Thank you Published by the La Jolla Light Kiwanis Club of La Jolla La Jolla Kiwanis members, from left to right, are Kexin Ma, Alan Nam, Sumei Mai, Dan Stinemates, Mary Wayne, Linda Farrar, Anna Deneen, Yuki Hamashima, Cal Swanson, Paul Fairweather, Mary Fee, Rebecca Morales, Dave Schwab, Jeffrey Sung, Cami Tam, Candace Chu, Henry Nugteren, Avelino Cortina, Anita Hansen, Vern Kneib, Jack Talbot, Mary Beth Reichert, Michael DeClouet, John Drummond, Dick Jessup, Susan Knapp, Joni Kirk, Brad Frapwell, Wil Johnson, Don Hodges, Megan McAlister, Sam Greening, Carl Volinski, Craig Bratlien, Jim Fox, Moon Mullen, Brant Westfall, Jason Milosh, Dave Sherwood, Toni Tishon, Andy Jones, Jim Kennedy, Wally Matranga, Trenton Bonner, Michael Turbitt, Jerry Shaffer and Bill Harris. In the bubble at right are Nancy Miller and Spencer Wilson. Kiwanis members not shown in photo: John Anderson, Barbara Baisch, Krista Baroudi, Pauline Beausoleil, Frank Beiser, Doug Bradley, Carol Burchard, Robin Cahill, David Campbell, Leon Chow, Clair Coon, Randy Christison, Vice Diserio, Tony Devita, Mike France, Jen- nifer Harter, Tom Henry, Nate Levy, Sherri Lightner, Irene Margolis, Wendy Matalon, Ursula Myers, Marilyn Nunn, Joel Perlin, Carla Pineda, Glenn Pound, Glen Rasmussen, Brenda Reily, Don Schutte, Jim Sherrill, Dan Stinemates, Nancy Torns, Binh Trang, Judy Turner, Bill Uncapher, Peter Ward, Suzanne Weiner, Judith Wilkinson and Grace Zhang. great years! for 85

2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

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Celebrating 85 years of service in La Jolla.

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Page 1: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

Thank you

Published by the La Jolla Light

Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

La Jolla Kiwanis members, from left to right, are Kexin Ma, Alan Nam, Sumei Mai, Dan Stinemates, Mary Wayne, Linda Farrar, AnnaDeneen, Yuki Hamashima, Cal Swanson, Paul Fairweather, Mary Fee, Rebecca Morales, Dave Schwab, Jeffrey Sung, Cami Tam, CandaceChu, Henry Nugteren, Avelino Cortina, Anita Hansen, Vern Kneib, Jack Talbot, Mary Beth Reichert, Michael DeClouet, John Drummond,Dick Jessup, Susan Knapp, Joni Kirk, Brad Frapwell, Wil Johnson, Don Hodges, Megan McAlister, Sam Greening, Carl Volinski, CraigBratlien, Jim Fox, Moon Mullen, Brant Westfall, Jason Milosh, Dave Sherwood, Toni Tishon, Andy Jones, Jim Kennedy, Wally Matranga,Trenton Bonner, Michael Turbitt, Jerry Shaffer and Bill Harris. In the bubble at right are Nancy Miller and Spencer Wilson.

Kiwanis members not shown in photo: John Anderson, Barbara Baisch, Krista Baroudi, Pauline Beausoleil, Frank Beiser, Doug Bradley,Carol Burchard, Robin Cahill, David Campbell, Leon Chow, Clair Coon, Randy Christison, Vice Diserio, Tony Devita, Mike France, Jen-nifer Harter, Tom Henry, Nate Levy, Sherri Lightner, Irene Margolis, Wendy Matalon, Ursula Myers, Marilyn Nunn, Joel Perlin, CarlaPineda, Glenn Pound, Glen Rasmussen, Brenda Reily, Don Schutte, Jim Sherrill, Dan Stinemates, Nancy Torns, Binh Trang, Judy Turner,Bill Uncapher, Peter Ward, Suzanne Weiner, Judith Wilkinson and Grace Zhang.

great years!for 85

Page 2: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

PAGE 2 - JULY 29, 2010 - LA JOLLA LIGHT www.lajollalight.com


This year, our KiwanisClub of La Jolla is celebrat-ing its 85th year. We are agroup of about 80 La Jollanscoming together once aweek on Fridays for lunch atthe La Jolla PresbyterianChurch to form lastingfriendships, render altruisticservice, hear great guestspeakers and programs, andcontribute to charitable or-ganizations that need ourhelp.

