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2006 Annual Report NICOLLET COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Photo: Nicollet County Poor Farm Thank you so much for your support in 2006. One-hundred years from now I think 2006 will be looked at as a watershed moment in NCHS’s development. We firmly believe we can, and will, be an elite institution—and we are well on our way to getting there. Theodore Moline Theodore Moline, of St. Peter, a life time member of the Nicollet County Historical Society, was a pioneer amateur radio operator and in 1937, he reported to St. Peter as an Assistant Signal Maintainer. He retired in 1980 and never had a reportable accident in 44 plus years. In 1941, he was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers and assigned to a Railway Operating Battalion. He was called to active duty in 1942 and was released after 44 months of service. In 1951 he was called back to active duty and was assigned to the Transportation Corps Research and Development at Fort Eustis, VA. He returned to his railroad assignment in 1953. Theodore retired from service in 1971 as Corporal. Along with his military and railroading interests, he was a private pilot and managed the St. Peter Airport for over 10 years. We will forever be indebted to Ted for his selfless generosity. His gifts to the Society and other organizations in St. Peter will continue to provide for us all in perpetuity. Thank you Ted.

2006 annual report - Nicollet County Historical Society2006 Annual Report NICOLLET COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Photo: Nicollet County Poor Farm Thank you so much for your support in

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  • 2006 Annual Report


    Photo: Nicollet County Poor Farm

    Thank you so much for your support in 2006. One-hundred years from now I think 2006 will be looked at as a watershed moment in NCHS’s development. We firmly believe we can, and will, be an elite institution—and we are well on our way to getting there.

    Theodore Moline Theodore Moline, of St. Peter, a life time member of the Nicollet County Historical

    Society, was a pioneer amateur radio operator and in 1937, he reported to St. Peter as an Assistant Signal Maintainer. He retired in 1980 and never had a reportable accident in 44 plus years. In 1941, he was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Corps of

    Engineers and assigned to a Railway Operating Battalion. He was called to active duty in 1942 and was released after 44 months of service. In 1951 he was called back to

    active duty and was assigned to the Transportation Corps Research and Development at Fort Eustis, VA. He returned to his railroad assignment in 1953. Theodore retired from service in 1971 as Corporal. Along with his military and railroading interests, he

    was a private pilot and managed the St. Peter Airport for over 10 years.

    We will forever be indebted to Ted for his selfless generosity. His gifts to the Society and other organizations in St. Peter will continue to provide for us all in perpetuity.

    Thank you Ted.

  • Memberships cont... Dan Schultz Dorothy Schultz Karen Smithers Agnes Stensby Neil Stevermer Bernadine Thompson John Vogel Alva Wellington Gertrude Wright Life Member Carl Aanonsen Jack Ahle Ken & Janet Albrecht Mr. & Mrs. Carl Anderson Carl & Lois Annexstad Phyllis Annezstad Marshall & Janet Anthony Willis & Rachel Anthony Mrs. Marion Babcock Paul & Helen Baumgartner Gloria Benson Lavinia Bloomquist John & Rosemary Braun Math Braun

    Donald & Marilla Burch Arlyce & Dave Bussman Napoleon Chagnon Mrs. R.C. Dahleen Karen Daniels-Peterson Stanley Davis Dr. & Mrs. William Dobbs C.W. Dowling Lila Faust Mrs. T.R. Fritsche Mrs. George Gatchell Bruce & Sue Gray Fred & Judy Hanson Charles Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hilding Alice Hinnenthal Janet Hoffmann Eunice Holz Mr. & Mrs. Carl Johnson Chester & Marian Johnson Mrs. Emeroy Johnson Gene Kind Merton & Elaine Kirby Karl Klein Mrs. Harry Kramer John Kvamme

    Olive Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Dean Pettis Herbert & Louise Poncin Mr. B.H. Prust Bill & Marilyn Robertz Warren & Marilyn Rodning Arlene Sandeen Wayne Schmidt Judy Scholl Peggy Schwichtenberg Cora Sjostrom Nadine Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swedberg Roger & Linda Swenson Olive Thomas Dr. Henry Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Veith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Volk Robert Webster Merton & Margaret Wenner Ed & Bev Wetherill Robert Wettergren Pearl Wilkinson Marilyn Witty Val Youngbloom

    Mrs. William Lager Carol & Arne Langyoen Eunice Larson Dr. & Mrs. Richard Larson Emilie Lokensgard Mrs. Elgene Lund Wayne Lynn Malcolm & Donna Mackenzie Eugene Majerowicz Beatrice Martinson Mr. & Mrs. Dayton Martinson Mr. & Mrs. J.L. McClellan Mr. & Mrs. C.N. McRostie Mr. & Mrs. Martin Menk A.W. Meyer Robert Moline Cliff & Theresa Mollert Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Monke Barb & Don Olmanson Dr. & Mrs. Vern Olmanson Lorraine & Harold Olson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ostrom Dennis Paschke Albert Peichel Ellery & Carol Peterson Mrs. Leslie Peterson


    The mission of the Nicollet County Historical Society shall be the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Nicollet County and the State of



    Table of Contents 3 Message from the Director & President 4 At a Glance 6 Staff & Board of Directors 7 Committees 8 Treaty Site History Center 9 Harkin Store 10 E. St. Julien Cox House 11 Fort Ridgely 12 Committee Reports 13 Financials 15 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes 16 Support 17 Collections & Memorials 18 Memberships

    About 50,519 people have been served by the Nicollet County Historical Society in 2006. The society relies on county appropriations, memberships, grants, admissions, donations, and sales revenues to serve the residents and visitors of Nicollet County.

