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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>2 nd TRANSNATIONAL MEETING Valencia, 23 rd - 24 th September - DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES - Slide 2 A. PRODUCTS DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES 1. LOGO 2. TEMPLATES 3. VISIT CARD Slide 3 4. SLIDES Slide 4 Slide 5 5. DIGITAL SIGNATURES First Transnational Meeting Second Transnational Meeting Slide 6 6. BANNERS First Transnational Meeting Second Transnational Meeting Slide 7 7. WEBPAGE Information about the Valencia meeting Information about the partners Slide 8 8. INFORMATION SHEET English Spanish Italian Slide 9 B. PRESS RELEASES 1.DISSEMINATION OF THE FIRST TRANSNATIONAL MEETING Milan, February 24 th and 25 th EUROPE DIRECT VALENCIA FCVRE Slide 10 2. DISSEMINATION OF THE PROJECT AT THE PERMANENT REPRESENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION WEBSITE Slide 11 3. DISSEMINATION OF THE SECOND TRANSNATIONAL MEETING Valencia, September 23 th and 24 th EUROPEAN AGENDA http://www.europeanagenda.eu/events/29341.php Slide 12 EU AGENDA http://www.euagenda.eu/2010/9/23/II-TRANSNATIONAL-MEETING-ACKNOW-MV- DAPHNE-PROJECT Slide 13 ASSEMBLY OF THE EUROPEAN REGIONS (AER) http://www.aer.eu/home/from-the-regions/regional-press-room/press- release.html?tx_aerregiopresse_pi1[visu]=195 Slide 14 CONFERENCE OF PERIPHERAL MARITIME REGIONS (CRPM) http://www.crpm.org/index.php?act=6,2,2,101 Slide 15 FCVRE WEBSITE http://www.uegva.info/fundacioncv/index.php http://www.uegva.info/fundacioncv/actualid ad/index.php Slide 16 http://www.uegva.info/fundacioncv/actualidad/index.php?id=5426 Slide 17 EUROPE DIRECT VALENCIA http://www.europedirect- valencia.info/index.php?option=com_content&amp;task=vie w&amp;id=357&amp;Itemid=34 EUROPE DIRECT ALICANTE http://www.europedirect- alicante.eu/index.php?option=com_content&amp;task= view&amp;id=423&amp;Itemid=34 EUROPE DIRECT CASTELLN http://www.europedirect- castellon.eu/index.php?option=com_content&amp;task=view&amp;i d=377&amp;Itemid=34 Slide 18 ALERTA JURDICA JULIO 2010 http://www.just.gva.es/cdre/alertaJuridica/baj-201007.pdf Slide 19 EUROLOCAL 3 rd number - July 2010 Slide 20 C. PROJECT PRESENTATIONS Security: lessons learnt and plans for further collaboration on EU funded projects Seminar Brussels, 25 th March 2010 Agenda Dissemination during the Seminar Slide 21 DISSEMINATION AT THE EUROPA TUYA SEMINARS Communicate with Europe: your voice counts Valencia, 30 th March 2010 Protection of Consumer Rights: a European Right Valencia, 31 st March 2010 European Representatives Public Slide 22 DISSEMINATION AT THE EUROPA TUYA SEMINARS Young people: training and employment in the European area Valencia, 6 th May 2010 European funding Valencia, 24 th May 2010 The digital inclusion in the electronic administration Valencia, 17 th June 2010 Public FCVRE Stand Public Slide 23 DISSEMINATION AT THE STAGES IN THE PROCESS OF DECENTRALIZATION IN BULGARIA SEMINAR Bulgaria, 15 th and 16 th May 2010 Presentation of the project (Slides) Agenda Slide 24 DISSEMINATION AT THE 3rd TRANSNATIONAL MEETING OF THE PROJECT PhD2: PERSONAL AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. PSYCHODRAMA TO HELP DISADVANTAGED Valencia, 17 th and 18 th May 2010 PhD2 Project Partners Dissemination during the meeting Slide 25 DISSEMINATION AT THE EUROPEAN NETWORK OF SOCIAL AUTHORITIES (ENSA) SEMINAR: REGIONAL ACTIONS TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM POVERTY AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION Valencia, 3 rd and 4 th June 2010 FCVRE Stand Dissemination of ACKNOW MV Project during the Seminar Slide 26 DISSEMINATION AT THE SEMINAR PREVENTION OF JUVENILE DELINQUENCY. ITER: A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE Committee of the Regions, Brussels, 13 rd July 2010 Public FCVRE Stand Representatives of the CoR and the EOJJ Slide 27 DISSEMINATION AT THE AER SEMINAR ON EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Women and Social Polices at times of economic crisis Valencia, 21 st September 2010 FCVRE Stand PublicRepresentatives of the AER and the Valencian Government Slide 28 NEXT DISSEMINATION ACTIONS - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ABOUT SOCIAL RIGHTS, Sevilla 21st-24th September - OPEN DAYS, Brussels, October - EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY OF JUVENILE JUSTICE - DAPHNE PROGRAMME INFO DAY - EUROPA TUYA SEMINARS - 1st ACKNOW MV NEWSLETTER Slide 29 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Gemma Silvestre Sez silvestre_gemsae@gva.es gsilvestre@delcomval.be Phone: +34 96 318 43 79 http://www.uegva.info </p>


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