Kiwanis is a global organi-zation of volunteers dedicat-ed to changing the world,one child and one commu-nity at a time. Kiwanis vol-unteers worldwide dedicatemore than 6 million hours

and $100 million annuallyin projects that serve chil-dren and strengthen com-munities. The Kiwanis Inter-national Organization com-prises nearly 600,000 adultsand youth members whoserve children and commu-nities in 90 countries andgeographic areas. In a typi-cal year, Kiwanis clubsworldwide organize morethan 150,000 service proj-ects.

Our club sponsored theLa Jolla Half Marathon onApril 25, 2010, with over8,000 runners in the Halfand 1,500 in the 5K run. InMay 2010, we sponsoredthe Junior Olympics at the

La Jolla High School track.All nine of our local ele-mentary schools, both pub-lic and private, participat-ed, with over 800 little kidsrunning, jumping andthrowing softballs formedals and ribbons.

In June 2010, we spon-sored the Hope of Americain which outstandingfourth- and fifth-grade stu-dents from the three La Jollapublic elementary schoolswere selected by their teach-ers, and honored at ourluncheon for the students,their parents and principals.Also in June, we honoredthe outstanding Marinenoncommissioned officers

stationed at the MiramarMarine Corps Air Station.

On July 31, 2010, we willhave our annual PancakeBreakfast, a party for the lo-cal community at the La Jol-la Recreation Center. Thenin September, we are one ofthe sponsors of the La Jolla

Rough Water Swim. Swim-mers — over 2,400 ofthem — come from all overthe world to participate inthis event. Finally, we are asponsor of the summer se-ries Concerts by the Sea atthe Cove.

As you can see, we are a

very active bunch. If youhave a desire to serve yourcommunity, and can spendabout 1 1/2 hours each weekhaving a good lunch withfriends and enjoying a goodprogram, join us. We willwelcome you with openarms.

Many years ago, I came toSan Diego as a young Navypilot and then later back toLa Jolla to en-ter the real es-tate industryand becomeactive in thecommunity,especially theKiwanis Clubof La Jolla. Asa young person growing up asmall community in westTexas, I was instructed instrong Christian values (bymy mother) and to help oth-ers less fortunate in the com-munity (by my stepfather,who was a great communityleader).

Although, I have alwaysbeen active in the communi-ty of La Jolla, I have onlybeen a Kiwanian for fiveyears. I looked at all of the LaJolla service clubs, and whilethey are all wonderful and doa lot for La Jolla, the KiwanisClub of La Jolla allowed methe greatest opportunity togive the most back to ourcommunity. The mission

statement of Kiwanis says itall: “Kiwanis is a global or-ganization of members ofevery age who are dedicatedto changing the world, onechild and one community ata time.” With that statement,Kiwanis was for me, especial-ly if my work and the moneythat we could raise wouldstay for the most part in LaJolla.

Through the Kiwanis La Jol-la Half Marathon, the KiwanisPancake Breakfast, the KiwanisJunior Olympics, the RoughWater Swim, Concerts by theSea and Meals on Wheels, Ki-wanians are very active in ourcommunity. Our volunteerwork and fundraising in theseevents allows La Jolla Kiwani-ans to raise over $200,000 an-nually and give it back to thecommunity with a large ma-jority staying in La Jolla byproviding scholarships, chil-dren’s programs, recreationalimprovements and many oth-er community programs.

These are the reasons that Iam both a La Jollan and a Ki-wanian.

Wil Johnson, president of Kiwanis Club of La Jolla COURTESY

Message from the president


BY TRENTON BONNERPast president, Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

Why I am a Kiwanian

Although our Kiwanis Club is local, wereach out to the world through our Interna-tional Committee. In fiscal year 2009-10, wehave supported such worthwhile projects as:

• Holy Innocent’s Children’s Hospital to as-sist in the building of a Children’s Hospital inUganda, Africa, the first in the region!

