2017 Wisconsin Bonus Antlerless Deer Tag Wisconsin Bonus Antlerless Deer Tag Information FIRST 3 DAYS OF BONUS ANTLERLESS TAG SALES ARE ZONE-SPECIFIC Limit of

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  • 2017 Wisconsin Bonus Antlerless Deer Tag Information

    FIRST 3 DAYS OF BONUS ANTLERLESS TAG SALES ARE ZONE-SPECIFICLimit of one tag per person, per day, until sold out.

    Monday, August 14 at 10 a.m. - Northern and Central Forest ZonesTuesday, August 15 at 10 a.m. - Central Farmland Zone

    Wednesday, August 16 at 10 a.m. - Southern Farmland ZoneThursday, August 17 at 10 a.m. - all zones can be purchased

    The DNR Call Center is available to answer your questions seven days a week, 7:00 am to 10:00 pmCall: 1-888-WDNR-INFo (1-888-936-7463)

    For more information about Farmland (Zone 2) antlerless tags included with the purchase of

    each deer hunting license, go to dnr.wi.gov and search antlerless tags.

  • Selecting Bonus Antlerless Deer Tags in 2017

    At time of purchase, specify Zone, Deer Management Unit and land type (public access or private)

    Deer Management Zones and Deer Management Units (county):

    The state contains four Deer Management Zones that impact bonus tag availability and deer season structure (see map on page 1). Each of these four zones contains several Deer Management Units (DMUs), most of which can be identified by county boundaries and names. Note that nine DMUs (Adams, Clark, Eau Claire, Jackson, Juneau, Marinette, Monroe, Oconto and Wood) are each split by zone boundaries. Antlerless tag availability may vary between Forest (Zone 1) and Farmland (Zone 2) portions of these DMUs.

    Metro Sub-units: Six distinct metropolitan sub-units exist around major urban areas and their boundaries are contained within larger DMUs offering extended hunting seasons not found in other DMUs. To hunt antlerless deer in one of the metro sub-units, your options are:

    1. Select a farmland zone antlerless tag(s) for the county in which the metro sub-unit is located. Farmland zonetags may be used in the entire DMU, including metro sub-units.

    2. Select a metro sub-unit specific tag (included with your license purchase in Dane, La Crosse, Pierce, St. Croixand Sheboygan counties).

    3. Purchase bonus antlerless tags that are specific to that metro sub-unit (available in Brown, Douglas, La Crosse,Pierce, Racine, St. Croix and Sheboygan counties).

    Land Type: Public Access and Private Lands: The Department is attempting to more closely regulate antlerless harvest on public lands in an effort to allow hunters to see more deer and provide a better hunting experience. To accomplish this, all hunters will select antlerless tags based on the type of land they hunt: public access or private. Hunters who wish to pursue antlerless deer on both public access and private land must acquire antlerless tags for each.

    Public Access Land defined: For the purposes of purchasing and using public land antlerless tags, public land is defined as any land that is open to the public for deer hunting purposes, either by ownership or under lease or contract. Public access lands include:

    Federal, State, County or Municipal, Stewardship and utilities properties open for public deer hunting Open Managed Forest Law (MFL) lands designated as open for public deer hunting Open Forest Crop Law (FCL) lands designated as open for public deer hunting Voluntary Public Access (VPA) lands leased for public deer hunting

    All other lands not listed are considered PRIVATE. You must have permission to hunt on all private lands.

    Bonus Antlerless Tags Cost: $12 each for Wisconsin residents and certain qualified non-residents (visit dnr.wi.gov and search military for

    additional information) $20 each for non-residents $5 each for under 12 years old

    Limits: Hunters may purchase one bonus tag per day, where available, until the unit is sold out or until the hunting season ends.

    Bonus Antlerless Tags and other licenses or tags may be purchased online at gowild.wi.gov or by visiting a DNR service center or licensing agent.

  • 2017 Bonus Antlerless Tag Availability by Deer Management Unit

    Deer Management Unit Zone TypePublic Land Tags

    Private Land Tags

    Adams Farmland 50 900Adams Forest 1500 8550Ashland Forest 0 0Ashland Madeline Island Forest 50 175Ashland Bad River Reservation Forest 0 0

    Barron Farmland 900 8100Bayfield Forest 2725 4425Bayfield Red Cliff Reservation Forest 0 0

    Brown Farmland 100 1000Buffalo Farmland 250 1500Burnett Forest 700 7800Calumet Farmland 100 400Chippewa Farmland 0 5000Clark Farmland 50 1150Clark Forest 825 1950Columbia Farmland 1000 2000Crawford Farmland 0 2800Dane Farmland 700 2500Dodge Farmland 125 1325Door Farmland 500 1500Douglas Forest 400 600Dunn Farmland 500 2100Eau Claire Farmland 0 0Eau Claire Forest 0 0Florence Forest 1000 1000Fond du Lac Farmland 75 0Forest Forest 400 400Grant Farmland 350 4000Green Farmland 300 1750Green Lake Farmland 500 1000Iowa Farmland 650 3000Iron Forest 0 0Iron Lac du Flambeau Reservation Forest 0 0

