal

    Books, Ventura, CA)

    Other sources


    Please pray in these areas.

    1. Pray for ALL Saints Church People, Programmes and Finances. 2. Pray for personal breakthrough over any sin and addictions 3. Pray for your family, marriage and children. 4. Pray for Spiritual breakthrough in our community. 5. Pray for financial breakthrough (jobs). 6. Pray for direction for careers or relationships. 7. Pray for the church, outreach, growth and maturity discipleship). 8. Pray for Spiritual awakening (revival) for our church and all Churches

    in Goodmayes and Ilford.

    17 Biblical Reasons to Fast 1. To worship, love and glorify God. (Luke 2:37, Zechariah 7:5, Isaiah 58:2)

    2. To intensify the effectiveness of our prayers. (Ezra 8:23, Isa 58:9, Judges 20)

    3. To seek wisdom and guidance. (Jer. 29:13, Daniel 10:1-3, Acts 13:3, 14:23)

    4. To express repentance. (Lev. 16:29-31, Jon. 3:5-8, 1 Sam. 7:6, Acts 9:9)

    5. To learn humility and deepen our dependence upon God (Psalm 35:13, 69:10)

    6. To rededicate our lives to the Lord (Joel 2:12)

    7. To intercede for spiritual captives. (Isa 58:6,Dan 9:1-21,Matt 17:21,Mk 9:28-29

    8. To train our bodies to yield to our spirits. (1 Corinthians 9:27)

    9. To wage spiritual warfare with Gods holy power. (Matthew 17:9-11)

    10. To hasten physica

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