• La Casa de Pobres in Tijuana, Mexico, tobuy 1,500 bags of food and blankets for chil-dren who are extremely impoverished and liv-ing in the dumps and hills of Tijuana.

• In concert with the Tijuana Rotary, wehave supported an orphanage in Tijuana thathouses orphaned youths 10 years andyounger.

• Central Asia Institute in Afghanistan tosupport its wonderful efforts to build schoolsand educate girls.

• Sisters of Mercy in Rosarito, Mexico, tosupport its effort in extending Christmas giftsto 2,500 poor and sometimes homeless chil-dren in the surrounding hills.

• Military Outreach of the La Jolla Commu-nity Church, which supports families whohave loved ones serving in Iraq andAfghanistan.

• El Refugio in Tijuana, a senior citizen facil-ity that houses the poorest of the poor.

Compassion has no boundaries. That’s whywe are so very proud to be Kiwanians.

Greg Mortenson, author of ‘Three Cups of Tea’ and co-founder ofthe Central Asia Institute, reads to Gultori schoolchildren in Pak-istan. The institute, one of the projects supported by the La JollaKiwanis International Committee, focuses on rural education andliteracy, particularly for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. COURTESY



Children await lunch at La Casa de Pobres in Tijuana. Kiwanianshave bought food and blankets for the relief center. COURTESY OF



Page 3: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

LA JOLLA LIGHT - JULY 29, 2010 - PAGE 3www.lajollalight.com


Richard “Moon” Mullen got theidea for a Junior Olympics fromobserving a similar, family-orient-ed athletic celebration while onleave with the Navy more than 30years ago in Japan. With the sup-port of his fellow Kiwanis mem-bers, the first Junior Olympics be-came a reality in 1992, the yearthat Moon served as the La JollaKiwanis Club’s president. The ob-jective would be “if you try, youare a winner.”

The Kiwanis members wel-comed 140 students from the LaJolla Elementary, Bird Rock Ele-mentary and Torrey Pines Ele-mentary schools to participate in1992. Each student selected threeevents in which to compete, in-cluding the softball throw, theobstacle course, standing andrunning broad jumps, and vari-

ous track events staged by agegroup.

Traditions begun in 1992 contin-ue today. Ribbons are awarded toeach participant for every eventthey enter. Just like their adultOlympic counterparts, the topthree finishers in each competitionare presented with gold, silver andbronze medals from atop anawards stand. Key events are thefastest girl and boy competitionswith one participant from eachschool, and the fastest girls andfastest boys relay team races with ateam of four members from eachschool. Trophies are presented tothe winners’ school for each event.A SPIRIT award trophy is presentedto the school with the largest per-centage of its student body partici-pating.

The event has been held annual-

ly at the La Jolla High School Ed-wards Stadium. It is run like a highschool track and field event, andeach participant recites theOlympic oath. The event is free,and elementary students ages 5 to12 are invited to participate.

During its 19 years, the JuniorOlympics has grown from theoriginal three schools to nine pri-vate and public schools from theLa Jolla community including LaJolla Elementary, Bird Rock Ele-mentary, Torrey Pines Elementary,The Gillispie School, All HallowsAcademy, The Children’s School,San Diego French AmericanSchool, Stella Maris Academy andThe Evans School. Participationhas grown from the original 140to the 885 participants who par-ticipated in our May 16, 2010,event.

La Jolla Kiwanis Junior Olympics


Celebrating our 20th year in 2011

Youngsters compete at the Kiwanis Club’s Junior Olympics. COURTESY

Congratulations to The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla for 85 years of service to our community!

Page 4: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

On 85 years of commitment to the needs of our young children.

Thank you for sponsoring so many of La Jolla’scommunity programs.


The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla85 Years of Service

(858) 735-3851 · [email protected] L. Levy

PAGE 4 - JULY 29, 2010 - LA JOLLA LIGHT www.lajollalight.com


Young Children Priority Oneis the ongoing service programof Kiwanis International, ad-dressing the needs of childrenprenatal through age 5. TheKiwanis Club of La Jolla ispleased to have supportedthese local groups by provid-ing more than $50,000 in aneffort to give children a stronghead start.