  • Memberships $1,000 Champion Business Gustavus Adolphus $200 Business/Supporting BENCO Electric Culligan Meyer First National Bank Hickory Tech Kind Vet Clinic Nelson Printing Nicollet County Bank $1000 Crossings Circle Life Members Marian Anderson Steven & Becky Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Mark Davis Julie & Sam Gault Lisa Gault Delores Holteen James McPherson Violet Moline David & Linda Witte $100 Patron Red Men Club, Inc. Nicollet Chamber of Commerce Riverside Dental Care Larry & Judy Biederman Mel & LaVonne Craig Marie Dranttel Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Palmer Marlin Peterson Ranae & Robert Peterson Stephen & Barbara Wilkinson $75 Sustaining Milton & Elaine Brostrom Vic Gustafson St. Peter Chamber of Commerce/Larry Haugen Robert & Leona Isenberg

    Roland & Edi Thorstensson $45 Family Frani & Mark Anderson Eric Annexstad James & Verda Beatty Stan & Marie Benson Richard Beran Marilyn & Bill Bessler Bernard & Pam Bidelman Wayne & Theresa Bjorklund David & Bernice Breitung Gerald Brekke & Melissa Speiss Richard & Bonnie Compart Kathy Corey Roger & Lois Currier Bruce Davis Duane & Brenda DeBlieck John & Carol Dranttel Garfield & Marjorie Eckberg Paul & Connie Eckberg Charles Eggert Bernhard & Marilyn Erling Frank & Ruth Gamelin Terry & Sandy Gappa Don & Beverly Gustafson Stanley & Marjorie Halvorson Stuart & Mary Ann Hanson Elaine Hermanson Lisa & Philip Isenberg Elder & Renee Jackson Ray & Liz Jacobson Meryl & Arne Jessen Gareth Edward John & Christine Metzo Donley Johnson H. Stuart & Marlys C. Johnson Paul & Vickie Johnson Ellis & Janet Jones

    Helen Christianson JoAnne Cochran Arden DeBoer Opal Dewanz Lona Falenczykowski Jackie Feldman Emma Franz Michael Frederick Colleen Freitag Brand Frentz Bob Gasch Paula Goblirsch Susan Gravelin Edna Gustafson Mike Haeuser William Harvey Jan Holte Eileen Holz Conrad Irrgang Ruth Jackson Marjorie Johnson Katherine Kamakahi Ann Kastl Marolyn Kleinert Mary Klinger Gretchen Koehler Donna Kowal Rita Kramer Joerg Ruth Larson Stanley Lindquist Mary Long Dolores Lueck Joy Lutzi Connie L. Marz Harriet Mason Dorothy Mundt Dr. Craig Nelson Ms. Sylvia Nesheim David A. Olson Ray Olson Judith Penhiter Marshall Peterson Janet Prehn Donna & Joe Resner Sharon Robinson Gordon Rodning Bob Sandeen

    Judy & Bill Leonard Loren & Betty Lindsay Ardis & Earl Lund Phyllis & Malcolm Maxwell John & Sara McKay Janice & Robert Meyer Carl & Mary Moline Terry Morrow Dale & Kay Mowbray Earl & Evie Nelson Roger & Barb Nelson Thorild & Ardith Nelson Janet Nordstrom Douglas & ReVae Nygard Sujay Rao Marjorie & Earl Rennekee Ken & Patsy Rossow Joyce & Gerald Roust Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schmidt Sandra Schmidt Sue & Lee Schott Douglas & Judy Schultz Doug & Jean Stavenau James & Diane Stenson Marty & Carol Sterner Herman & Nel Swanson Howard & Jane Swenson Owen & Evie Swenson Bradford & Jane Thompson Mark & Carol Werhan Buster & Nina West Richard & Janet Wettergren Larry & Joan Zambino $30 Individual Genealogy Periodicals John Allerson Lisa Bachman Mary Blank Janet Boese Ruth Brandel Paul Bresnahan Carolyn Brethorst Eric Carlson

    Gil Carlson 18 3

    President’s Report by Garfield Eckberg

    2006 has been a very busy year for the Nicollet County Historical Society. A sincere thank you goes to any and all who have volunteered to help on the many activities. I would like to touch

    on three of those activities.

    A log cabin from a local farm was moved onto our grounds and has been restored to a safe condition. The committee of Herb Poncin, Ed Wetherill, Loren Lindsay, Bob Douglas, Brenda DeBlieck and I spent many hours working on it. We hired Terrisol Restoration Co. and Angela Haack along with our volunteers to replace some logs. There has been a lot of interest from individuals who stopped by while

    we were working. This building represents the history of the form of early housing by settlers and also shows the craftsmanship done with very minimum equipment. We received monetary and material donations that have covered the

    expenses and will continue to welcome donations for more work to be done.

