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    6 Oaks Service

    Middle School Camp at Suttle Lake - - - - - - - - - - - July 29August 3

    11:30 Wild Bunch @TBA

    No youth group meeting in August

    6:30 Youth & Child Safety


    10:45 Church at Waterloo Park

    Space #3

    12:15 New Member Event


    IN OUR PRAYERS: Curt & Nancy Prosa Jon West Sheila Blevins Cathy & Van Johnson Ed Dart Terry Richardson Lewis Crane Mary Lee Howell Dorothy Love Millie Patterson Jesse LeSeur Judy LeSeur Myke & Del Eggert Vila Adkins Stevens Family

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    Sgt. Scot Noss Cpt. Tory Petersen 1st Lt. Kellen Peterson Marine Capt. Pete Brawn Sgt. Ethan Spurr

    Pray for our World, our Church, our Ministers, the Soup Kitchen, and our Re-gional Ministers.

    If you know of any up-dates or corrections to this list, please let the office know in writing or by email.

    Karen Vorderstrasse 10 Coury Gagne 16 Makenna Slavenski 17 Myke Eggert 28 Kenneth Gilmore 31

    170 E. Grant St. Lebanon, OR 97355

    Pastor: Zane Ridings - 503-798-7445 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30 am-1:30 pm Church E-Mail: lebanonfcc@comcast.net

    Website: www.fcclebanon.org

    First Christian Church of Lebanon Church office: 541-258-5911

    FROM THE PASTOR Greetings Lebanon First. While you are read-ing this I will probably still be finishing up my time at camp! This month is exciting because this is when we take the fullest advantage of the summer breaks we've been on to gear up for September and starting things over. Church in the park takes place August 5th, and that will also be a "Camp Sunday." That is an opportunity for the youth to tell you about their experience at camp, and to thank you for your support. We'll also sing camp songs, and like always, eat a great picnic lunch. The rest of August Pastor Zane will be plan-ning for the upcoming school year, so please speak to me about what possible Bible studies we can do, and if you would like to help with youth and children events coming up. We are going to have a new member lunch at the last Sunday of August, and we'll also be having a youth and children's safety training the last Wednesday of August. If you are not sure if you should attend those, please speak to me. I'm so glad that we are working together, and that we are fulfilling our goals of growth and change in this congregation. There should also be a new directory coming out this month, so please be on the lookout for that. Peace and blessings, Pastor Zane

    Christian Caller

    Volume 221 August 2018

    Sunday, August 5 10:45 am

    Waterloo Park, space #3 Potluck following the service.

    Bring you lawn chair and favorite dish to share. Dinner service will be furnished.

    Pastor Zane and Youth Campers will be shar-ing some of their experiences with us.

    This is how the experiment of "All-Request August" turned out: August 5th is church in the park, and it will also be a camp Sunday. There is no name for the sermon since the kids and I will be giving it together, and the scripture is Proverbs 22:1-6. August 12 Patty Evans is preaching on Hebrews 13:5-6 and Matthew 22: 15-22. Give to God What is Gods. August 19 I'll preach over Daniel 3:13-18; 24-30 and the title is "Deliverance" August 26 Revelation 7:13-17 "Never again will they thirst." A sermon on what we can say about heaven.

  • Kizers made a mid week camping trip to Gold Lake, 25 miles east of Oakridge. The lake was for fly fishers only and non motorized boats. It was Mikes first attempt at fly fishing and he caught a 16 to 18 inch rainbow trout. Of course, he came back to shore with the sto-ry, a big grin and no photo, but his boat companion verified the tale. The other critters we saw were squirrels, chipmunks, blue jays and one 4 point deer that strolled down the middle of the road one evening (again no photoso youll just have to believe us) . It was a great adventure and a great way to escape the heat of the valley.