Words Alive Early LiteracyIntervention program is aread-aloud program conduct-ed at six state-fundedpreschools and child develop-ment centers that serve pre-kindergarten-age childrenfrom mostly low-incomehouseholds.

• Outside the Lens (OTL) is aSan Diego-based youth medialiteracy program dedicated tocelebrating the vision and

voices of children around theworld and across cultures.They endeavor to engage, edu-cate and empower youths onissues affecting the world to-day through photography andmultimedia projects.

• Child Abuse PreventionFund is a special fundraisinginitiative of Children’s Hospi-tal and Health System. TheChild Abuse Prevention Fundis committed to ensuring asafe environment for chil-dren through financial sup-port of primary preventionactivities.

• Father Joe’s Villages is amission-style campus in theheart of San Diego, houses 900families, single men and singlewomen every night and servesmore than 3,000 meals eachday.

Each year, Kiwanis Clubs aroundthe country reward high-achievingfifth-graders who are preparing toleave elementary school and moveon to middle school. The program iscalled “Hope of America.” The recipi-ents are chosen by their peers andteachers as representing the best inscholarship, citizenship and leader-ship. A special luncheon is held intheir honor. Each student brings par-ents, brothers and sisters, grandpar-ents and others to join in the cele-bration.

At Kiwanis Club of La Jolla, wepresent awards to outstanding youngcitizens from each fifth-grade class ofthe three local elementary schools:Bird Rock, La Jolla and Torrey Pines.Each of the selected honorees re-ceives an engraved plaque and a U.S.savings bond maturing to $100 invalue. The principal of each schoolreads an essay from the teacher ofthe student describing why theaward was given.

The 2010 Hope of America awardluncheon was held on June 4.Awards were given to the followingstudents:

La Jolla Elementary: GabriellaAnastasi, Christina Gaffney, AaronOliver and Shane Pauker.

Torrey Pines Elementary: AbigailCho, Sarah Elizabeth Espinoza andIsabella Venancia Gardner.

Bird Rock Elementary: Lili Davis,Dane Gregory Hansen and LindseyGartner.

These wonderful students are greatrole models for their peers. Congrat-ulations to all of the honorees andtheir parents and relatives. Theachievements of these children areevidence of their inherent qualities,and the excellent support and guid-ance they have received from theirparents.


BY DON HODGESYoung Children

Priority One‘Hope of America’ challenges children to excel

La Jolla Kiwanian Don Hodges celebrates with student honoree AbigailCho of Torrey Pines Elementary School and her principal, James Solo, ata June club meeting where the Kiwanis honored 10 outstanding fourth-and fifth-graders in the Hope for America program. DAVE SCHWAB

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Page 5: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

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7720 Fay Ave | La Jolla, CA 92037 | (858) 729-6565

NELSON PHOTO SUPPLIES is a proud supporter of the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla and their efforts to enrich the lives of the children of this community. We proudly recognize Kiwanis events such as the La Jolla Half Marathon, Junior Olympics, Rough Water Swim and Pancake Breakfast, andcommend them for reinvesting the resources generated into the community.

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Congratulations on your 85th year and best wishes for at least 85 more.

LA JOLLA LIGHT - JULY 29, 2010 - PAGE 5www.lajollalight.com


CLUB OFFICERSPresident — Wilbur JohnsonPresident-Elect — Brant WestfallFirst Vice President — Sam GreeningSecond Vice President — Susan KnappSecretary — Megan McAlisterTreasurer — Jerry ShafferImmediate Past President — TrentonBonner

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2010-2011Rebecca MoralesMarilyn NunnMary Beth Reichert

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2010-2012Clair CoonPaul FairweatherBrad FrapwellToni Tishon

STANDING CHARITABLE COMMITTEES• Young Children Priority OneLeon ChowMary Beth Reichert• Youth ServicesPaul FairweatherRebecca Morales

Andrew Jones• Community ServiceToni TishonAnna DeneenMarilyn Nunn• International CommitteeWally MatrangaDave Sherwood

SPONSORED YOUTH ADVISERSBuilders Club, Muirlands — Mary FeeLJHS Key Club — Toni TishonUniv. City HS Key Club — JohnDrummondUCSD Circle K — Michael Turbitt