    A year ago while researching the Fort Road from Henderson to Fort Ridgely, one of our members brought to our attention that we should mark the location of the Little Rock Trading Post at the west end of Nicollet County. Several of our members went to the site and were amazed at the history there that few people are aware of. The trading post and Indian village have a history similar to that of Traverse De Sioux. There is also an outcrop of rock (Morton gneiss) at the trading post site which

    geologists say is among the oldest in the world.

    Several weeks ago, a map of the Treaty Site from the 1850’s was located. This indicated the river crossing, the Red River Oxcart Trail, the stage coach road, the Fort Road to Fort Ridgely, and the Sibley Trading Post were all within a radius of

    several hundred feet. Working with Dick Gardner at Bolton and Menk surveyors, the accuracy of these maps were documented. This is a very significant breakthrough in the history of the treaty site.

    We have so much history in Nicollet County. We need to increase our membership base and help to develop interest and awareness of this history.

    Message from the Director, Ben Leonard

    2006 was a good year for the Society. While NCHS is certainly not a corporation, I look at our members as shareholders in both our organization and our shared local heritage. I think there are many things Society board members, staff, shareholders, supporters, and customers can revel in.

    NCHS is now debt free. We now operate two more sites in Fort Ridgely and the Traverse des Sioux Historic Site. In the past year we pinpointed the exact locations of the Little Rock Trading Post in

    Ridgely Township and the Traverse des Sioux.

    Government contributions, though vitally important, represent a smaller percentage of our revenues than at most Minnesota county historical societies. On the same note, NCHS operates more efficiently than our counterparts’ average. We are constantly looking for ways to leverage current revenues and create new profit streams to

    become more sustainable and vigorous.

    I expect 2007 to bring even more positive change and exciting possibilities. Continued interpretive improvements will make the Treaty Site History Center a more stimulating experience. A special grant-funded Curatorial project will fund new storage

    materials and a full-time Curator for twelve months to transform the collections storage area. Old and new partnerships promise to yield exciting possibilities is programming and revenue sharing. We look forward to building on Harkin’s

    tremendous success of last season for another great year.

    I’d like to thank our Board of Directors. They all spent many hours in and outside of meetings to help guide NCHS towards a much brighter future. Marie Dranttel, Arlyce Bussman, and Chuck Eggert will be missed. We look forward to three new

    members in 2007.

    Thanks to our many volunteers. It is simply amazing what our dedicated Cox House Committee and volunteers can do with the school tours, plant sale, and Christmas at the Cox House. We couldn’t live without them in our Archives or at Harkin

    Store either. They deserve our heartfelt appreciation.

    A special thanks to the staff. We are extremely lucky to have such personable, diligent, flexible, and selfless people. I am amazed at what they are able to accomplish with the available resources. While we take our history seriously, I hope too that we can have fun and get excited. Because I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but get excited when I think about what

    we’ve been doing, and what we’re going to do. Thanks!

  • 17

    2006 Collections Donors

    Fred Danner Gertrude Wright John L. Cole Geraldine Leonard Chester and Marion Johnson Pell Johnson Larry Tostenson Sandra (Heidemann) Zins Granby Township Gladys Anderson Robert J. Sandeen Robert Isenberg Tim M. Teynor Hank Sadler, representing the Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Nancy B. Linton Robert Wettergren Gloria Crocker Ronald Blitstein Garfield Eckberg Lorraine Olson Michael Frederick Ruth Klossner Beverly Woods Donald Olmanson, representing Dr. Anna Rotramel David W. Schmit Gordon Dey McLeod County Historical Society Rev. Craig Ferkenstad,

    representing the Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church in Sibley County Jennifer Powers Jeffrey Domras, representing Bolton and Menk Engineering Warren Oas Steve Alinder Dick Muesing Renville County Historical Society Art Hopp Gertrude Wright Melvin G. Werth Judy D. Hanson

    Richard and Rejean Bresnahan Robert Swedberg Scandian Grove Lutheran Church Norseland Lutheran Church and Norwegian Grove Lutheran Jim Rossow Ross Gersten Harold Johnson Ken Ziegler Dean Milton Pettis Marlin Peterson Bernadotte Lutheran Church Don Mayo

    NCHS in 2006 At A Glance


    The charts, graphs, and highlights found in our At A Glance sections provide quick access to society information. Reading further will provide additional details and information.