    Tom and Sharon Campbell spent a week in Canada with Sharons brother and sister-in-law, attending the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and taking in the beautiful scenery around Banff and Lake Louise. They hiked 1/2 way around Lake Louise and hiked up to the glacier at the

    Columbia Icefields out of Jasper. The glacier you see in the picture of Lake Louise on the right went clear to the lake in 1988. You can see how much it has receded in the last 30 years. They took the road to the sun in Glacier National Park in Montana on their way to Calgary, Canada. Beautiful weather and breath taking views the entire trip.

    Nancey Wests Trip I flew to Reno July 10 where my friend, Alyson, picked me up. We drove through Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia to Pennsylvania. In Kentucky, I was able to locate where my ancestors settled. In Pennsylvania, we were invited to church by a local Amish family. I felt privileged to participate. The Amish family, who bought Alysons grandfathers farm, held a com-munity pot luck for us. We toured the house where her mom was born.

    We also spent a muggy day at a large craft fair in State College. The trip home was a bit faster as we got on I-80 from Pennsylvania through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Ne-vada. Alyson left me at my sisters in Reno. I had a good visit with my sister and her granddaughter and had lunch with a friend from high school. I arrived home on the 24th and was able to see Jons niece and fami-ly before they returned to Hong Kong. Buggies at the Sunday service we went to.

    Countryside where I stayed in Pennsylvania.

    Dear Church Family, July has been a fun and busy month for my family. Annabelle and her friend, Jaiden, attended the regional youth lock in on June 29-30. Kim Free, from Salem FCC was a chaperone. How nice to have a friend helping with your kids' experience at church! Olive, Annabelle, and I flew to Kansas City to spend time with my sister, nephew, mom and friends. My brother-in-law pulled Anna-belle on an intertube (her 1st time) with his boat at a lake on the Missouri side. Olive has decided that she likes the cold Oregon lake water better than the "weird, warm" Missouri lake water, by the way. My sister Juli lives there, she's a choir teacher for about 25 years and used to be the music director for First United Methodist church there. My sister Jinafer, has taught French in Oklahoma for 20 years. She is a member of Harvard Avenue FCC in Tulsa. She actually met her husband, Steve, at FCC camp when they were about 13. We visited my dad in Oklahoma and Annabelle got to drive the Gator out on the farm...what a fun day!! We ate Bar- B-Que (Annabelle ate ribs) and we completed an Escape Room in 53 minutes. An Escape Room is like playing a big mystery game, you have to solve clues to discover the key to unlock the door. Annabelle is going to camp next week at Suttle Lake. I was reading the list of items to pack and I saw that a Bible was on the list. I asked Annabelle what Bible she wanted to bring. "Do you want to take my wom-en's Bible from 25 years ago?" I asked. "Maybe," she said. I had been looking around and all I could find was my women's Bible, a pocket-sized

    book of Mathew, and my copy of the Bible in French called "Le Bible". Then I walked into the girls' closet and I saw the colorful, art-covered children's Bible that the church gave Annabelle when she was 5. I remember Peg and Neil pre-senting it to her tiny little self up in front of the church. Everything comes back around in our community of faith. It's funny the way God shows himself to you in those little ways. It's not a coincidence... Thank you for always loving and supporting our family. Jacque Wells (Olive and Annabelle's mom)

    Youth Rummage Sale Fundraiser A BIG SUCCESS

    A huge THANKS to Kerri Godinez, Colene Macklin and Jon West. $700 was raised for camp scholar-ships. We so appreciate your hard work!

    On Wednesday, July15, Kerri Godinez organized a tie-dye party for the middle schoolers who will be going to camp July 29August 3. Hailee, Solana, Savannah, Jaiden, Paul, and Pastor Zane designed their own T shirts to wear to church camp. What fun they must have had.

    Thanks, Kerri for all you do!

    THANK YOU! to Todd and Donna Lewelling for providing

    children Bibles for our youth. What a blessing you are to all of us.

    ATTENTION Everyone interested in working with our youth and children, please plan on attending a Youth and Childrens Safety Training

    Wednesday, August 29, 6:30 pm Dinner will be provided.