CLUB ADMINISTRATION• House & AwardsDan StinematesDon JacobsJoni Kirk• Raffle PrizesAnna Deneen• HumorDon SchutteCarl Volinski• InterclubsWally Matranga

• ProgramsDan Stinemates• Special MeetingsMilitary — Moon Mullen4-H Club — Jerry ShafferHope for America — Don HodgesHoliday Party — Megan McAlister• BulletinDan Stinemates• Roster/Phone ListMegan McAlister• WebsiteMegan McAlister• Public RelationsRebecca Morales• Song LeaderMary Wayne• VolunteersAnita HansenMary Fee• Meals on WheelsJack TalbotAnita Hansen Don Schutte

FUNDRAISING & SPECIAL EVENTS• Half MarathonTrenton Bonner

Doug BradleyDon Hodges• Jr. Olympics ConcessionsJerry Shaffer• Pancake BreakfastBrant Westfall• Rough Water Swim ConcessionsJerry Shaffer• Concerts by the SeaNancy Miller

FOUNDATION OFFICERSPresident — Trenton BonnerImmediate Past President — Mary FeeClub President – Wil JohnsonSecretary — Dan StinematesTreasurer — Jerry Schaffer

DIRECTORS 2009-2010Don HodgesJim KennedyGlen RasmussenSuzanne Weiner

DIRECTORS 2009-2011Doug BradleyNancy MillerCal Swanson


Page 6: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

April 2010 marked the29th year of the La Jolla HalfMarathon, praised by Run-ner’s World magazine as“One of the Top HalfMarathons in the Country”and “One of the 100 GreatRaces” based on organiza-tion, reputation, communityinvolvement, spirit, unique-ness and competition. TheLa Jolla Half Marathon is so

popular that the event sellsout several months before.

Starting at the Del MarFairgrounds/racetrack, the LaJolla Half Marathon attractsmore than 9,000 runnersand more than 10,000 spec-tators, friends and families,and 500-600 Kiwanis volun-teers. The race provides allwho participate with spectac-ular views along the Pacificcoastline as the race windsthrough the town of Del Marto the coast, then south bythe Torrey Pines Golf Courseand the campus of UCSD toLa Jolla Shores Beach beforefinishing at Scripps Park atthe Cove. The La Jolla Shores5K starts simultaneouslywith the Half Marathon andalso proceeds along the final5,000 meters — roughly thefinal 3.1 miles — of the HalfMarathon course. The twoevents have earned a reputa-tion that attracts runnersfrom throughout the UnitedStates (more than 40 states)and outside of the country.

The race was initially start-ed by the La Jolla TownCouncil and then taken overby the Kiwanis Club of LaJolla the last 28 years. It is aunique event in that it is or-ganized and run by a groupof dedicated Kiwanis volun-teers under the leadership ofdirectors Bill Uncapher andBarbara Baisch of the La Jolla

Sports Group. Through theyears, the event has addedsponsors, vendors, music, anexpo held in conjunctionwith registration, packet pick-up, a concession stand thatcaters to the needs of runnerswith high-protein food anddrink products, a CARB LoadDinner (for the runners) andonline registration. Each year,the Kiwanis Club strives toimprove this classic event byupgrading the water stationequipment, adding moresafety features and havingprofessional announcers, di-rectors and chairmen. Thecommunity of La Jolla andespecially the Village areagreatly benefit from the HalfMarathon as the runners andspectators enjoy the hotels,restaurants and shoppingthat the Village has to offer.

La Jolla Kiwanians work Sat-urday and Sunday and grate-fully enlist as volunteers theKiwanis Circle K club (UCSD),the Kiwanis Key Club (La JollaHigh School and UniversityCity High School), theBuilders Club (Muirlands Mid-dle School), the La Jolla BoyScouts, the La Jolla High foot-ball team, the La Jolla HighSchool basketball team, othergroups from La Jolla HighSchool, Bishop’s High School,the Marines of Camp Pendle-ton and many others in theLa Jolla community.

Glen M. Rasmussen, Esq.7855 Ivanhoe Avenue

Suite 455La Jolla, California 92037

Tel: 858.456.9751


Kiwanis Clubfor 85 years of service

Capital Growth Properties has been helping people with their Real Estate needs

in La Jolla since 1976.- John Michaelsen and John Drummond

1120 Silverado StreetLa Jolla, CA (858) 454-8857

THANK YOUfor 85 years of service!