    Revenue Expense

    NCHS as a Whole in 2006

    Memorials In Memory of Norma Gintner Given By Jim & Judy Mans In Memory of Adeline Johnson Given By Stanley & Marjorie Halvorson In Memory of Merton Kirby Given By Bev & Ed Wetherill Marian Olson Babcock & Gretchen Gilbert In Memory of Linnea Lind Given By Dorothy Schultz In Memory of Della Mines Given By Arlyce Bussman In Memory of Wally Moline Given By Arlyce Bussman

    In Memory of Marvis Mueller Given By Harold & Lorraine Olson In Memory of Grace Joan Murnan Schrantz & Joseph J. Murnan Given By Rita Kramer Joerg In Memory of Richard Nelson Given By Martin & Carol Menk Ed & Bev Wetherill In Memory of Stanley Neubert Given By Marcia Jones Richards In Memory of Bernice Olmanson Given By Cora Sjostrom

    In Memory of Elmer Pehling Given By Harold & Lorraine Olson In Memory of Jeff Pyan Given By Arlyce Bussman In Memory of Dr. Ann Rotrammel Given By Carol J. & Martin C. Menk, Jr. In Memory of Joe F. Valk Given By Arlyce Bussman In Memory of Hazel Witty Given By Marian Olson Babcock & Gretchen Gilbert In Memory of Willis Witty Given By Bill & Marilyn Robertz

    In Memory of Charlotte Anderson Given By Donald Burch Morton & Dorothy Eliason Arlene Gross John & Sara McKay Marilyn Neilson Olive Peterson Cora Sjostrom In Memory of Frankie Anderson Given By John & Carol Dranttel In Memory of Irene Balle Given By David & Bernice Breitung Cora Sjostrom In Memory of Winifred Feezor Given By Eunice Holz

    18,305 served by NCHS in 2006.

    Over 4,750 people attended NCHS

    programs during 2006.

    1,740 tour groups from students to adults visited last year.

    Statistics provided by the Minnesota Historical Society

    Admission & Pr ogr ams

    Ar chi ves


    Gr ants

    Contr act Management

    Donati ons

    Member ship


    Inter est Income

    Staf f

    Bui l di ngs and Gounds

    Log Cabin Pr oject

    Exhibi ts

    Pr ogr ams

    Col l ecti ons

    Oper ati ons

    Mer chandi se

    Average Minnesota County Historical Society Revenue and Expense in 2005

    C o x H o us e ,

    13 2 8

    R idge ly,4 5 3 6

    H a rk in, 7 15 4

    T re a t y S it e , 5 2 8 7

  • 5

    Volunteers contributed over 3,000 hours to the society this past year.

    Volunteer Mike Bidelman

    NCHS has welcomed visitors from 37 states and 7 countries this year


    Support The Society has received very generous support in 2006 from the county, individuals, organizations, and

    foundations. Support comes in many forms – monetary donations, volunteerism, grants, membership, and the very museum collections we rely on. To all of you who supported we offer our deepest thanks – we truly

    cannot do this without you.


    The board and staff of the society would like to thank the more than 100 volunteers who have contributed over 3,000 hours of time in 2006. Thank you!

    Treaty Site History Center: over 50 volunteers and over 2,000 hours Harkin Store: 75 volunteers and 600 hours Cox House: over 25 volunteers and 500 hours

    The Gift of Time

    Gifts Questers

    Elizabeth Russell Gustavus Adolphus Paul Baumgartner

    Malcolm Mackenzie Alva Wellington

    John Iverson United Way

    Bill & Marilyn Robertz

    Martin & Carol Menk Herb Poncin Ted Moline

    Beatrice Martinson Anonymous

    Minnesota Hardwoods Schroeder Log Home Supply

    Arden DeBoer Larry and Joan Zambino

    Thank you to all who donated for the Log Cabin Project.

    Nicollet County Minnesota Historical Society

    Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation Higher Education Consortium on Urban Affairs

    City of St. Peter

    St. Peter Tourism Bureau Minnesota Digital Library

    Greater Mankato Economic Development Corporation (travel scholarship)

    Prairie Lakes Arts Council St. Peter Area United Way

  • 6

    Board of Directors Garfiled Eckberg, Nicollet President (term ending 2007) LaVonne Craig, North Mankato Vice President (term ending 2008) Herb Poncin, Nicollet Treasurer (1st term ending 2008) Evie Swenson, Nicollet Secretary (term ending 2008) Marie Dranttel, St. Peter Historian (term ending 2006)

    Staff Ben Leonard Executive Director [email protected] Bob Sandeen Research Coordinator [email protected] Jessica Hollerich Office Manager [email protected] Hal Johnson Museum Assistant Brian McDonald Museum Assistant [email protected] Ron Carlberg Maintenance Coordinator [email protected]

    Katy Young Cox House Manager [email protected] Ruth Grewe Harkin Store Site Manager [email protected] Ross Gersten Harkin Store Assistant Site Manager Nancy Zempel Fort Ridgely Site Manager [email protected] Randy Kvam Fort Ridgely Assistant Site Manager Dorothy Polesky Ingerid Kvam Carl J. Nelson Randall Schroeder Fort Ridgely Site Guides

    The Society would like to thank its employees, board of directors, and committee members for working so hard to make the Nicollet County Historical Society one of the top institutions of its kind in Minnesota.

    That goal would be impossible without you.



