2010 BGPR Futsal Final

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Bosnia vs Caracoles faced off in this years Futsal final.

Text of 2010 BGPR Futsal Final

  • Champions Again

    Bosnia wins their 4th Futsal Championship with a convincing win over Caracoles A packed Sid Carr Gymnasium was in attendance

    for the 2010 BGPR Futsal final. Most of the people in attendance supported underdog Caracoles who was in their second final. Bosnia not a stranger to Futsal finals was playing for their fourth champion-ship. Caracoles were ousted out of the tournament last season in the semifinals by Bosnia and were looking to avenge that loss. Bosnias started the match with an all out attack for-mation leaving only one defender in the back. They

    crowded the midfield looking to have complete possession of the ball. Caracoles used a much more defensive formation playing with three defenders and looking to play counterattack football. This formation was a departure from the formation they had used all season long with two defenders, two midfielders, and one striker. The change in forma-tion seemed to work for the first couple of minutes as Bosnia was unable to break through Caracoles defense.

  • Members of both teams pose with their new uniforms which were given to them as a prize for making the final.

    Bosnias Jeton Hyseni and Igor Hyseni were give speacial recognitions

    JIt took an extra effort from Jeton Hyseni, this seasons maximum scorer, looked un-stoppable, and five minutes into the game he scored a brilliant goal. But Caracoles responded quickly and scored one minute after when Bosnias goalie threw the ball directly into the run of Caracoles striker. The striker took the ball and shot into an open net. The 1-1 tie lasted until the final 3 minutes of the half. Bosnias Zicret robbed the ball from one of Caracoles defenders and crossed the ball into the run of Jeton, Jeton faked a shot which the goalie bit on, leaving the goal wide open, Jeton calmly scored and made the game 2-1. It seemed as if the 2nd half would end like that. But Caracoles looking to attack and get one back left themselves wide open for a counterat-tack. Amel stole the ball in the Bosnias half and dribbled past two defenders and scored the 3rd goal just as the buzzer sounded an-nouncing the end of the half. The second half was a an all out slaughter as bosnia just waited in the back and played counterattack futbol. It payed off as the were able to lift their 4th futsal title, winning the match 6-2. Both teams were given brand new uniforms as prizes and are guerenteed free registra-tion fees for next season. Jeton was given handed seprate awards for goal leader and player of the game. Bosnia goalie was also awarded a prize for least scored on goalie.