Proud to be a Kiwanian!No other organization does as much for our La Jolla community asdoes the La Jolla Kiwanis Club.

Our Half Marathon and 5K Run attracted over 8000 runners from throughout the country.

Our Jr. Olympics was a fun day for over 800 5-12 year-olds from all 9 La Jolla elementary schools.

Our Pancake Breakfast, scheduled for July 31st, at the La Jolla Rec Center, is the biggest community party of the year.

We also jointly sponsor the Roughwater Swim, Concerts by the Sea, and Meals-on-Wheels.

For 85 years, where there’s a need, La JollaKiwanians are there, making a difference forchildren and our community.

We are a global organization, rooted in La Jolla, working to make La Jolla and San Diego even better places to live.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all my Kiwanis buddies.

Wil Johnson, 2009 - 2010 President

(858) 551-7258

Several years ago, before joining the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla,I surveyed the Club for Community Leaders, folks that give back to ourCommunity and the children of our Community. Leaders such as:

John Anderson, retired Chief of Police, UCSD · Doug Bradley, InvestmentAdvisor · Robin Cahill, Attorney · Sam Greening, Pastor · Anita Hansen, CFOTom Henry, Attorney · Don Hodges, Architect · Wil Johnson, Real EstateSherri Lightner, San Diego City Council Member · Wally Matranga, retiredBanker · Moon Mullen, Vietnam POW and retired Navy Captain · GlenRasmussen, Attorney · Don Schutte, WWII POW & retired Dentist · JerryShaffer, CPA · Dan Stinemates, retired Navy Captain and Executive OfficerUSS Midway · Cal Swanson, retired Navy Captain · Jack Talbot, InsuranceBill Uncapher, Director La Jolla Half Marathon · Carl & Jeanine Volinski,Insurance · Suzanne Weiner, Director Gillispie School and Spence Wilson,98 years young, retired Operator La Jolla Cove Theater.

Finally Oscar Knight, although not a member of our La Jolla Kiwanis Club,is a great community leader and dedicated to improving the lives of all ourchildren. This past June, Oscar with major support of our La Jolla Club waselected as a Kiwanis International Trustee.

There are many more leaders within our Club that I have not listed, but they will be the future of our Community.

Kiwanis! What a Great Group of Community Leaders!

Congratulations Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

Trenton Bonner - 858.454.6512Trenton Bonner Coastal Real Estate

[email protected] 2008-2009 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

National Campaign Chairman for Oscar Knight 2010

PAGE 6 - JULY 29, 2010 - LA JOLLA LIGHT www.lajollalight.com


La Jolla Half Marathon


‘One of the top half marathons in the country’

Runners gather for the start of the La Jolla Half Marathon. COURTESY

Page 7: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla



The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla 47th Annual Pancake Breakfast

Co - Sponsored by the La Jolla Recreation Center“Celebrate the Family Month”

Saturday, July 31st, 20107:00 AM - 11:00 AMAll you can eat blueberry pancakes and sausage.Live music, pony rides, jumpies, face painting,raffle drawings and prizes.Celebrate with family and friends.

Where: La Jolla Recreation Center615 Prospect Street · La Jolla, CA 92037

Tickets: $10 / Kids: 10 & under FREEby calling Brant Westfall, Chairmanat (858) 922-8610 or at the door

The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla annually gives out over $175,000 through the La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation. The majority of the money is given to charitable organizations in La Jolla and San Diego communities with an emphasis on children.

Find out how you can become apart of the La Jolla Kiwanis Clubby contacting Wil Johnson,President (858) 551-7258or Brant Westfall,Vice President(858) 922-8610.

LA JOLLA LIGHT - JULY 29, 2010 - PAGE 7www.lajollalight.com


The La Jolla Kiwanis Clubwill host its 47th annualcommunity Pancake Break-fast from 7 to 11 a.m. July31.

The annual pancakebreakfast has become a greattradition in La Jolla wherefamilies, neighbors andnewcomers alike enjoy anall-you-can-eat breakfast ofblueberry pancakes, sausage,orange juice and coffee.