    MINUTES Sunday, January 15, 2006

    The Nicollet County Historical Society held its annual meeting at the Gustavus Adolphus College Banquet Room, St. Peter, MN on Sunday, January 15, 2006. I. Call to Order: President Marie Dranttel called the business meeting to order at 3:35pm. The President called on Herb Poncin to lead the assembled group in the Pledge of Allegiance and to give the Invocation. In addition to the assembled members and guests, the following Board of Directors were present and introduced by President M. Dranttel, G. Eckberg, E. Swenson, L. Craig, J. Schultz, L. Annexstad, B. Davis, E. Wetherill, J. Swenson, R. Beran, and Executive Director, Ben Leonard. Absent: A. Bussman, B. DeBlieck, C. Eggert, and J. Brandt. The staff members introduced were Treaty Site History Center: Bob Sandeen, Jessica Hollerich, and Brian McDonald; Harkin Store Manager, Ruth Grewe and Fort Ridgely Historic Site Manager, Nancy Zempel. II. Secretary’s Report: Secretary Evie Swenson presented the 2005 annual meeting minutes as printed on page 15 in the 2005 Annual Report. There being no additions or corrections, the President called for a motion to approve the minutes as written. M/S H. Poncin/E. Wetherill. Motion carried. III. Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the Treasurer, Chuck Eggert, the report was presented by Ben Leonard. Ben stated that the full Financial Report will not be available until Tuesday, January 17th and can be viewed on the website or by calling for a copy. “NCHS in 2005 at a Glance” was presented in graphic form on page 4 of the annual report. The Financials on page 13 & 14 showed the 2005 Support and Revenue and Operating Expenses. Ben thanked Nicollet County for its continued support and for the 5% increase in the 2006 budget allocation. Ben thanked the Minnesota Historical Society for the opportunity to manage the Harkin Store, Fort Ridgley Historic Site, and the Traverse des Sioux Historic Site. Ben expressed thanks to the many individuals, organizations and foundations that gave support through their generous donations, such as Elizabeth Russell to the Harkin Store and Ted Moline. The Ted Moline gift will allow us to pay off the remaining debt on the building and to start an endowment fund in 2006. Motion called to accept the treasurer’s report. M?S M. McKenzie/J. Schultz. Motion carried. IV: Director’s Report Ben Leonard stated that NCHS had a fantastic year and he is upbeat and excited for 2006. We are moving in the right direction with the finances and programs. The new Intro Exhibit project had as its thesis statement “For generations people have come together here.” It is the coming together of the Indians, European immigrants and today’s community. The Log Cabin project would not have come about without the support and excitement of Garfield Eckberg and Herb Poncin. Our management of the Fort Ridgely Historic Site began on December 1, 2005. We have staff ready to go with Nancy Zempel as the site manager. June 4th is designated as the opening celebration at the Fort. V. Committee Reports: Committees and respective members were recognized and introduced as listed in the Annual program on page 7 A. Collections B. Cox House C. Program D. Exhibits E. Mariah’s Garden Club F. Quilters G. Nominating Committee Herb Poncin, on behalf of the nominating committee, submitted the following list of nominations: First Three Year Term Directors 1. Thorild Nelson, Nicollet 2. Sujay Rao, Gustavus 3. Diane Stenson, St. Peter 4. Herb Poncin, Traverse Second Three Year Term Directors 1. LaVonne Craig 2. Bruce Davis 3. Ed Wetherill President Dranttel called three times for any nominations from the floor. Heating none, the membership voted to accept the nominees for Board of Directors as recommended. Board of Directors for a one year term, 2006. President: Garfield Eckberg Vice President: LaVonne Craig Secretary: Evie Swenson Treasurer: Herb Poncin Historian: Marie Dranttel The slate of officers was accepted by a voice vote of the membership. President Dranttel thanked the out going members of the Board of Directors; Lois Annexstad, James Brandt and Judy Schultz. President Dranttel turned the meeting over to the newly elected President, Garfield Eckberg. VI. There was no old business. VII. There was no new business. VIII. Meeting Adjourned at 3:55pm. M/S L. Craig/T. Nelson A delicious meal was served by the Gustavus dining staff. Tom Ellig spoke on behalf of the Minnesota Historical Society. Mr. Ellig is responsible for the management sites in MN. He thanked the NCHS for managing the three sites, Harkin Store, Traverse des Sioux Historic Site and Fort Ridgely Historic Site. Ben introduced Robin Wettergren Bauer, daughter of Bob Wettergren, who presented an interesting program showing home movies taken by Dr. G. Edward Larson of St. Peter during the 1930-1940 era and beyond. Movies were also shown of the damage caused by the St. Peter tornado of March 29, 1998. There was a short video of Bob Wettergren’s life entitled, “Bob In a Nutshell.” Ben Leonard, on behalf of the NCHS, presented Bob Wettergren with a St. Peter jacket with the insignia “Mr. St. Peter, Bob Wettergren.” Bob Wettergren responded with a few words and stories. Secretary, Evie Swenson

    St. Peter Arlyce Bussman (term ending 2006) Bruce Davis (term ending 2008) Brenda DeBlieck (term ending 2007) Chuck Eggert (term ending 2006) Sujay Rao (1st term ending 2008) Diane Stenson (1st term ending 2008) Ed Wetherill (term ending 2008) Nicollet Thorild Nelson (1st term ending 2008) Jane Swenson (term ending 2007) Kasota Richard Beran (term ending 2007)