    Jackson Farmland 0 2325Jackson Forest 375 375Jefferson Farmland 0 500Juneau Farmland 25 1050Juneau Forest 50 1000Kenosha Farmland 0 0Kewaunee Farmland 300 1100La Crosse Farmland 175 850Lafayette Farmland 125 1125Langlade Forest 1150 4575Lincoln Forest 600 5400Manitowoc Farmland 300 2000Marathon Farmland 0 0Marinette Farmland 250 2750Marinette Forest 375 1300Marquette Farmland 2000 8000Milwaukee Farmland 75 600Monroe Farmland 400 1350Monroe Forest 0 100

    Deer Management Unit Zone Type Public Land TagsPrivate Land Tags

    Oconto Farmland 200 2075Oconto Forest 175 375Oneida Forest 700 1700Oneida Lac du Flambeau Reservation Forest 0 0

    Outagamie Farmland 500 1000Ozaukee Farmland 300 700Pepin Farmland 150 900Pierce Farmland 400 2200Polk Farmland 600 5200Portage Farmland 300 1500Price Forest 425 2000Racine Farmland 0 0Richland Farmland 500 5000Rock Farmland 400 1000Rusk Forest 1025 5800Sauk Farmland 750 3800Sawyer Forest 550 2175Sawyer Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation Forest 0 0

    Shawano Farmland 750 3450Sheboygan Farmland 250 700St. Croix Farmland 300 2000Taylor Forest 0 4350Trempealeau Farmland 0 1000Vernon Farmland 100 1200Vilas Forest 0 0Vilas Lac du Flambeau Reservation Forest 0 0

    Walworth Farmland 200 275Washburn Forest 2875 6675Washington Farmland 400 1350Waukesha Farmland 750 1850Waupaca Farmland 300 7200Waushara Farmland 600 1200Winnebago Farmland 175 375Wood Farmland 0 0Wood Forest 25 125

    Metro Sub-unit Bonus Antlerless Tags

    County Bonus Tags AvailablePublic PrivateBrown 50 150Dane 0 0Douglas 200 100Kenosha 0 0La Crosse 50 75Manitowoc 0 0Milwaukee 0 0Ozaukee 0 0Pierce 50 100Racine 0 50St. Croix 150 300Sheboygan 20 80Washington 0 0Waukesha 0 0

  • After Your Harvest...Register that deerits required!Register your deer through GameReg by 5 p.m. the

    day after harvest. All registration is electronic.

    Register online (fastest and easiest method): gamereg.wi.gov (available 24 hours)

    Register by phone: 1-844-426-3734 (available 24 hours).

    Register in person: find a station that offers a phone or computer for registration at dnr.wi.gov, search registration stations or by calling 888-936-7463.

    Have your deer tag number handy to enter at the start of the registration process.

    Record the 10-character confirmation number at the conclusion of registration and keep for your records once your deer has been successfully registered. For white-tailed deer, all confirmation numbers begin with W and are issued in the format W12-345-6789.

    Learn more about GameReg at dnr.wi.gov, search GameReg.

    2017 Deer Hunting Season Season Dates

    Archery and Crossbow Sept. 16 to Jan. 7, 2018Archery and Crossbow

    (Metro Sub-units)Sept. 16 to Jan. 31,

    2018Youth Gun Hunt

    (Statewide except in state parks)Oct. 7 & Oct. 8

    Gun Hunt for Disabled Hunters (Enrolled Properties Only)

    Oct. 7 to Oct. 15

    November 9-Day Gun Deer (Statewide)

    Nov. 18 to Nov. 26

    Gun Deer Season (All Metro Sub-units)

    Nov. 18 to Dec. 6

    Muzzleloader (Statewide) Nov. 27 to Dec. 6December Antlerless-only Gun Hunt

    (Statewide)Dec. 7 to Dec. 10

    Antlerless-only Holiday Hunt (select Farmland Zone DMUs only)

    Dec. 24 to Jan. 1, 2018

    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides equal opportunity in its employment, programs, services and functions under an Affirmative Action Plan. If you have any questions, please write to Equal Opportunity

    Office, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240. The Department of Natural Resources is committed to serving people with disabilities. If you

    need this information in an alternative format, Please call 608-266-8204. PUB WM-628 2017

    Test Your Deer for Chronic Wasting Disease!CWD testing is available to all hunters in all counties. For more information visit dnr.wi.gov and search keywords CWD and CWD sampling.

    Tagging your deerDue to recent legislation, as of September 22, 2017 Wisconsin deer hunters are no longer required to:

    validate a deer tag attach a tag to a deer keep the tag with the meat

    Hunters are still encouraged to print their tags because each tag contains a unique tag number. This number is needed to complete the important step of registering your harvest.