Jointly sponsored withthe La Jolla Recreation Cen-ter as part of its “Celebratethe Family” month, theevent will also include mu-sical entertainment by theSandbaggers, pony rides,face painting and twojumpees. In addition, therewill be a fantastic raffle withgreat prizes.

Tickets are $10, and kids 10years and younger are free.

Last year, close to 1,500people attended and wereserved by 100 or so Kiwani-ans and junior Kiwanians(Circle K and Key Clubmembers).

The pancake breakfast is agift to the community toshow thanks and gratitudefor their support throughoutthe year.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiwanis PancakeBreakfast

Kiwanians, including Carl Volinski (in baseball cap), Don Hodges and Leon Chowwork the pancake line in 2009. COURTESY PHOTOS

Congratulations Kiwanis Club, La Jollaon 85 years of service

Jerry Shaffer C.P.A.

7816 Ivanhoe Ave. #4858-587-1112

fax [email protected]

Page 8: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

“Hats Off”to La Jolla Kiwanis Club

for 85 years of

on-going commitment to

community service!

Audrey S. GeiselDr. Seuss Foundation

™ & © 1958 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved

PAGE 8 - JULY 29, 2010 - LA JOLLA LIGHT www.lajollalight.com

Page 9: 2010 Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

Our school is a nurturing community

dedicated to educational excellence in preparing

forward thinkers.


Congratulations to Kiwanisfor bringing a sense of community to La Jolla

and for your longstandingrelationship with

The Gillispie School for thebetterment of children.

*As of 06/30/10Member FDIC


CongratulationsLa Jolla Kiwanis Club on your 85th Anniversary

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Partner with Strength. Partner with Pacific Western Bank.

Paul FairweatherSenior Vice President

7855 Ivanhoe Avenue, Suite 100, La Jolla, CA 92037phone (858) 622-2500

LA JOLLA LIGHT - JULY 29, 2010 - PAGE 9www.lajollalight.com


Thousands of elementary,middle and high school,and college students experi-ence what it is like to be ofservice to their communitiesby the support of their par-ent Kiwanis clubs world-wide. In 85 years, hundredsof local students have en-riched La Jolla and its sur-rounding areas profoundlythrough their Kiwanis-spon-sored programs. Providingopportunities for La Jolla’syouth to be of service is anintegral part of what theclub accomplishes, and itcreates a fun venue formembers to make newfriends while they give backto their community.

The Kiwanis Club of LaJolla sponsors school pro-grams at each academic lev-el to provide the experienceof commitment to commu-nity service. They are thefollowing:

K-Kids: At the elementaryschool level, students carevery much about their com-munities. In past years, LaJolla Elementary and TheGillispie School have formedK-Kids clubs sponsored bythe Kiwanis Club of La Jolla.They have participated inbeach cleanups, made cook-ies, and sponsored food andtoy drives during the holi-days.

Builders Club: At the mid-dle school level, TheBuilders Club provides com-munity awareness to its stu-dents with participation involunteer service opportuni-ties. This year, the MuirlandsMiddle School Builders Clubwill be revitalized with newways for students to be ofhelp in this community.

Key Club: The La Jolla Ki-wanis Club sponsors twohigh school Key Clubs: LaJolla High School Key Club

and University City HighSchool Key Club. Thesehigh-energy clubs providemany volunteers for La JollaKiwanis events such as theLJ Half Marathon, the Pan-cake Breakfast and the Ju-nior Olympics, in additionto service projects designedby their separate clubs.

Circle K club: At the uni-versity level, UCSD is one ofthe largest, most successfulCircle K clubs in the nation.With a high percentage ofsuccessful leaders, the col-lege students are integral tothe success of the La Jolla Ki-wanis Club’s events as wellas the extended California-Nevada-Hawaii District.They manage their ownnonprofit organization, cre-ate and implement theirown budget, and with theirKiwanis adviser, decidewhich charitable organiza-tions to support.


Kiwanis-sponsored youth programs

KIWANIS CLUB OF LA JOLLA celebrates 85th year

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the worldone child and one community at a time.

In a typical year, Kiwanis clubs invest more than 6.2 million hours and morethan $100 million (U.S.) in communities around the world.