  • 7 14

    Committees Executive Committee

    Marie Dranttel Evie Swenson Garfield Eckberg LaVonne Craig Herb Poncin

    Exhibits Committee

    Chuck Eggert (Chair) Bruce Davis Eileen Holz Carl Nelson Bob Sandeen (Collections Manager) Ben Leonard (Director) Jessica Hollerich (Office Manager)

    Mariah’s Garden Club

    Mary Everett Barb Grams Marge Halvorson Barb Olmanson Marilyn Robertz Susan Stenson Bev & Ed Wetherill Jane Thompson Ann Bassett Arlyce Bussman Kathy Britz Don Olmanson Stan Lindquist (Lawn Mower & Schoveling)

    Nominating Committee

    Marie Dranttel Garfield Eckberg Edi Thorstensson

    Quilters Marjorie Halvorson Ann Henze Janet Hoffmann Leona Isenberg Marolyn Klienert Dorothy Schultz Bev Wetherill


    Arlyce Bussman Tom Hagen Edi Thorstensson Michelle Twait Jessica Potter Sujay Rao Bob Sandeen (Collections Manager)

    E. St. Julien Cox House

    Jan Hoffman Ed Wetherill (Chair) ReVae Nygard Bev Wetherill Barb Olmanson Judy Scholl Marilyn Robertz

    Program Committee

    Marie Dranttel Jane Timmerman Edi Thorstensson Jane Swenson LaVonne Craig (Chair) Diane Stenson Ben Leonard (Director) Jessica Hollerich (Office Manager)

    Log Cabin

    Garfield Eckberg Arlyce Bussman Ed Wetherill Herb Poncin

    NCHS Expenses, 2006 NCHS Income, 2006

    Staff $135,275.00 Admission & Programs $24,947.92 Buildings and Gounds $44,674.77 Archives $1,471.88 Log Cabin Project $11,475.58 County $92,610.00 Exhibits $24,204.19 Grants $42,644.76 Programs $12,584.71 Contract Management $56,000.00 Collections $8,356.79 Donations $210,279.92 Operations $27,731.60 Membership $9,305.00 Merchandise $10,676.92 Sales $25,210.78

    Interest Income $3,481.78

    Harkin, 2006 Harkin, 2006

    Staff $19,839.12 Admissions $9,383.00 Operations $1,993.94 Sales $11,778.77 Building and Grounds $1,362.61 Donations $330.75 Store Merchandise $5,411.12 MHS Operations Grant $11,447.94

    Interest Income $28.54

    Cox, 2006 Cox, 2006

    Staff $3,969.00 Admissions $1,401.39

    Operations $2,454.00 Fundraising $1,428.75 Building and Grounds $2,779.13 Donations $1,225.00*

    * does not include Questers' donation of kitchenette

    Fort Ridgely, 2006 Fort Ridgely, 2006

    Staff $20,757.02 Admissions $2,833.35 Operations $8,566.52 Sales $597.71 Building and Grounds $9,738.44 Donations $5,742.76 Store Merchandise $2,021.79 MHS Operations Grant $31,909.95

  • 13



    2006 was a good year for the Treaty Site History Center, headquarters of the Society. Staff members Jessica Hollerich, Bob Sandeen, Brian McDonald, Ron

    Carlberg, Hal Johnson, and Ben Leonard, along with many wonderful volunteers all contributed to the success. We continue to undertake both minor and major

    exhibit renovations making the Treaty Site a more relevant, interactive, and exciting place to visit for all Nicollet County residents and visitors. We hope to

    raise awareness, participation, and visitation in 2006.

    We will welcome several big programs in 2007. Winterfest’s Super Snow Sunday is back February 11th, Mike Lynch’s Starwatch class March 24th, Minnesota

    Association of Museum’s Annual Conference in April, The Hudson Bay Expedition May 6th, Wildflower Walk in July, and Minnesota Raptor Center August 26th. Visit to see what we’ve done, and come back to see what we’ll

    change next.

    Hours: Tues. - Sat. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Archives: Tues. - Fri. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Treaty Site History Center 1851 N. Minnesota Avenue, St. Peter, MN

    56082 (507) 934-2160 * FAX (507) 934-0172

    [email protected]

    2006 was a good year for the Society. We were blessed with several incredibly generous donations including a significant portion of the Ted Moline estate. Through these gifts we were able to pay off the Society’s debt and begin an Endowment.

    We have also continued to increase quality programming, made significant contributions outside museum walls, and plan for a reinvented Treaty Site History Center.

    For 2007 I would like to see us be able to increase our business and individual memberships, increase resale income, and see more people come to our great sites like the Cox House.

    The financials you see here are not complete. Because our annual meeting closely follows the end of the calendar year, au-dited financial statements are not yet available. If you would like to see them please contact Ben Leonard at 507-934-2160.

    The numbers provided here provide a general snapshot of revenues and expenses.

  • 12

    Committee Reports

    Nicollet County Historical Society Quilters by Bev Wetherill

    The “Hearts at the Crossing” quilt which was displayed at the 2006 annual meeting was sold in April. Out next project was a small heart quilt provided by one of the quilters which was given to the Hospice Benefit silent


    In the summer, we completed a quilt which was donated by a member of the group and sold this fall. Our current project is a fan pattern quilt which has been pieced and quilted by the group. We hope to display it at the 2007

    annual meeting.

