2008 - 2009 Strategy & Planning Meeting March 30th, 2008.

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  • 2008 - 2009 Strategy & Planning MeetingMarch 30th, 2008

  • AgendaWelcome


    Activity Alignment


    Club Transition Meeting

    Presidents Discussion

  • Get it on the Table

  • The Leadership ChallengeLeave this school and the class of 2009 & 2010 profoundly better than we found them.

    Rise to challenges viewing them as an opportunity rather than a problem.

    Leave the past in the past. Focus on the future.

    Challenge conventional wisdom.

    Fewer, Bigger, Better

  • VisionTo become the transforming & enabling force of Goizuetas student body strengthening its community and reputation through:

    Servant leadership of GBS, Emory, and the broader Atlanta community with a compassionate heart and an open mind

    Clarifying and championing comprehensive career support services to achieve the highest possible career placements

    Developing and broadening our Goizueta alumni network through increased outreach & collaboration

    Celebrating individuals heritage & culture collectively through purposefully designed social and educational events

    Purposeful and methodical pursuit of key national case competitions

  • Activity AlignmentHow do we achieve Fewer, Bigger, Better?

    The S word:SYNERGY.

  • Women to WomenConversations that EnlightenJoin us for a womens roundtable event where students and executives will discuss relevant issues for women in business, followed by a wine tasting.

    February 28, 20087PM - 9PMRoom W525

  • Synergy Across ClubsWine Club with AnythingGWIB and Goizueta Gives - community events for womenMarketing and Consulting Case PreparationCharity softball game(Goizueta Gives and the Sports Club)

  • Synergy Across GoizuetaThe strength of this school is in its community and its close knit network, we should aim to make it stronger.Create events that cross all schools AND alumni: Full Time MBAs (One and Two Year)Evening MBAsExecutive MBAsWeekend MBAsBBAsEWG (Executive Women of Goizueta)Mentor Program

  • Synergy Beyond GoizuetaBuild a bigger network by reaching out to other schoolsShare best practicesImplement eventsi.e. The Duke MBA Games benefiting the Special Olympics of North Carolina 13 schools participated in 2008

  • BenefitsMore impactful More participationMore memorableMore potential for annual eventsDeeper relationships between disparate groups

    Less workLess money

  • Barrier: CommunicationSolution: Bridge the gapAcross Club: well provide a contact list of clubs and key faculty personnel, structureAcross Goizueta: appoint representatives to post information on different conferencesBeyond Goizueta: Reach to your clubs National office

  • Discussion

    The Master calendar sucks, what do we do?GBA BoardBill HoskenTranslux board

  • Our StructureGBAPres. & EVPVP Univ.VP Alum.VP Comm.VP CMCVP C&FVP S.A.VP Multi-C.VP Acad.CFOClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportClub SupportVP FacilitiesClub Support

  • CFO OverviewExpense Reimbursement

    Budget OverviewGeneral IssuesBudget Day

  • Club Budgets in GeneralGood News/Bad NewsIssues to Keep in Mind for Club BudgetsBe RealisticNumber of EventsFunding NeedsPartnerships with Other ClubsCorporate Sponsorships

  • Budget DayBudget Day April Exact Date TBDEach Club Leadership Meets with GBA15 to 20 Minutes Per ClubDiscuss Your Fall 2008 Budget Request

  • How Do I Prepare for Budget Day?Clubs Budget From Last YearMORE IMPORTANTLY, Clubs Spending Last YearLast Years Budget Only as a Rough GuideSet up Schedule of EventsPartnering With Other ClubsCorporate SponsorshipsEmail Budget Request Form to Me and Steve

    The Bad

    The goodClub strengthClub TransitionsThis is supposed to symbolize all of us, playing together.

    So what is Synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

    Were hoping that if we integrate some of our events, that we will have stronger, more impactful, more meaningful events.

    BUILD a stronger network, between clubs, between different MBA programs in Goizueta, by bringing contacts with different ideas of shared experiences together (to borrow words from strategy)

    Ill give you an example of an event last year that had a lot of this synergy in it.

    *In February, Hally Emily and I put together a roundtable event where the goal was to encourage women to talk candidly about being a women in business, and also provide a forum for networking.

    We had women from the executive, evening and weekend MBA program, BBAs, and most importantly the EWG, executive women of Goizueta join and network with each other and have frank discussions about being a women in business.

    We even asked the EWG to share a piece of advice with the rest of us, and we heard things like pull your big girl pants up.

    To this end, we got the wine club involved, because what helps networking more than wine? And we worked closely with the Mentor Program, who not only got our message about the event out to a lot of the right people, but also contributed to the funds. We got the EWG involved, so that they had a ownership and stake in the event, to make sure that they would come and that they had a stake in its success.

    We pooled money from GWIB, the mentor program, the wine club and EWG.

    So, for an event that was originally budgeted for GWIB only at 300, we had an event that cost nearly $2000. And we had 60 participants that desperately want to do the event again next year.

    Without the other clubs/programs involvement, we wouldnt have had enough money to pull this off, for one thing, and for another, we had better ideas on how to do it and how to serve everyones needs.

    So this is an example of the types of events wed like to do more of. Some ideas for other synergy across clubs are.

    *Were NOT saying use every club. Own your niche, use each other strategically, where it makes sense)

    Were hoping that you all can brainstorm about this during the break and come up with more ideas *We want to be not only pool resources from all of our clubs together, but we want to pull them from other MBA programs.

    More people showing up to events

    Biulding stronger relationships

    Bigger resource pool

    *i.e. there are other Womens Clubs, Net Impacts, Sports Clubs at other schools we should join forces*The benefits of this are.

    One of the big barriers to this is communication *Figure out who the right people are to talk to who is the leadership, who even has access to their conferences

    Another barrier to getting the word out, is MBA 09 and the Master Calendar*We need your thoughts*