Just some of the youth groups thatthe La Jolla Kiwanis Club sup-ports:■ UCSD — Circle K■ La Jolla High Schooland University HighSchool — Key Clubs ■ Muirlands Jr. HighSchool — Builders Club■ Hope of America■ Junior Olympics

Visit our website, www.ljkiwanis.org, and find our other events that we spon-sor and how you, too, can become a member.

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La Jolla Kiwanis supports many projects thatbenefit the community as a whole. For example,every Thursday, Kiwanis volunteers deliver Mealson Wheels on two La Jolla routes. We also sup-port the organization by providing funding. Wecontribute to La Jolla Concerts by the Sea to as-sure that the concerts remain free, and help withthe Halloween party at the La Jolla Parks andRecreation by providing funds for the prizes. Wealso contribute to the Rough Water Swim.

Among the organizations we support are TheRiford Center, and the Mount Soledad Associa-tion for its Memorial and Veteran’s Day services.In 2010, we contributed to the Muirlands turfproject for the new field at Muirlands MiddleSchool. And every December, we help with theLa Jolla Christmas parade and the Christmaslights.

Our service goes beyond La Jolla and includesthe military. We are proud to support the SemperFi Fund, which helps wounded soldiers and theirfamilies, and GuideOn, which gives the familiesof fallen service members outdoor experiencesand leadership training.

At the regional level, our donations we havehelped Project Wildlife provide care for injuredanimals and for SNAP to spay and neuter animalsof families who cannot afford to do so. And fi-nally, we have contributed to the Leukemia andLymphoma Association, Braille Institute and theALS Association.


Kiwanians and family members enjoy the annual La Jolla Christmas Parade. COURTESY

Kiwanis co-sponsors the annual Rough Water Swim.KENT HORNER

Children enjoy the 2009 Christmas Parade. WILL PARSON

Kiwanis contributions helped with the new Muirlandsfield. WILL PARSON

Concert by the Sea 2010 BRITTANY COMUNALE

Community service

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Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club

of La Jolla on 85 Years of Service to

the Community

The Bishop’s School, a leader in college

prep education for over 100 years.

College prep · co-ed · grades 6-12


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“Serving the Children ofthe World,” the Kiwanis mot-to, is the major focus of theYouth Services Committee.

The Youth Services Com-mittee administers fundsprovided by the KiwanisClub of La Jolla Foundation,which are designated forcharitable organizations thatassist and promote the edu-cation, health and welfare ofschool-aged children. With abudget of close to $60,000in 2009-10, we providefunding for some of our an-nual events: JuniorOlympics, Hope of Americaand La Jolla Rough WaterSwim. We also provide fund-ing to assist more than 25local child-related charitableorganizations ranging from:

Athenaeum Music & Arts Li-brary, Big Brothers Big Sis-ters, Boys & Girls Clubs, BoyScouts, YMCA La Jolla andPeninsula, Camp Fire USA,

Community Campership,Coastal Bay Girls SoftballLeague, Summerbridge, Re-ality Changers, Voices forChildren, Connor’s Cause,

Monarch School and Salva-tion Army Youth Programs,to name a few.

This committee works hardto evaluate the numerous re-quests for funds each year

and to spread these fundsaround where needed in thecommunity. The checks pre-sented to these needy organi-zations go a long way towardhelping children play, learn

and develop in a secure envi-ronment. We know we makea big difference for theyouths in La Jolla and the greater San Diego com-munity.

Coastal Bay softball players enjoy their upgraded field at La Jolla Elementary School.COURTESY PHOTOS


Youth ServicesCommittee

Sign shows Kiwanis efforts.



We Salute the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

for 85 years of service and commitment

to the children of our community

Carl & Jeanine Volinski

Major sponsors of the

La Jolla Kiwanis Junior Olympics

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Medicare SupplementsLong Term Health Care

The Difference is Service


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The Difference is Service

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The Torrey Pines Group of Wells Fargo Advisors7807 Girard Avenue, Suite 200 · La Jolla, CA 92037 · 858-459-1045 · 800-759-1045

As a La Jolla resident and

proud Kiwanian, I salute the

Kiwanis Club ofLa Jolla for 85 years of

service to ourcommunity and

our children.

,,,,Avelino Cortina III, CIMA

Senior Vice President - Investments

The Torrey Pines Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

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