    As of November 2006, the group has been responsible for contributions of $4,845 to the Society. We meet each Wednesday afternoon at the Treaty Site History Center.

    New projects and quilters are always welcome.

    Program Committee Report by LaVonne Craig

    This has been a busy and fun year for the program committee. We went to several locations in the county besides’ our Treaty Site here in St. Peter.

    The St. Peter Winterfest had events here at eh Treaty Site in February. The “Burning of the Mortgage” event took place in April. We gave thanks again to Ted Moline’s generosity. In May, we went to the Nicollet Conservation Club and had a program on the “Poor Farm.” This was very well attended. July brought our Wildflower Walk

    Day at Traverse des Sioux. Hot weather lowered the attendance. We hope to get some self-guided materials ready for next year. Also in July, we had the Raptor program with many families with children attending. August found

    us at the Nicollet County Fair with good materials about the Historical Society. Also in August, we had David Geister display his Fort Ridgely paintings and become the great Indian painter, George Catlin, for a program. In September, we celebrated twins and their parents. October brought the Mike Lynch star program. We went to

    North Mankato for Bob Herskovitz from the Minnesota Historical Society to instruct us on how to preserve our treasures. Again this was a well attended program. November 19th, we were at Trinity Lutheran Church in St.

    Peter to celebrate “Hot Dishes” with author Ann Burckhardt. We had a contest and crowned a Nicollet County Hot Dish Champion, Bea Martinson. For our annual meeting, we are having the local newspapers share their Nicollet County highlights with us. Newspapers and their photo staff record our local history and we wish to

    honor them.

    Plans for programs in 2007 are well under way. Stay tuned and remember that all programs are free if you are a Historical Society member.

    Harkin Store


    At a Glance

    PO Box 112, New Ulm, MN 56073 8 miles northwest of New Ulm on Co. Hwy. 21

    (507) 354-8666 [email protected]

    Hours: May and September

    Sat. & Sun. 10:00 am - 5:00pm June - August

    Tues. - Sun. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Revenue Expense

    Mariah’s Garden Club by Barb Olmanson

    Mariah’s Garden Club meets every Thursday morning at 9:00 am starting as soon as the weather in April permits and as long as the weather permits in October. Sentence to Serve helps us with the heavier spring raking and

    digging up of unwanted trees. We have the yard in good shape in time for the plant sale and the opening of the Cox House for the tourist season. We also help with the plant sale.

    Stan Lindquist does the mowing, Ed Wetherill does pruning of trees, setting up for the plant sale and many other jobs, and Don Olmanson loads is truck with our garden waste and takes it away and does many other jobs.

    This is a good group to work with. Volunteer gardens are always welcome!

    B ui ld ing and G r o und s, $1,3 6 2 .6 1 O p er at io ns, $1,9 9 3 .9 4

    S t af f , $19 ,8 3 9 .12

    S t o r e M er chand ise,

    $5,4 11.12

    Interest Incom e, $28.54

    Sales, $11,778.77 Donations , $330.75

    MHS Operations Grant, $11,447.94

    Adm iss ions , $9,383.00

    The Harkin Store State Historic Site is operated by NCHS and owned by the Minnesota Historical Society. The Harkin Store was a very busy place this year with 6919 visitors and another 798 just reading the sign in the parking lot. The season started out with school tours and open weekends with programs every Sunday. The programs have a large variety of interests form gardening to music to bird programs to horse shoeing. The programs are from 1:00 pm—4:00 pm with most of the visitors during that time. Volunteers display

    their talents and work at the Harkin Store.

    As the summer continued, the Harkin Store had many tour groups that had scheduled tours. The visitors came from 45 states and 14 countries. The largest attendance was the Independence Day program,

    followed by Christmas in July and the farriers. The Harkin Store had great weather for all the programs but two. The Harkin Store continues to give an oral presentation and have added hands-on for those interested

    in the artifacts. The program attendance for the year was 2661 visitors.

    The gift shop was a big success with a total sales of $12,524.47. The Harkin Stores unique items and books seem to be good sellers. Of course, the biggest hit is the $0.10 stick candy, with a total of 2,386 sold.

    We hope that this next year will be a successful or even better one. We are working o different programs for our Sunday programs. We welcome anyone that has the ability to do old art forms, or could help with

    taking admission or assisting with our programs.

    Ruth Grewe, Harkin Store Site Manager

  • 11

    Hours: Memorial Day to Labor Day Fri-Sun. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

    September 9th through October 15th Sat-Sun 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Fort Ridgely 72404 County Road 30, Fairfax, MN 55332

    (507) 426-7888 [email protected]


    500 N. Washington Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082

    (507) 934-4309 [email protected]

    Hours: June - August

    Thurs. - Sat. 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

    E. St. Julien Cox House At a Glance

    As I write the yearly report for the 2006 season, plans are being formed for the 2007 season. On June 3, 2007 the band Spiritwood from Ely will perform at the Fort Ridgely amphitheater. The 2006 performance on June 4 by Trampled by

    Turtles was very well received. The Friends of Fort Ridgely and Nicollet County Historical Society will share the expenses for the event in 2007. Other programs will take place through out the 2007 season.

    In May the completion of the new trail markers on the historic site parade grounds helped to tell the history of the site. Visitors are often seen during the week reading the signs when the commissary is closed.

    Other interesting events at the park included the discovery of an ancient fire ring near the path of the new golf coarse. It is considered a major find in the world of archeology. To prevent the rings destruction, it has been covered as the new golf

    course is being built.

    The new golf course for Fort Ridgely has been in the planning stage for 10 years and this fall construction has finally begun. The projected completion is fall of 2007.A new camp house was opened for occupancy in July and has been busy

    as has been the new area for the day camp horse riders.

    Working together with the Friends of Fort Ridgely and the State Park staff helps to add to the attendance for the historic site. The visitation at the historic site was less this summer with the closing of the golf coarse and hot weather. The goal of

    the site each year is to do interesting activities to keep local residents coming to the park as well as drawing visitors from other regions of the state.

    The extra months of operation, September and October, helped the visitor count and also increased the sales in the resale shop. This is the first time the historic site has been open to the general public after Labor Day.

    Best wishes for the New Year from the Fort Ridgely Historic Site staff to the Nicollet County Historical Society members. We would also like to thank you for your support in 2006 to keep the site open. It is a major historic site of Minnesota and

    worthy of being available to all visitors interested in military history and also to tell the stories of the settlers of the area.

    Thank you again.

    Nancy Zempel, Fort Ridgely Historic Site Manager

    St a f f , $ 3 , 9 6 9 . 0 0

    Ope r a t i ons , $ 2 , 4 5 4 . 0 0

    B ui l di ng a nd Gr ounds , $ 2 , 7 7 9 . 1 3


    F u n d r a i si n g , $ 1, 4 2 8 . 7 5

    A d m i ssi o n s, $ 1, 4 0 1. 3 9

    D o n a t i o n s, $ 1, 2 2 5 . 0 0


    The Cox House Committee is active throughout the year. This year the tourist season started on June 1st and ended on August 31st. The hours were from 10:00 am-4:00 pm Thursday-Saturday. The committee cleaned the house and Mariah’s Garden Club got the gardens and yard ready for the opening of the tourist season. The committee helped the site manager with tours and programs and

    cleaning of the house and carriage house when needed. Mariah’s Garden Club meets on Thursday mornings at 9:00 am to plant, and maintain the gardens and yard. We are always looking for more gardeners! Stan Lindquist mows the lawn.

    On Saturdays and Sundays, Katy Young, our new site manager, offered a variety of classes through the Community Ed. Program. She also had several music programs, a garden tour and a Victorian Tea in our old fashioned garden area.

    The Annual Heritage Plant Sale was held on May 20th. We took in $1,413.75. Twenty-six people donated plants and bulbs. Thirty-five volunteers including 4 Master Gardeners and 14 High School Honor Students and Girl Scouts helped make this a success. The site

    manager and high school students were a big help. Proceeds from the sale go toward the Cox House expenses.

    The committee appreciated the donation and installation of a kitchen unit by the Questers. Bob and Renee Wettergren donated an 1850-’s table rich in history and very appropriate to the historic Cox House. The Mayo brother, Bishop Whipple, Governor Orville Freeman

    and Carl Pohland all have sat at this table.

    In July, the Chautauqua Board and the committee hosted a reception for descendants of E. St. Julien Cox and Mariah Cox. Jenny Powers, a great-great granddaughter of Judge Cox and the great granddaughter of Lillian Cox, and her husband Bob were guests from

    Baltimore, Maryland. The Chautauqua featured an original play about the life of Judge Cox.

    “Christmas at the Cox House” is an annual event that is free to members and children 12 and under. The public is invited. The Questers choose the theme and help the committee decorate. This year Teddy bears were featured. Ten Quester members brought bears from their own collections and displayed them. There were many kinds of bears displayed including Steiff, Boyd, Charter Bears and lost of

    others. 248 quests attended the 2 weekend event and 11 members of the New Sweden Extension Service group toured during the week. We took in $451.80. Twenty-five volunteers participated.

    Tours are given to the local second graders during the week. Questers provided cider and cookies for the children and help with these tours. One hundred and twenty-seven second graders and 6 teachers and 24 chaperones attended. Fourteen volunteers helped make this

    a success. Teddy Bears was a good theme for these kids.

    The Cox House Committee ends the year by cleaning and preparing the house for winter.

    Barb Olmanson, Secretary

    Sa l e s , $ 5 9 7 . 7 1

    A dmi s s i ons , $ 2 , 8 3 3 . 3 5

    D ona t i ons , $ 5 , 7 4 2 . 7 6

    M H S Ope r a t i ons Gr a nt , $ 3 1 , 9 0 9 . 9 5

    Expense St or e M e r c ha ndi s e ,

    $ 2 , 0 2 1 . 7 9

    Ope r a t i ons , $ 8 , 5 6 6 . 5 2

    St a f f , $ 2 0 , 7 5 7 . 0 2

    B ui l di ng a nd Gr ounds , $ 9 , 7 3 8 . 4 4